To Wrap Your Gifts


      Hi there! I just wanted to share what I'm doing as far as gift wrap goes this season. I've fallen in love with kraft paper and it's many uses, one being gift wrap!

     For the trimmings, I used a strand each of grey yarn, white embroidery string, and twine. The grey + white contrasts so nicely with the tan paper!

     To wrap, I just twisted the three together and wound it around the parcels. All that's left is to tie a bow and you're set!

       Thanks for reading, and have a great Thursday!

For a Gift Guide / Her


      Hi there! For the last gift guide, I have some amazing options for your s/o, bff, mom, or any female in your life! I personally have asked for a few of these things myself, but all of them are good choices and should be received well. Check out the products below!

1. Face masks are still all the rage, and this one with calendula + turmeric is the best organic option for all skin types.

2. For the frequent farmer's market shopper, this fair trade handmade basket is a dream come true!

3. This book is basically the bible for all things seasonal and natural. It's at the top of my wishlist for the new year!

4. For something luxurious, look no further than Everlane's beautiful Spanish made pouches. The gold option is my personal favorite, but any of the colors would be a winner!

5. You all know how I feel about Mast Brothers design, but the actual chocolate is so quality that anyone would appreciate a bar.

6. Anything Wes Anderson is always a good choice, but this art print takes the cake!

For a Gift Guide / Him


     Good morning! Today, I'm sharing my second gift guide, which features products for the gents. I've had my eye on a couple of these for Brett, but all of them would most likely be received well! Check out the guide below!

1. This book from the folks at Kaufmann Mercantile covers how to do anything random you could think of. I plan to steal this from Brett ASAP!

2. Brett is a big fan of Mancala, and I figured it's high time we have a set of our own that isn't on the iPad. Maybe I'll figure out how to play the darn game better in person instead of on the screen!

3. I've never met a guy that doesn't like slippers, and the print on this pair from American Eagle is very cool.

4. I'm so glad they finally made one of these for guys, and it basically has all of the same items, just not in scary girly packaging (fake horror face). Like men don't also have mini emergencies all of the time? Uh ya, every guy needs this just as much as every girl does, myself included!

5. Harry's Razors are top of the line, and the design is on par with the razors themselves. Classic, cool, and essential. Need I say more?

6. If you are going big or going home, this is the perfect speaker for the dude in your life. Bose always makes quality products, and this sleek but fun bluetooth speaker is no exception!

To Make Gifts


     Hi there! Today, I wanted to share one of the gifts I made for Christmas this year! It's for one of my friends, and I won't say who, but this little ring dish was inspired by their love of crystals. It's slightly shaped like one, and I was very tempted to just keep it for myself. Luckily, I can always recreate it whenever I please. The beauty of being a maker! Anyways, get the how-to below!


- air-dry clay

- a rolling pin + a cutting utensil, like a butter knife

- white paint + a brush

- glaze

- a small bowl of water for slip

(I pictured a stamp here, because I was going to make a stamped version originally, but go ahead and stamp away if you like!)


1. Roll out a golf ball sized ball of clay. Cut out whatever shape you want the base of your ring dish to be.

2. Cut out sides for your dish from the scraps of the base. Attach by pressing your side piece along the side of your base, and seal with water along the seams.

3. Using water and your cutting utensil, line up the ends of your sides at the same angle as the other sides it touches. This will create a seamless wall along all sides of your dish.

4. Seal off all and smooth the tops of your walls and the visible part of the base, all with water. Let dry overnight.

5. Paint your desired color and let dry. Paint on glaze if you like, and gift away!

For a Gift Guide / The Littles


     Good morning! I'm back with gift guides this season, and today's is for the littles in your life! Below, I've picked a few of the things that I plan to get Bailey, and added a few that I'm sure she would endorse. Check them out below!

1. A Montessori-esque wooden blocks set, handmade in North Carolina.

2. A Mini Market basket to go along with mamas!

3. Some juice cups for the toddler who has graduated to big-kid status.

4. An easel, for the budding artist.


5. A play teepee, for the little who loves to adventure in their imagination (or who just likes a cozy spot to sift through their books in).

6. This interactive book, for those curious about colors.

To Make A Body Scrub

     Hey guys! Let me start by saying I use this body scrub. I haven't made it just to put on the blog, it's a real life thing. It works well, is simple to make, and smells amazing. Also, you can do personal variations on it, like switching the lavender oil to peppermint, or to the vanilla extract like in the original post I've based mine off of. Not to mention this is one of my favorite gifts to give to my friends and family! It's inexpensive, but better than just a card, and the recipe makes a lot. See how to make it below!


 - 1/2 cup white sugar

 - 2 cups Sugar in the Raw

 - 1 tbs. honey

 - 1/2 cup olive oil

 - 1 tbs lavender oil or whichever you prefer


Step 1: Combine both sugars in a bowl and stir in olive oil.

Step 2: Mix in honey and lavender oil. Store in airtight container and enjoy! (I recommend a nice bubble bath while using.)

To Make Napkin Rings

    Hello all! It is getting dangerously close to that gift giving holiday we all know as Christmas. I'm not sure how many of you have seen the T.V. show (masterpiece) Parks and Recreation, but the main character, Leslie Knope, has stated that she embraces gift giving as a sport, and one that she always wins. Her attitude towards presents has inspired me to do my best this year to give each of my loved ones something they need/want/have been dreaming of. Yes, even a fictional government employee can inspire kindness. 
    For the following month, I will be posting easy and wonderful DIY projects that could potentially be that unexpected something to give to the one person it is impossible to find a gift for; or it could be the obvious something that your best friend has been needing for their new home. This is the case for this DIY! Most people my age are in temporary places, i.e. rentals, and cannot do much to give their space personality. I believe it is little touches, like these napkin rings, that can really elevate something from ordinary to unexpected. I adapted my project from this DIY and it is one of the easiest clay projects and simplest looking gift you could give!

 - air dry clay (I use the kids Crayola)
 - watercolor paints and brush
 - rolling pin
 - clay glaze (Sculpey's works great!)

Roll out four balls of clay, I made mine a little bigger than a golf ball.

Smooth out clay flat with rolling pin so that you have four long rectangles.

Wrap the clay into a ring shape, wide enough inside to fit two fingers and let dry overnight.

Once dry, paint with desired color. To get a sheerer look, add plenty of water!

After paint dries, cover with gloss and let dry. Voila!