To Style / Summer Fabrics


     As the heat index reaches over the 100's today in sunny Missouri, I thought it appropriate to share my ideal fabrics for summer clothing! When the humidity level reaches above 90%, you don't want to be caught outside in polyester (it retains heat in direct sunlight).  

     When dressing for warmer weather, always reach for your cottons and linens first! They are the most breathable fabrics, and your body will thank you later. Then, for when the temps dip below 70 at night, it's always good to have a light knit piece on hand. My favorite is my slightly open weave maxi cardigan from Urban Outfitters! It has just enough weight to give me the warmth I need for evening summer strolls downtown or sitting on the back porch at the lake house, checking out the stars with Bailey. 

     That's my round-up! Is anyone else as obsessed with cotton in the summer, or is it just me? Have a fun Monday, and thanks for reading!

To Find / Something Sustainable


     Hi there! I've been more and more drawn to simple linen in the past year, especially in kitchen towel forms. My favorite part about a large pack of towels like this is that it cuts down our paper towel usage. I keep three of these hanging in various spots in our kitchen, and then when there's a tiny milk spill, I grab one of these and once it gets a little grungy, I just throw it in the wash and grab another from the drawer. It's a really simple rotation that is a necessity in a house with a toddler, where the spills are constant. You just need towels way to often to use only paper towels. Eventually, I hope to cut out the paper towels completely, but for now, these do the trick! Thanks for reading, and have a fun Wednesday!