For a Craft with Bailey


     Hello! With all of the fallen leaves at our disposal, I decided it was time to introduce Bailey to leaf-rubbing. I loved doing this as a kid, and hoped Bailey would as well!

      First, we collected some leaves. I tried to pick all different shapes and sizes, and wound up with 3 mostly intact leaves.

       Then, we got our supplies together. I'll probably try and do one more collection on unlined paper before all of the leaves blow away, so that we can frame them and have pretty decor for the season!

       Then we got to work! I showed her how when you rub the crayon over the leaf underneath the paper, it transfers the shape. She was mesmerized, and tried it herself, but her fine motor skills are more geared towards drawing shapes than the shading, coloring movement that is required to do the craft. She'll get there though, and it was fun just showing her this cool trick!

     Thanks for reading, and have a fun Wednesday!

For Crafts with Bailey!


      Good morning! I've decided to start doing weekly crafts with Bailey. She loves working with her hands, and also loves anything messy. I figured crafts are one of the best outlets for those things. The first week, she and I played with some clay. She's always been interested in it anytime I've used it, and I found some stamps that would be an excellent and less messy tool to experience the clay with. 

      She ended up loving it, and it gave us a good fifteen minutes of her sitting and focusing on a task, which has been another goal of mine. We didn't end up actually making anything, which was fine. The point was to get her to use her hands and explore the clay, which she did so well.

         You can tell she was determined. I think crafts are one of the most fun ways for children to learn. They get to create something out of nothing! What's better than that?

        I think I'll invest in a pack of stamps that are shapes, so she can start to learn those. Shapes are easy for kids to spot, and that makes them easier to practice.

        Maybe next time we'll spell out her name in the clay and let it dry. That would be a fun thing to hang in her room. Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!

To Make Coasters


     Hey there! This DIY is super easy and the end result is kid friendly. A little backstory: I had made ceramic coasters last year, and the second I placed them out and around the house, Bailey immediately threw one to the ground and it broke. I should have seen it coming, but didn't, and after she broke a little bowl I had put out with air plants in it by doing the EXACT SAME THING, I gave up. Now, everything within her reach is made out of either wood, cloth, or plastic. A few weeks ago, I realized I had enough felt scraps to make a couple of felt coasters! I wish I could've made four, and will probably buy more felt for that purpose, but for now, two will do. Check out the DIY below!

Materials needed:

- Felt

- Felt glue

- acrylic paint

- a paint brush

- scissors

- a small bowl for pattern tracing

- a pen or marker to trace your circle pattern with


Step one - Trace out four circles using a small bowl, or you can do other shapes too. Whatever you like!

Step two - Glue two circles together and press to set. Repeat for second coaster.

Step three - Once dry, paint a pattern on your coasters! This one is just short, quick brushstrokes. Enjoy!

To Make a Knife Holder


     Hey there! Having a toddler has it's challenges, but the one I struggle with most is thinking ahead. I've always been the type of person to live in the present. I don't do to-do lists for each day until it's that day. The only thing I plan ahead for is this blog, because otherwise it won't be as good as I want it to be. So, I plan out shoots and posts, but that's really it. With a toddler, you have to pay attention to how fast they are growing, and accommodate that. This is especially hard since I dread (but also love) how fast Bailey is growing up. It's always bittersweet when we realize how tall she is and what she can reach. A few weeks ago, we realized she can easily reach the counter tops in our kitchen, and this meant she could definitely reach our utensil drawer, which are very hard to get baby locks on. Guess what was in our utensil drawer?! Knives of course! I am SO GLAD we caught this, because I can't imagine the heart attack that would ensue when she would find those knives.

     Getting to the point though, we needed a solution, and fast. Previously we had just planned on buying a knife block, but we literally only have three sharp knives. Also, I had seen this DIY over on A Beautiful Mess and was inspired. I went a different direction with mine, but theirs is super cute too! I wanted something that fit my aesthetic more. I loved putting a whimsical little print on this, and it took less than five minutes! Side note: the photo shows Bailey and I putting packing peanuts in there, but I ended up using black beans. We only did the packing peanuts for the photo because Bailey wouldn't leave the shoot alone, and I was not about to have her trying to stick the black beans up her nose. LOL #toddlerprobs


- a vase, glass or ceramic, that's large/tall enough to hold your knives

- 2 packages of dried (uncooked) black beans

- sharpie or marker of any color you'd like


Step one - Mark your vessel with whatever design you want, and then let dry. I did the print above by just doing short, quick, parallel lines scattered in all directions.

Step two - Fill your vase with black beans, and stick your knives in. The beans will hold them up straight. Have fun!

To Make an Advent Calendar

     Hi guys! To start off December, I figured the most appropriate thing was to start a countdown to Christmas! What better way than with an advent calendar, made of felt and twine. It's no-sew and very easy, all you need is the felt, glue and twine! For filling the little pockets, I decided to forgo the little piece of chocolate or candy everyday since neither Bailey, nor I, need any extra chocolate in our lives. Growing up, my sisters and I would each get one of the advent calendars from the grocery store that had a little piece of chocolate hidden for each date. While I loved this (and would still love it today ;)) it doesn't really seem like I'm setting a good example for Bailey. Especially since, at the moment, she's loving counting and learning her numbers. I figured this is the perfect opportunity to capitalize on that! Instead of using candy to fill the little pockets with, I simply stamped each date on a paper rectangle and placed each one in a pocket so that it sticks out a little. This way, every day we can go to the calendar and pull out that days date, then practice counting leading up to that date. I think it will be fun for her, and who knows, maybe in the future I'll indulge her in the chocolate ones, but for right now, it's perfect.

Materials needed:

- 4 pieces of felt, one large and three small

- felt glue

- twine

- scissors

- stamps, ink, paper (all optional)

First: Cut out 25 squares of your chosen color to make the pockets and glue to largest piece of felt. The mountains at the bottom are optional, I just liked the winter feel to them.

Next: Decorate however you see fit! I made little red dots to place all over, but you could cutout individual numbers, stars, or Christmas trees. All are great options!

Then: Fill your pockets with whatever you choose! As mentioned above, I'm doing numbers to go along with Bailey's counting obsession.

Last: Attach some twine to the back with glue and once dry, hang where you please! Happy crafting!