To Do / Decorate with Nature


      Hi there! A fun way to decorate seasonally is to bring the outside in, and it's super simple to do in an organic way. I couldn't resist bringing home some pine tree trimmings when we chopped our Christmas tree down! They add the perfect touch of wintery greenery to our backdoor (shown above).

      Another thing you can do is use the textured twigs from your front yard! As you know, we used one in this wall hanging, and it looks just rustic enough. 

      Then, you can always gather some dried foliage and greenery. I love the muted green color, and can't be happy with a room without it!  

       My favorite bundle is in a recycled glass milk jug, which also adds to the natural look.  

      I hope these tips inspire you to decorate with nature! It's brought a breath of fresh air to not-so-dreary season. Have a great weekend everyone! 

To Make Ornaments


      Good morning! Happy December! To kick things off, I wanted to share a fun ornament DIY, today. It's time to decorate the tree, and I've always loved handmade ornaments, so I came up with a copper pyramid design that perfectly suits my aesthetic. Check out the how-to below!


- plastic straws

- scissors

- copper spray paint

- string


1. First things first, paint 4 straws copper and let dry.

2. Cut the top of the straw off at the bendy part and discard. Then cut the remaining piece in half. Repeat on all four straws.

3. Cut string long enough to come out a half inch on each end of each straw piece. Thread though four straw pieces, and connect all string ends with a double knot, creating a square like above. Trim off excess string.

4. To attach the sides of the pyramid to the base, cut four more pieces of string and attach to each corner of the square, onto the string, with double knots. Then thread the string through your remaining four straw pieces and tie both sides together, creating two triangles like above. Don't trim off the excess this time (see below).

5. To finish the pyramid, bring the two side together at the top, and tie the remaining string together to hold the pyramid shape. Trim off the excess.

6. Cut a long piece of string, however long is up to you. Tie it to your pyramid, at the top, and tie a loop in the opposite end to hang from your tree.

7. Voila! Enjoy!

To Make a Serving Tray


     Good morning! I'm sharing one of my favorite DIY's to date with you all today! I've been in love with little serving trays, and just decorative trays in general, for a little while now. They have so many excellent uses, from being a centerpiece in the middle of my dining table to being the perfect thing that makes my morning coffee a little more special. I'm always hunting for them at thrift stores and flea markets, and even Targets' dollar section. With the holidays coming up, I thought it's about time I make one of those pretty leather-handled ones for myself. Randomly, I had wood slabs that were meant to be put up as shelves, and I realized they were ideal to make a serving tray out of. All it took was a little elbow grease and creativity to assemble this guy. Get the how-to below!


- "18 x "12 finished piece of wood (go to any hardware store and they will cut a piece for you, or buy a shelf, up to you!)

- nails

- gold tacks

- a hammer

- faux leather or real leather scraps (either will work, but fair warning, the real leather will be a lot harder to cut through)


1. Cut your leather scraps into two 6" x 1" strips.

2. If you are using real leather, use a nail to get through the leather before you hammer your gold tacks in. To do so, position your strips evenly spaced on your wood. Hammer a nail through the leather, just enough to where it makes a mark on the wood underneath. Remove the nail, and place your tack through the hole, and hammer into the wood. Repeat on the other end of the leather strip, and then again with the other handle. If you are using faux leather, the tack should go through without the help of the nail.

3. Make sure your handles are secure, and enjoy!

Thanks for reading, and have a fun Thursday!

For Pinning / September


     Good morning! September is an odd month, going from summer to autumn and having the weirdest weather. However, the transition is always exciting and inspiring! The light is gorgeous, due to the changing seasons, and the leaves are just starting to make their switch. Pinterest was full of evidence of this special time, so choosing my favorite Pins was a little challenging. Sweaters are usually the first sartorial item I get excited for once the weather cools down, and the one above, paired with classic denim, is exactly the kind I go for. Give me all of the cozy vibes!

    Then, of course, an amazing blackberry grilled cheese is an ideal early-fall meal. Those gorgeous little berries are ready to pick this time of year, and I can't imagine a better way to eat them than sandwiched between gooey cheese and doughy bread.

      Another great thing about cold weather? Layering! Scarves, coats, sweatshirts, flannels, all to be piled on at the first sign of a chill. Don't be shocked if you see me smiling into the sunshine because I can finally wear more than one layer without being drenched in sweat.

    Books are read more often once everyone wants to stay inside. Just add coffee or hot cocoa and some good fall reading light, and you're in business.

     Fall also means indoor crafts, like weaving a new wall hanging while cozied up in your butterscotch leather chair. All this Pin needs is a roaring fire place to become idyllic.   

     Last, but not least, fall means getting to turn your oven on again! You can bet I'll be attempting these amazing moon phase molasses cookies the second temps drop from the 90 degree weather we've been having. 

     All of these Pins, and their links, can be found here! Check out my Pinterest boards for even more Fall inspo, and get Pinning yourself. Thanks for reading, have a great weekend! 

For an Update: Master Bedroom


     Hi there! I'm sharing a little update on how our Master Bedroom is coming along with some iPhone photos today. This is one of my favorite rooms so far, I think because it's so personal. My half of the room has some of my favorite possessions, and the same goes for Brett on his side of the room. When we first moved in together, we decided that having our own sides would be best because our interests and ideas can be pretty different sometimes. That, and I have siblings, so I realized early on in life that having my own space was important, even if it is just half a room. Above, is our little sweetie playing on our bed. It's one of her favorite places to be, mostly just because she likes to throw all of the pillows off and sit in the middle like she conquered it.

     This is part of my little corner, where I store my records and whatnot. I also like to display my favorite shoes of the moment next to my records. It just makes me happy to look at them!

     My nightstand, shown above, probably seems crowded to some. For me though, it's carefully curated and perfect. On it, I keep my record player from my parents (thanks guys!) next to my records, ready to be spun at any moment. I've gotten into the habit of playing one whenever I fold and put away laundry in our room. It makes the task less daunting and more enjoyable. I also keep sentimental things, like a polaroid of my parents, a crystal I brought back from home, a box my sister painted for me, and a book of poetry from Brett's sister, Kristen.

       This is what my half of our dresser looks like. I get ready in the mornings here, and so I keep all of the essentials for that at my fingertips. I also keep my incense here, out of Bailey's reach still, and a couple of cute decorations. The small metal bear and bull are representative of the stock market (my dads field of work), and were in his office for my entire life. They were the pawns from a tic tac toe set that my sisters and I played with every time we visited.

     Thanks for reading, and have a great Wednesday!

To Paint a Rug


       Good morning! I know, that is a really random post title. However, I literally did paint my rug last night, because I was tired of the boring white basic rug and wanted a particular style. I've been pining for a pretty patterned rug for our living room, but I'm not willing to pay the amount of money rugs cost, even for small ones like this 3'x5'. The cute ones are $50-$100, and since I'm obsessed with many decor and design items, that price range is just not in my budget. I have clothes and other fun things to buy, and since this rug was free from the Salvation Army, I settled for it for awhile. It was still bothering me though, the rug's dullness. I craved something interesting, since I look at this rug every day. Alas, I decided to just paint the pattern I wanted with acrylic paint. I'm aware that it's not fabric paint, and also not sealed. So it can't get wet unless I choose to seal it, but for now, I don't plan on it serving any other purpose than just looking pretty. It was really easy to do, and only required a couple of steps. Check it out below!


Materials Needed:

- rug

- acrylic paint and brush

- pen


- Stencil out the pattern you want with your pen, and paint it! Let dry overnight before putting down for use and enjoy!

For an Update: the Office


     Hi there! I just wanted to share a few iPhone photos of the little changes I've made to our office. Our office is really part greenhouse/part actual office. At the moment, half the room is full of plants that we are waiting on planters for to go outside, and the other half is desks, computers, and your usual office stuff. Above, is what's basically my desk (we have two), and I've decorated it to my liking, minus one of our huge herb gardens sitting on it. Once we move it, I can actually work at my desk again!

     These are a few of my little babies, which I've shared abundantly on my Instagram. You can't tell in this photo because it's from the top, but my cactus on the far left is growing huge arms! Yay!!!


     This is one of our beloved bookcases, and next to it is where I store all of my craft supplies and personal files. It's essentially the little hub of blogging things.


      Lastly, I'm still in love with this little hanging system. The clips are perfect for my little Idle Wild Co. prints. Thanks for reading!

Progess: Outdoors


     Good morning! Today, I just wanted to share a few of the pieces I've added to our front patio to spruce it up a bit. I've been on the hunt for a few things that add a bit of personality to our basic space outdoors. Above, is my favorite item. It's this doormat from Target, of course. I wanted something that wasn't boring, but also wasn't weird, because there are some pretty random welcome mats out there.

      This is a little lantern I found in the dollar section at Target. That section is probably my favorite thing about Target nowadays. I can always find something I have to have.

     These are our patio chairs we bought last year, and while they are far from glamorous, they do the job. They are a little bit more high quality than your basic arm chair, and they've held up nicely so far! The next step for our outdoor space is to add plants, and eventually I'll get around to photographing it all for the blog. For now though, these items have cheered up the place nicely. Thanks for reading!

To Decorate a Planter


     Hi there! Just wanted to share a quick little DIY I did the other weekend. I had found this cool faceted planter/cup thing at Target, and loved that it was a blank canvas in which to get creative on. After consulting with my creative friends, I decided on a black and gold pattern to paint it with. I love a good gold paint pen, and gold on black always has a nice art-deco feel to it. I also don't have many things that reflect that style, so it was something new to try! The DIY is below, and as you'll see, Bailey enjoyed the end product quite a bit.

Materials needed:

- wooden vessel (mine is from Target, here)

- black acrylic paint

- a paint brush

- a gold paint pen


Step one - Paint your vessel black, and let dry

Step two - Have fun with your paint pen! For my pattern, I alternated different sizes of diamonds, with inlaying smaller diamonds.

Step three - Let dry completely and fill with whatever you please!

Progress: Living Room


    Hey there! I wanted to share how our living room is coming along! Beware, these are all iphone photos, as I plan to have Kristen possibly come in and shoot it when it's all done. They aren't the best quality, but for an update, they'll do! Pictured above is part of our entryway. It's a small, but cute little area that my grandma's writing desk fits in perfectly. I've had this desk for as long as I can remember, and I plan to keep it forever.

     Details on my entryway desk: I keep a little print from Idlewild Co., a vintage copper piggy bank (copper 4evr), a catchall, and a very familiar DIY.

     My favorite little corner! It may not look like much in the photo, but in person it is so fun! It's right next to our bookcase, and the little hanging plants with the salt rock lamp and leaf painting are the perfect trio.

     Still loving my tray from this post! I keep the styling pretty sparse though, due to Bailey's penchant for throwing things, grabbing things, breaking things, etc.

     These pillows (along with a Falsa blanket I picked up at a random Kansas gas station LOL) make our basic brown "suede" couches look a bit more exciting. I made a second pillow to go along with the one from this post, and they make me smile every time I look at them.

     The coat rack is still holding up! We snagged an ottoman bench from Brett's parent's (thanks Ed and Susan!) and it really gives this area a more cohesive look. The only plans left for this room are possibly adding a mirror (I'm thinking gold and antique-y) to the space next to the coat rack above, and purchasing a coffee table now that Bailey might leave it (mostly) alone. Thanks for reading!

To Make A Pillow, Pt. 2


     Hi guys! I put together this fun little DIY to add some bohemian style to our bedroom. I love hints of bohemian in clothes and decor. Brett has a "Scuba Lion" throw pillow that Kristen designed, and I decided I needed a throw pillow of my own. I would have just bought one, but this only costs $6 to make, compared to at least $20 for a store bought one. I've been loving making wall-hangings, and realized I could easily do the same thing to a pillow. I had seen how Emma from A Beautiful Mess had done something similar to a dress and got inspired. Check it out below!

Materials needed:

- canvas pillow case (I get mine from Hobby Lobby)

- pillow stuffing (again, from Hobby Lobby)

- yarn of choice

- scissors


Step one - Decide how wide and long you want your attachment to be, and size and cut yarn accordingly. My top pieces that the others are tied to are about ten inches long, and the attached pieces vary for the design I had in mind, and are at least 14 inches a piece.

Step two - Knot your yarn, one at a time and side by side, to one of your top base pieces. To knot, loop your yarn halfway onto the base piece and secure with a double knot.

Step three - Create two holes, evenly spaced, in your pillow case, using scissors. Tie your two base pieces at one end, securing with a double knot, and loop the back base piece through the holes. Then, secure the other end of both base pieces using another double knot. (See above)

Step four - Once your design is secured to the pillow and laying flat, trim your design to your liking. I just did a diagonal cut, but a chevron would be cute too!

Step five - Stuff to your liking and enjoy!

Weekly Moodboard, #20

     Happy Weekend! We are busy packing to leave for Denver, CO on Monday, and I'm about to combust due to the excitement! I've been thinking a lot lately, about these moodboards, and I've decided to make them more of a reflection on my plans for the weekend and week ahead, as opposed to general inspirational images. It's more fun that way, for me at least. I like to round up my plans and ideas through images. That being said, I'll explain, each week, the meaning behind each photo. Let's get started!

1. I plan on buying a few new buddies at Ironwood in Denver!

2. Packing is the major item on the weekend to-do list.

3. ABM kills me with their DIY's, and I can't wait to do this one before we leave on Monday!

4. We are going to try Voodoo at least once, whilst in Denver.

5. This is basically outfit goals for Denver, and + one more layer, since it'll be a little chilly!

6. The mountains are calling, see you soon CO!

To Paint a Tray


     Hi guys! This DIY was so cute and easy, it took less than 5 minutes to do! I have had this little wooden tray for awhile, and I used to love the bamboo bottom, but after a few months of not getting to actually put anything in the tray (due to Bailey, see below), it was getting depressing. She likes to empty it, and has broken a few things I used to keep on it as a result. I wanted to keep it in the same spot, but not have it be so boring. I'm also going to start training her to leave it alone. We'll see how that goes, but in the meantime, the bright yellow and whimsical print have really livened it up! Check it out below.


- card stock paper, fitted to the bottom of your tray

- paint and a brush

- a marker


Step one - Go ahead and paint and print the piece of paper however you like. To achieve the look I wanted, I painted half of the paper diagonally with my favorite Goldenrod paint from Target (the tray is also from Target's dollar section). Then, I made little open triangles in a repeating pattern on the other half of the paper.

Step two - Using tape, adhere the paper to the bottom of the tray, and voila! You're done!

Weekly Moodboard, #17

     Hey there! This Saturday, we are embracing all of the spring vibes. It's 60 degrees out and today is Bailey's Spring-Esque Birthday Party! All of the family is here, and I'm not sure the day could get any better. I think the only improvement will be the amount of chocolate cake Bailey will be covered in by the time the parties over. That will definitely turn into a photo shoot. Spring being the influence that it is, pastels and wanderlust are all that's on my mind right now, and I plan on living like the pictures below, starting, well, now! Have a great weekend everyone!!

To Make a Coat Rack

Photo by  Kristen Williams

     Hi guys! Today, we have a very simple and inexpensive solution to a very common problem. Previously, when guests had come over to the house, there was no where for them to hang up their jackets and purses, especially out of Baileys reach. I know it sounds like a #firstworldproblem, but it shouldn't have been an issue in the first place! I don't know why it took me so long to see that we needed a coat rack or hooks. Brett had mentioned he wanted a coat rack a while back, and it just completely left my mind. It's probably because I was so focused on getting Bailey's room decorated and the office organized that I neglected our entry way. Well, it is neglected no more. Now, all we need to finish it is some wall art, an ottoman, and a runner rug. Short lists are always good! Get the how-to below!


- 4 tall wooden rods or stakes, found at most hardware stores

- rope, twine, whatever you'd like to secure the coat rack!


Step one - Position your rods, two on top of the other two. Make sure the edges are all lined up.

Photo by  Kristen Williams

Step two - Wrap your rope around the outside about eight times and knot it. Then, stand up your coat rack, and weave more rope into and around each rod to keep it stable. Finally, wrap more rope around the outside to cover your woven in rope. The rack should stand like a tepee, and disclaimer: it only holds a few coats, but for me, I love the aesthetic so much that I don't care! Happy crafting!

Photo by  Kristen Williams

Special shout out to Kristen for taking these photos for me! iPhones don't do well with interiors.

Weekly Moodboard, #13

     Hi guys! Since 2016 began, I've been manically writing down every idea for this space and just my creative life in general. I have been itching to pursue and think out everything that sparks my interest. From trying new DIY techniques that intimidated me in the past, to developing an illustration collection to sell this summer, I've become inspired to do it all. These moodboards, I believe, have had a big part in that. I love getting to center where my brains at using photos, because it opens my eyes to what I want to incorporate into my style, color palette, and overall process. For instance, this week, I'm really getting into warm tones paired with blue, like denim. Then, I remember, I love doing a red lip with a Canadian tuxedo LOL (but really, I do), so this weekend, I'll have to try it out again! I can't wait to see what next week brings. Have a happy Saturday!

To Make a Gallery Wall


     Hi guys! I thought it would be fun today to give some guidelines and tips for putting together a simple gallery wall. It's less intimidating than it seems, I swear! The main thing to keep in mind when starting a gallery wall is make sure the collection you are displaying isn't too uniform. In my opinion, things that match can be a little boring. I always say that when it comes to clothes, decor, anything visual really, your pieces should "go" not "match". With a gallery wall, contrasting items keep the eye moving, keep the viewer interested. That's why too much uniformity seems boring to me. I move on very quickly if all of the pieces look the same.

     Once you have your pieces picked out, you can start the layout process. The photo above is of one of the gallery walls in Bailey's room! As you can see, I started with the large canvas in the middle. I like different sizes and display options in my arrangements. This is important to keep in mind when doing your layout, seeing as it might look a little redundant to have two framed photos side by side. I love using washi tape as well as another display option. Those are the ones I don't mind putting side by side because the washi tape isn't literally framing the pictures, and therefore can be arranged differently (and it's nice when you don't have to put a million holes in your walls). Like the wall above, you can also start with a center piece and work your way around it with smaller prints, or you could do only small prints. There are really endless options to play around with. I recommend sketching out a rough blueprint of your layout before doing any hanging, or you can do the tried and true method of taping out the shapes onto your wall first to get a to scale prototype of your wall.

     Below, I have featured some of my favorite gallery walls from Pinterest. Be sure to go follow the blog there as well! I love my Pins. :) Happy Monday!

Weekly Moodboard, #11

     Happy Saturday readers! The moodboard for today, is obviously blush themed. It's probably because I have been in the early stages of planning spring, and blush/rose quartz has been my favorite color for the last 6 months. I can't get away from it, so I'm embracing it. Bring on all blush everything!

An Update on Bailey's Room!


     Hi guys! I just wanted to do a little update today on how Bailey's room is coming along. We moved into our house back in July of 2015, and so far, her room is the most decorated. It's just too much fun to make things for her walls! Also, I can't help myself when I see something perfect for her room at Target. They know what they're doing. The "smile" garland featured above is from Target, as is her bookcase and bed. Her grandparents actually got her those, thanks Mom and Dad!

     I was very happy for her to finally have a bed. For awhile, her room looked like it needed something, and turns out it was a bed! Before, she had been sleeping on her mattress just on the floor, because that's how we had transitioned her out of co-sleeping and a crib. She was never into the crib at our house, but she didn't have a problem with the one at her grandmas. Most of the things on the bed were gifts. Her aunt sewed her the larger purple pillow, and her great aunt Susie made her the little cross-stitched tooth fairy pillow (she made them for my sisters and I as well when we were little). She also gave her the Candy Hello Kitty! I like to imagine Hello Kitty watches over Bailey while she sleeps and protects her. LOL. Lastly, her great grandma made her this quilt and many others, and Brett received the Emoji pillow from a secret Santa party!

     I loved putting together this gallery wall. I made everything except the Rifle Paper Co. print the the left that says "Life is Beautiful". I figured it, and the other words here were good reminders. The top left is my hand-drawn map of the U.S. that I drew and painted in the states that Bailey has traveled too. It's such a fun way to document her travels! The bottom right is just a small oil painting of fields of flowers, which you can't tell from this photo because the flowers are very tiny. Thanks for letting me share! I will be sharing more updates from our house as it (slowly) comes together. Happy Monday!

Weekly Moodboard, #10

     Happy Saturday, readers! This weeks weekly moodboard is very reflective of the colors I'm loving at the moment. The grey, blue, and white, with metallic accents, I just love it. Marble, concrete, and brass are my favorite materials right now, and it shows. Also, hugging sweaters is basically what I do with my free time. Interior decorating blogs are one of my favorite places to look for inspiration in all aspects of life, not just decor, although I do love decor. It definitely explains why there are always at least two images in one moodboard that are interior shots. As an adult I have started to appreciate interior decorating more and more, especially compared to when I was a teenager and only liked fashion and magazines. Here's to always growing!