To Celebrate / Easter!


     Hi there! Just wanted to share some snaps from our Easter weekend at the lake! We made natural dye this year (tutorial coming Thursday!), and they made the prettiest pastel colors.

     I made the pink dye from avocado pits, and the yellow is made from turmeric! You just boil each in water, and then for egg dye you add a little vinegar after the boiling. So easy!

      The light pink was my favorite, although the turmeric created different shades depending on opacity of the dye. Both were awesome!

     Brett's parents also brought along some confetti eggs, which are hollowed out shells you can smash and they explode with confetti. I'm sure you can guess which activity was Bailey's favorite!

      All in all, we had a great time. Bailey doesn't stop moving when she goes anywhere that's not home, so hopefully this will lead to an easy Monday evening (but let's be honest, toddlers have an amazing ability to bounce back from a busy weekend, so I'm not expecting much :))!

     Thanks for reading, and have a fun Monday!

Mom Style: Spring is Here!


     Hey there! Just wanted to say a quick hello and announce that spring is officially here! I'm wearing sandals! Life is awesome! I actually bought these sandals a couple of years ago in Boulder, CO, on sale for $10. This was a little before this minimalist style became trendy, so it turned out to be a major score! Another great deal featured in this outfit is the midi skirt. It's by Madewell and I thrifted it for $8, which is basically 95% off. I pretty much died when I found it, and am pumped to wear it all summer. I'm going to go play outside now, bye!

Wearing: H&M shirt (similar here), Madewell skirt (similar here), BDG sandals (similar here)

Photos by Kristen Williams