To Share / Family Photos


     Good morning! When we were having Kristen take some photos of Luna, we wanted to incorporate a family photo shoot into the day as well! I think it's high time we send out a Christmas card this year, and one of these photos is the winner (but I'm not sharing which 'til the cards come out)!


     I loved all of them though. It was very comical seeing how hard it is to get one with everyone looking decent. There were some really good ones that Bailey "ruined" (not really, she's still adorable) by pulling the sides of her mouth out with her fingers for her smile! LOL. She thought it was hilarious (it was) but probably not the best for an official portrait. 


     She's doing it here, but showing me, so it's kind of hard to see. Luna was a trooper throughout the whole thing! She can be really patient for a puppy sometimes, but mostly only when food isn't involved. Girl loves her food!


    She really is my little sweetheart. She loves it when we match, and I'm sure you can guess that I do too!


      Brett dislikes being in front of the camera, but he made the sacrifice for Luna. :)


      And now just a few of Bailey! She's always loved being in pictures and taking them. I guess it's a result of a photographer aunt and a blogger mama! 


      How many times can I say "be still my heart"? An infinite amount? Ok, good, wouldn't settle for less.


     Bailey + Luna's most recent favorite activity has been jumping in the never-ending leaf piles that Brett has been making. They really do love playing together, but has there ever been a child + puppy combo that hasn't? (My parents are most likely scoffing at this, as I was the most petrified of dogs until my teen years. I used to tell a story about a past life I had as a cat in China when I was little, so our theory is that's the reason why I was so scared of dogs. I know mom + dad, I was the exception to the theory that children love dogs. I'm just glad Bailey isn't scared like I was!)

     Thanks for reading, and have a fun weekend! I'll be back next week with a pie recipe (duh, thanksgiving)!

All photos by Kristen Williams

To Meet / Luna!


     Good morning! As promised, we had Kristen over this weekend to take some photos of Luna, our golden retriever puppy we got at the start of November! She's a beaut and so sweet, but also very mischievous (we've been told it's a puppy thing). :) 


      She's just past 10 weeks old, and Bailey's in love with her! They're kind of already two peas in a pod. When we picked Luna up from Neosho, Missouri, Bailey couldn't stop saying that she's "SO CUTE"! 


     It definitely feels like she's already part of the family. I've had many people point out that it's like having a second child, and I can really see that! Obviously, I love Bailey and Luna in very different ways, but as far as the care and attention aspect goes, it reminds me of a newborn. 

    Thanks for reading, and be on the lookout for our family photos later this week! Have a fun Monday!

All photos by Kristen Williams.

To Celebrate / Easter!


     Hi there! Just wanted to share some snaps from our Easter weekend at the lake! We made natural dye this year (tutorial coming Thursday!), and they made the prettiest pastel colors.

     I made the pink dye from avocado pits, and the yellow is made from turmeric! You just boil each in water, and then for egg dye you add a little vinegar after the boiling. So easy!

      The light pink was my favorite, although the turmeric created different shades depending on opacity of the dye. Both were awesome!

     Brett's parents also brought along some confetti eggs, which are hollowed out shells you can smash and they explode with confetti. I'm sure you can guess which activity was Bailey's favorite!

      All in all, we had a great time. Bailey doesn't stop moving when she goes anywhere that's not home, so hopefully this will lead to an easy Monday evening (but let's be honest, toddlers have an amazing ability to bounce back from a busy weekend, so I'm not expecting much :))!

     Thanks for reading, and have a fun Monday!

To Have Traditions


     Good morning! I just wanted to share a few of our Christmas traditions today, from both my family and Bretts. We are kind of combining them this year, to do Christams morning at our house for the first time, just us 3. Bailey actually recognizes Santa now, so we figured this year is a good year to start the whole Santa shindig. Check out how we celebrate Christmas below! 


1. As you all know, we go Christmas tree shopping every year, at a tree farm. Bretts family has done this forever, and so have I with my dad growing up. It was the most comforting thing to continue ot of all the traditions!

2. Columbia has a Magic Tree that's covered in lights, which all Columbians flock to this time of year. We go on Christmas Eve every year, and it's the most gorgeous thing. Expect some photos of it after Christmas! 

3. My family and I always made cookies for Santa, and set them out along with carrots for the reindeer. I want to start that up this year with Bailey, with one caveat: chocolate sugar cookies instead of regular. Sugar cookies are not Santas cup of tea around here, but Santa sure does love anything chocolate! 

4. Lastly, my dad always read us 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, animatedly so, every Christmas Eve before we went to bed. I plan to hunt down a copy ASAP, and attempt a reading like my dads. Our book won't be antique from the 60's (am I close on that mom?) with all of it's pretty illustrations, but it's the ambiance that counts!  

     Thanks for reading, and have a fun Friday! 

For Mornings at Home


      Good morning! It's definitely a doughnut kind of Saturday over here. Oh, and also chocolate milk. We know how to do unhealthy breakfasts right! Other than our doughnut consumption, we don't have too many plans for the weekend. Bailey had a cold all of last week, so we are just taking it easy, enjoying our time together. I hope you all have a great weekend too, whatever you do!! Thanks for reading! 

To Try Something New, Pt. 3


     Good morning! Today, I'm sharing some photos from an outing we took with Bailey a couple of weeks ago. We visited one of favorite spots in Columbia, the Shelter Gardens, and as usual, she loved it! They have an old one-room schoolhouse on the property, pictured above, and they keep chalk out for kids that visit. Bailey is finally tall enough to reach on her own now, but still likes the full view from our height.

   They still have the original desks and charcoal stove that served as their heater, I would presume. It really is cool for kids today to get to explore an old schoolhouse. I'm sure it teaches them to appreciate how schools are constructed now!

      The rest of the property is gardens of various species of plants, flowers, and trees (they have the prettiest Weeping Willow). My favorite part, which should come to no shock to anyone, is the desert plant section.

     They have all kinds of succulents and even a couple of desert trees! It's also Western themed, which makes it even cooler in my book.

     See! Desert trees! Everything is spiny and spikey and I love it.

     They also keep tropical flowers, like this Hibiscus, which is another favorite kind of flower of mine. The ranking is desert, tropical, temperate forest (i.e. a Pacific Northwest situation), as far as my favorite flora goes. Thanks for reading about our little adventure, and have a great day!