Book of the Month


     Hi there! August's book of the month is This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Previously, I have read The Great Gatsby, as have most high school graduates, and last year we read the novel about Zelda, Fitzgerald's enigmatic wife, but those are all I have on Mr. Fitzgerald. This Side of Paradise is lauded as the most accurate representation of the youth of the 1920's, and since reading and seeing both film versions of The Great Gatsby, I've always had an interest in that time period. Historically, it was seen as a freeing and celebratory time after WW1, and this came through in most aspects of peoples lives. What people wore, the fact that they drank (illegally at the time), and how they partied were all in the name of the Golden Twenties. I'm excited to read Fitzgerald's other interpretation of how the young lived back then. Special thanks to my mom for buying me this pretty edition when I visited home! Have a great day everyone!