To Press Flowers


     Good morning! This was a pretty fun DIY. I don't remember ever pressing flowers, although I'm sure I did at some point in my childhood. I'm always looking to try new things, and pretty little pressed flowers sounded like the perfect thing to add to our decor. I had also never used Modge Podge before, so I figured it was time to test that out. I actually loved it, and will definitely be using it again. See how I used it to create some whimsical wall art below!

Materials Needed:

- a few fresh picked flowers

- a heavy book

- Modge Podge and a brush

- cardstock paper

- a frame or hanging option, washi tape would look just as cute!


Step one - Pick your flowers, and press them in between pages of your book. Let dry in the pages for at least a couple of days.

Step two - Arrange your dried flowers on a sheet of cardstock that has been trimmed to the size for your frame.

Step three - CAREFULLY paint on a couple of layers of Modge Podge over your flowers. Be very delicate as the flowers are fragile at this stage.

Step four - Let dry, frame, and enjoy!

To Be Nostalgic


Good morning! Just wanted to share a little nostalgia that I've been enjoying this spring. Backstory: growing up, every spring, my mom, sisters, and I would drive over to our grandpas house to pick iris's. It's not a crazy story or anything, but it was always the first sign that spring was here and it was something I really looked forward to. 

This is the first spring for us in our new house, and our neighbor across the street has always had a beautiful garden. Once spring rolled around, I noticed something different about the front of her house. She had huge white and purple iris's blooming! 

While I didn't pick any, I had to photograph them. They made me smile every time I saw them, and I had to share.  

Thanks for reading, and have a great Monday!