To Make Crositini!


     Hey there! One of my favorite seasonal foods for winter is grapefruit/citrus in general. They are great year round, but they are definitely at their best in January/February. Add some goat cheese and honey and you've got an amazing appetizer! I actually love combining grapefruit with my greek yogurt and honey, and the flavor of this app is very similar. I topped the crositini with a smaller amount of grapefruit than I personally would like, just because the flavor is so strong. I served this to my friends at one of our classic wine nights with some Riesling, and the pairing was perfect! Both were light and sweet, just what you want for a fun girls night. Check out the recipe below!

Ingredients: yields 10 crositini (I only pictured half above)

- one whole grapefruit

- honey

- goat cheese

- crositini or french bread


Step one - Assemble all ingredients on crositini and drizzle with honey.