For Mornings at Home


      Good morning! While we are at home at the moment, we are about to head to the lake house for one last weekend of solitude before it's too cold to really enjoy it. It's the off season now, so you can sit on the porch there for hours without seeing a single boat or jet ski speed by. It's very peaceful, which is exactly what we need at the moment. I hope you all have a great weekend, and hopefully will find some peace as well! 

For Morning's at Home


     Good morning! It's Friday, so I'm spending the day with my B, getting the house in order before we peace out to the lake all weekend. I ended up getting Monday off for the holiday, so we get to stay that extra day! There's a lot to organize, shoots to do, and laundry to be washed before we leave though, so I should probably get on that. Have a great (long) weekend everyone!! 

Morning's at Home, Pt. 2


     Good morning! This morning, at home with my sweet pea/stinker, we are just enjoying being at our own house. Summer means travel, and while we've got plans for running around the state again soon, it's nice to just be in our own space for a bit. I'm writing my morning pages for The Artist's Way, and Bailey's helping of course. Our plans for the day are to run a couple of errands, work on an upcoming design project, and then have a wine/packing night at Cats. I hope your day is as enjoyable as ours may be! Have a good one and thanks for reading! 

To Style an Accent Table


     Most of us probably consider any accent table an after thought, with larger pieces like the coffee table or your desk viewed as more time sensitive. I agree in that you should get the things you see most often organized and looking nice, but we also shouldn't forget the small spaces that can hold some personality and add a little character to a space! Below I have listed some of my favorite things to perk up a sofa table I pass by on the daily. We set drinks on it, balance plates on it, and ultimately it ends up being a catchall for those random objects in our life. Here are my essentials:

1. A tray, wooden or acrylic. Whatever floats your boat! I've found ours is the perfect place to hide our T.V. remote from the baby. Also, a little life and good smelling things. We keep an air diffuser and my favorite little succulent in the tray!

2. A small box, for little things like matches for candles, that need to be kept away from Bailey's hands.

3. You can add something personal, like Bailey's framed birth announcement here. 

    There it is! I like to keep it simple and avoid clutter, but inevitably it shows up now and then. Feel free to send me some pics of your accent tables, I always love fresh ideas! Happy Styling!