To Make / Shibori Textiles


     Hi there! I've been wanting to try out the shibori dying method for awhile now, and when I stumbled upon this spray dye, I finally had the chance! The spray is really interesting, and saturated the textiles well. My goal was to be able to incorporate Bailey in the craft, since the spray isn't nearly as messy as conventional tie-dye methods, but her little fingers weren't quite strong enough to push down the mister to get dye to come out. She enjoyed observing though, and one of the things we dyed was a t-shirt for her, which she loved! I think it made her feel special, and that's my end game always. I had to revisit her shirt (the pattern I tried on her shirt didn't pan out as well as the other one), and after it was heat set, she proudly wore it the next day. Get the how-to below, and I highly recommend you pick up one of the many colors of this spray dye. It's magical!

Materials Needed:

- whatever textile you plan on dying, we did a shirt for Bailey and a tea towel!

- SEI Tumble Dye in Blue Berry

- rubberbands


1. Shibori prints are beautiful and usually a deep indigo (hence the dark blue dye choice). I did a popcorn pattern on my tea towel, and a random one on Bailey's shirt that as I mentioned above didn't pan out. For the popcorn method, you just gather a small amount of the fabric and wrap a rubber band around the base, creating a little ball on top. 

2. Shake your spray well, and start spraying your textiles! Try and get it as evenly on the cloth as possible. 

3. Let air-dry for 20 minutes, and then remove your rubberbands. 

4. Dry in your dryer for another 20 minutes to heat set the dye. Then wash as normal and enjoy! 

For a Craft with Bailey / Painting


     Good morning! For Brett's birthday back in February, Bailey and I made a sign for him!

     I really just wanted her to get to finger paint, but unsurprisingly, she was more interested in creating handprints on anything but paper! We still got a few good ones on the sign though!

     She did love the paint though, so I think we'll have more large scale paint projects in the future. Thanks for reading, and have a fun Wednesday!

For Bailey / Craft Time


      Hi there! Since tomorrow's Valentine's Day, I wanted to share a little craft I did with Bailey the other day! I had her put together a card for Brett, and it turned out adorabley!

     We just used a simple sheet of red construction paper, some appropriately colored pom poms, fabric glue and a marker!

     First, we glued on the pom poms around the heart shape that I drew with a marker.

     Then, I had Bailey color all over it and on the inside with the marker, and added a few hearts and some text. That's all! Thanks for reading, and have a fun Monday!

For a Craft with Bailey


      Hi there! A couple of weeks ago, I adapted my winter wall hanging DIY, and crafted a small version for Bailey! It hangs as a mobile in her room at the moment, and she loves watching the felt diamonds sway. Take a look below to get the how to! 


- felt + scissors

- a small branch or dowel rod

- string + twine


1. Cut out your felt shapes, and spear  them at the top to create a hole for the string. 

2. String them on embroidery thread, and knot to secure them.  

3. Knot your strings onto your branch, and trim excess. 

4. Attach your twine and hang. Enjoy!