To Drink / Rosewater Sparkling Lemonade


     Good morning! A few weeks back, I got to try out Fentiman's Rose Lemonade for the first time in Springfield, MO, and it was so good that I had to recreate it. Since I made this, I've been drinking it non-stop (which is ok, because I don't add any sweetener to my lemonade; to me it just doesn't need it)! Bailey has tried it, but she doesn't like sparkling water yet, so I only get grimaces of course. However, for those of you that like bubbles, lemonade, and rosewater anything, this recipe is right up your alley! Get the how-to below!


- 3 cups of cold water

- 1 can of lime or lemon La Croix

- 2 lemons to juice

- 2 tsp. of rosewater


1. Juice your lemons!

2. Add your water to a pitcher with ice, then pour in your La Croix, lemon juice, and rose water.

3. Stir and enjoy (preferably in a mason jar glass)! :)

To Make a Cocktail, Pt. 5


    Good morning! It's officially lemonade season, and I love finding small, artisnal ways to spruce up the beloved warm-weather drink. Today's option is adding a little thyme and vodka to the classic. Cocktails with herbs are becoming a "thing" and I understand why. Basil, thyme, lavender, etc. typically pair well with fruity flavors. They contrast the sweetness and add a fresh twist to something that otherwise might be too sweet.

      This cocktail is no exception, considering lemon juice always tastes sugary rather than tart to me. I chose thyme to complement that sweetness, and it really makes the drink more "adult". It just feels more sophisticated to swirl a sprig of thyme around in your lemonade! Get the Thyme Lemonade recipe below.

Thyme Lemonade: yields one cocktail


- one shot of vodka

- 1/2 cup of sparkling water

- a big squeeze of lemon juice

- a few sprigs of thyme

Directions: Stir ingredients together in your glass and enjoy!