To Dress the Baby for Winter

     Hi guys! It being freezing cold out, I thought I would share a little checklist of winter wear items that are must haves once the temps drop. You've gotta keep your little cutie warm! Some of these items are obvious, like a coat and socks. Duh. Some are just things that I personally like to have around, and that Bailey loves. Check out the list below!

Winter Items for Baby:

1. A warm coat with a hood. The hood is very useful if your child won't allow a hat (we've all been there).

2. Socks. Even inside with the heat on, feet still get cold. Especially the little ones!

3. A jumpsuit/romper situation. I love our floral one, specifically because it prevents little tummies and backs from peaking out and getting chilly.

4. Sleepers. The sleepers are a godsend when it comes to PJ's for Bailey. They retain so much body heat, I don't need to worry if she gets cold during the night.

5. A cardigan, or really any layering piece you can put over a top and under the coat. We also use thin sweater hoodies that zip, all for extra warmth!

6. Boots. Essential for keeping the ankles warm! Ones with good tread are extra important for a walker exploring the snow for the first time.

Bonus: A ton of blankets! We have a few, and now that Bailey is starting to allow them, I'm tempted to get more.