To Work on Lettering


     Hello! As you may know, working on my hand lettering and calligraphy has been one of my main goals lately. I've always appreciated beautiful handwriting, though my automatic and natural handwriting is horrible (thanks, dad!). I wanted to improve my deliberate and "artsy" handwriting for prints and projects. I create my prints by going slowly and steadily. It's not my usual scribbling, that's for sure. One of my big references for classic calligraphic handwriting is this book, given to me by Kristen on one of my past birthdays. The writing is beautiful and the guides are very helpful. Bailey seemed to agree with me too when we were flipping through it one day. She wouldn't leave it alone! See below for proof:

      I may or may not be subliminally influencing her to have beautiful handwriting one day.

     One of the few times I could get a shot without her hand flying at the page.

     It really is a gorgeous book. I understand, Bailey. It's hard for mommy to leave it alone too! Thanks for reading!

To Practice Lettering


      This week's lettering was inspired by Brett and I's anniversary, which was yesterday! This song lyric, from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes "Home", has always been one of my favorites. I don't live where I grew up, and I miss it and my family a lot sometimes. For me, Brett's always been my home away from home. It doesn't really matter what city I live in, but as long as I have him and Bailey, I can deal with my homesickness. 

To Practice Lettering


     This week's lettering was inspired by our trip to the lake this weekend. The lake house always reminds me to "collect moments, not things", and that's exactly what I intend to do this weekend. Giving the kayak a second try, eating at our favorite restaurant, and seeing Bailey possibly play in the water this time around are all that's on my agenda. Have a great Memorial Day Weekend everyone!