To Make Placecard Holders


     Hi there! Friendsgiving is coming up so soon, and since I'm hosting this year, I decided to make it as special as possible. I'm covering all of the little details, from the napkin rings to the place cards. So today, I'm sharing the DIY for simple little clay place card holders. They're minimalist, but just festive enough! Check it out below!

Materials Needed:

- air dry clay

- copper spray paint

- a butter knife

- an edge to indent your card slot with (I used one of Bailey's blocks)


1. Start making clay cubes by rolling a small ball of clay in your palms, and then slicing off the sides to create flat surfaces in the shape of a cube.

2. Indent your card slot with whatever edge you have, and then smooth out those edges.

3. Let dry over night.

4. Paint copper, and enjoy!