To Appreciate / Design


      Hi there! While this candle smells amazing, it was really the packaging that got me. The pretty pink triangles and the font are spot on! 

      Not to mention that it's in a pretty lidded jar. All of the heart eyes! 

      Overall, it's the clean lines combined with the scattered shapes that really draw the eye. If you're going to have candles out on display, might as well pick cute ones! Thanks for reading, and have a fun weekend! 

To Make a Custom Candle


     Hi guys! When I was brainstorming ideas for what to make in January, I decided all of my projects should be centered around staying inside and being as cozy as possible. January is cold. The coldest, second only to February, in this region. Of course, you should always try and get outside a little bit each day, for the sake of sanity. However, for the other 8 hours you are indoors, you should be at your happiest. For me, that is simply appreciating the ambiance winter can bring. This is thanks to candles (and the Christmas lights we leave up for 3 months). The glow from candlelight cannot be replicated, and it always brings a smile to my face.

     This is why, for the first D.I.Y. of the month, I chose to attempt a candle. This candle is completely custom, down to the votive's color. In the past, Kristen and I have tried and sort of failed at making mini candles. I mean mini, like thimble small. We had found these cute tiny copper pipe caps at the hardware store and tried to give it a go. The wick ended up have a very close circumference measurement to the actual mini container. Oh well, we tried. This time around though, I knew better what to expect. It was fairly painless, and I ended up loving the results. See below for the full instructions and happy crafting!


- 1 candlestick

- spray paint

- a glass votive or whatever container you'd like

- essential oils (I used lavender)

VSCO Cam-2 (8).jpg

Step one - Paint your votive whatever color you please! I chose gold because I have been painting everything copper and needed a change. :) Let dry completely.

Step two - Crush the candlestick in a plastic bag with a hammer (be careful, please) and remove the wick from the wax. Wrap the wick around a straw and leave just enough hanging to touch the bottom of the votive.

Step three - Place your wick, straw and all, into the votive, letting the straw hold the wick up. Make sure to have your wick set in the votive before the wax is melted, as you want to be ready to pour the wax right away before it hardens. Melt your wax in a double boiler, or microwave.

Step four - Pour melted wax into votive and drop a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil into the wax. Let set for at least a half hour. Cut your wick and you've got a new candle!