To Get Ready for Preschool


     Good morning! Bailey starts preschool in less than a month now, and it's strange, but I'm more excited than sad. Of course, I'm a little lethargic about my once baby turning into a full blown kid, but obviously I can't stop time so there's not really a point in dwelling on it. Like with most things in life, I choose to focus on the positive! The main positive here is that Bailey's getting the education and attention she needs during the day, specific to her age. With both Brett and I working, it's just time. 

     It helps that she's ready too. She can blossom and flourish in a preschool environment, and that's more important to me than my own feelings on the subject. It also doesn't hurt that I get to revisit the school supplies section (my favorite growing up) for the first time in I won't say how many years. Do all parents get this excited about getting their children school supplies?! I'm sure it's irrational, as Bailey will probably not care at all about her supplies, but I don't care. It's my silver lining, so I'm sticking to it! 

     I'll be sharing Bailey's school wardrobe next month on her first day of preschool, so be on the lookout for that! See you here Thursday with some shibori dying!

To Love / Summer with Bailey


     Sunshine. Pure sunshine. For some reason, that's one of the first words that pops into my head when thinking of Bailey. It could be her hair, but I think it has more to do with how her face lights up at the prospect of something new and exciting. This happens often, but it's a constant in these crazy, lazy, hazy days of summer. 

      Summer with Bailey is many things, both good and not as good. Excessive heat and relentless sunshine don't bring out the best in most people, myself included, but especially not a toddler who just wants to play outside, and doesn't really grasp why she can't. It's hard not understanding, so I let her go and see why playing outside isn't really an option. Less than 5 minutes outside in 90 degree heat shows her my reasoning.

       All this is to say that even in the depressing aspects of a season, there's an opportunity for learning. That yes, life isn't always easy, but those hard things mean just as much as the simple things we enjoy. One of our favorite "simple things" to do is pick dandelions, and you would be correct in guessing that we choose the ones in their puff ball state. Why would you pick a little flower over something you can blow into mama's face? It's her happiness in this little activity, and all of the other small ones, that made me fall in love with this summer. 

      Bailey in the summer is wild, free, raucous at times, sweet as the strawberries she picks, and observant of all of the life that's sprung up around her from spring. It's quite the event watching her have her own experiences. From registering the first unforgiving summer storm that she's ever seen roll in, to staring with curiosity at the tiny glimpses of light that are magically emitted from seemingly ordinary bugs, there is much to ogle at in the summer. 

       I'm not sure what fall will bring (although I could give it a few guesses), but I know it will include new experiences for my little one. It's well known that they don't stay little for long, which is the purpose of this documentation. However, the one constant and comfort is that the newness will never fade. 

      Thanks for reading my little ode to the summer of Bailey. Have a fun Thursday + weekend, and I'll see you back here on Monday with one of my favorite subjects: shoes!

All photos by auntie Kristen Williams.

To Adventure / Cosmo Park


     Hi there! We had a blast a couple of weekends back at Cosmo Park in Columbia, so I just wanted to share some snaps from that day! 

     Bailey was very into throwing all of the pebbles she could into the water, as most toddlers are. 

     Everything was just starting to bloom around town, so I had to stop and pick the tiniest bouquet! 

      They have the coolest playground equipment here, and this little set is probably my favorite. I can't resist the cabin vibe! 

     Bailey can't not look cute playing on a slide. You can see the look of quiet excitement on her face! 

     Thanks for reading and have a fun Monday! 

Bailey, Lately


Bailey, Lately:

- has started to say "thank you" without being prompted! The other day, I handed her some milk, and she said "thank you" quietly and ran into the living room. Like what?! My child is becoming polite!

- is going to start a new activity this winter: gymnastics! She can't stop climbing and jumping off things, so I think it's time to channel that energy elsewhere.

- has been drawing shapes along with her scribbles. She actually concentrates on making little circles instead of just random marks on the page.

- is napping less and less. We are down to only a few a week, and I'm pretty sad to see this phase coming to an end.

- is getting more interested in her books. She's still a busy toddler, but is starting to actually sit down and take time out of her shenanigans to look at a book for awhile.

- has been more adventurous on the playground. She's mastered the scary ladders instead of just using the stairs, and yes it is terrifying for me to watch.

- is hungry enough to finally start eating more than one sit-down meal a day. Also, she's always liked greek yogurt, but is now obsessed with it and wants it with every meal. Can't say I blame her!

- is finally into Play-Doh! Now, to see if my mom still has all of the cool gadgets that go with it that we had when we were little. I'm sure they have cooler stuff now, but Bailey isn't picky.

     Thanks for reading, and have a fun Wednesday! I'll be back tomorrow with a fun DIY for your Thanksgiving table. Happy almost Turkey Day!

To Make Flower Crowns


     Hi there! I made these a couple of weeks ago, just for fun. I wanted something spring-like for Bailey and I to play with that day, and they turned out so cute! Of course, they are temporary, meaning that they aren't made to last for more than one or two uses. Like I said, just for fun!

    Unfortunately, Bailey wouldn't keep hers on AT ALL (shockingly), so I have zero pictures of her wearing it to share. The real delight in all of this, for Bailey, was just tearing the fake flowers off and playing with them, and that's just fine with me. Get the how-to below!


- fake flowers

- washi tape or whatever adhesive you like

- twine


Step one - Remove all of your stems from your flowers, they should pop right off. Then, cut two pieces of twine, one to wrap around your own head, and your child's.

Step two - Blurry I know, but tape your flowers to your twine. For mine, I used 6 and for Bailey's I used four. Tie around your head's and have fun!

To Talk About Snacks


     Hey there! Fun fact about my household: we are snackers. I typically have a small breakfast, normal sized lunch, and a normal sized dinner. I'm just not hungry enough in the morning before 7 AM (when I have to be at work), so I miss out on preparing an actual breakfast and usually just grab a banana or trail mix on my way out the door. I would make a smoothie to take along, but Bailey and Brett are still asleep when I leave, so I abstain for their sake. This, and an average sized lunch, add up to an essential snack in the afternoon. I'm ok with it, health-wise, as long as it's something fairly nutritional. Snack-time has become a little addition to Bailey and I's afternoon routine as well, and that makes it an activity I look forward to even more. Sharing with her is another good incentive to keep it healthy!

     Above and below, I magically have photo's of our snacks without a little hand grabbing at them! These are our typical snacks, ones that I usually have on hand. Lately though, I've gotten into having apple slices with cheddar. It sounded weird at first, but I swear, the apples are better than crackers. Bailey loves them too, so we go through the supplies pretty quickly. Below, are her favorites and then mine. Everyone already knows her love of blueberries, and it seems I've passed along my cheese-loving gene. My personal favorites are a handful of Himalayan sea salt popcorn and a piece of super dark chocolate. Salty and sweet always does the trick!

      Recently, I've had to resort to buying cubes or a big block of cheddar, instead of the pre-packaged slices above. Bailey was eating them too fast to be cost-effective.

     Also, I've made the switch to dark chocolate over 85% cocoa. I had read that there aren't many health benefits if the cocoa content is lower than that, and health benefits are my number one reason for eating it. Plus, eat one square of the darkest stuff and you'll be good on chocolate for the day. Side note: Bailey is one of the weird kids who loves dark chocolate. This will probably change, but for now I don't mind giving her little nibbles of my square. Thanks for reading!

Mommy/Daughter Warm Weather Essentials


     Hello there! It was a beautiful weekend, with the weather being in the 70's every day. I figured I should probably share Bailey and I's essentials for said weather! For both Bailey and I, the number one item is sunscreen. We both are very fair, and burn after about 15 minutes in full on sunshine. We also both have sensitive skin, so we share sunscreen, since baby sunscreen is usually so mild. Bailey's other must have's are a good sun hat for even more sun protection, flip-flops that actually stay on, a cute swimsuit for the lake and pool, and her new little pineapple from Target. The pineapple probably isn't an essential, but you've gotta have something summery to play with!

     My essentials aren't that far off from Bailey's. Along with the sunscreen, I have to have a lightweight blouse, because wearing anything other than cotton or linen in the humid heat of Missouri is suffocating. Also, my eye doctor said that people with light blue eyes really shouldn't go outside without sunglasses, due to major light sensitivity, so I always have my shades on hand. Typically, I like to have some sort of espadrilles in the summer, and I found these at Salvation Army for like $2, which is perfect, because these are a very seasonal style of shoe, so I don't like to spend much money on them. Lastly, I've been trying to drink more water, and this water bottle has been going with me everywhere. It doesn't hurt that it's nice to look at too. Have a great Monday!