Over the Weekend


      Good morning! This weekend was so nice. We baked, played, hung out with old friends, and just enjoyed our time together. On Friday, the highlight was the French Toast Muffins I talked about that morning. They were too good, and the recipe is genius in my book.

     On Saturday, we got up and almost immediately walked over to the Farmer's Market. It was such a nice morning, with a fall-ish breeze, so we had to take advantage of it. I picked up a coffee from my favorite vendor and ogled at the crazy amount of produce that was available. That afternoon I took Bailey to our neighborhood park with friends and she just played and ran around for over an hour. I think she was just trying to soak up as much park time as she could while it was cool enough to be there.

      Sunday was our chill day. I worked on a few projects and just relaxed with Bailey all day. My mom has bought her a ton of books, and we went through a few that day. I love old-school children's books illustration, and Rosie's Walk combines that with my love of foxes, so it was a treat for mama too! Thanks for reading, and have an awesome Monday!

To Create a Bucket List


VSCO Cam-1 (8).jpg

     I'm so excited for today's post! I love making bucket lists and goal lists. Any list really. It's the only way I stay organized and actually reach those goals. Bucket lists are a little bit more fun than your everyday list though. They help you to participate in life, not just getting your tasks done. My bucket lists don't even really involve tasks, they are just fun things I'd like to do. Mine are more for keeping me inspired than anything else. If I'm ever bored, I just look at the list and see what I can cross off that day! I plan on making these seasonal posts, posted at the start of every season, so expect another one of these in March. For now though, peruse the list and see if there's anything you'd like to do this winter!

Winter Bucket List 2015:

1. Drink lots of hot cocoa (obviously this takes priority).

2. Improve upon my gift-wrapping skills.

3. Watch White Christmas at least once (it's my favorite Christmas movie).

4. Make a wreath or two.

5. Listen to lots of moody holiday music.

6. Stop being a chicken, and go sledding.

     There ya go, short and sweet! I like to keep things simple around here. Happy winter!

What We're Loving, #2

     Today, we have the second installment of my weekly What We're Loving Series. It has been very enlightening, so far, to sift through our lives to pick out a few things that have been getting a lot of attention. Some things are obvious, like I'm definitely going to be reading our Book of the Month this week, but other things, like pinpointing what specific toy Bailey has been giving the extra hugs to, require a little bit more observation. Now that she's talking and saying syllables of words, she makes it pretty clear what she wants. This was the case with last weeks Loving choice of Mr. Wolfie, she literally says "wolf" when she wants him. I really look forward to continue documenting her childhood choices.

What We're...

Wearing: My favorite beanie/Bailey's favorite cardigan.

Reading: The Book of the Month/ Little girl is saying the number 2!

Eating: Homemade salsa from Brett's mom/ She eats at least one banana a day.

Making: Cards for the place settings at Thanksgiving/ washi tape balls

Loving: air plants!/ a little box from D.C. that her Auntie Becca gave her. :)

What We're Loving, #1

     Hello readers! To start this blog off, I thought it would be appropriate to show you a little bit of what we are loving lately. This "What We're Loving" post will be the first of a weekly series! I decided to make this topic a series because I believe it's important, but mostly fun, to recognize what is making you happy. That's what these posts will be about, the little things! It's also helping me switch things up and not get in a rut, to stay inspired. Being inspired by anything is one of the best feelings in the world, why would you not share that? Here's to being inspired and loving life!

What we're...

Wearing: An 8 year old necklace from American Eagle / Bailey's first real pair of boots

Reading: On the Road (I always reread it every fall) /  Pride and Prejudice

Eating: Pirate's Booty / A smaller amount of Pirate's Booty

Making: Halloween masks (for the first time, it was a blast!) / first painting (so proud)

Loving: Kristen Williams' coaster set! / Mr. Wolfie