To Make Margs


     Hi guys! I know it's a little early to talk about cocktails, but when ideas are this fun you just have to share! I very recently tried kombucha for the first time, and loved it. I had also seen a cocktail recipe for kombucha mojitos, but I'm not much of a rum girl, so I decided to whip these up instead! They're frozen raspberry fizzy margarita goodness, and I highly recommend them as a great end of summer cocktail. Using kombucha instead of a sugary juice to blend with the tequila even makes them semi-healthy (as healthy as a cocktail ever can be)! Get the how-to below! 

Ingredients: yields 2 margs

- 2.5 shots of tequila

- 1 bottle of any kombucha you like (I picked raspberry chia!)

- lime juice

- ice


- blend all ingredients til smooth and serve in cute mason jars