To Make Flower Crowns


     Hi there! I made these a couple of weeks ago, just for fun. I wanted something spring-like for Bailey and I to play with that day, and they turned out so cute! Of course, they are temporary, meaning that they aren't made to last for more than one or two uses. Like I said, just for fun!

    Unfortunately, Bailey wouldn't keep hers on AT ALL (shockingly), so I have zero pictures of her wearing it to share. The real delight in all of this, for Bailey, was just tearing the fake flowers off and playing with them, and that's just fine with me. Get the how-to below!


- fake flowers

- washi tape or whatever adhesive you like

- twine


Step one - Remove all of your stems from your flowers, they should pop right off. Then, cut two pieces of twine, one to wrap around your own head, and your child's.

Step two - Blurry I know, but tape your flowers to your twine. For mine, I used 6 and for Bailey's I used four. Tie around your head's and have fun!