For Inspiration / April 30th - May 5th


     Good morning! This week was a bit more eventful than usual, as Bailey finally decided she deemed the potty useful to her. I'm way more excited about this than I should be. Also, Brett graduates from Mizzou a week from tomorrow, and secured a "grownup" job this week! Everything is starting to line up as we are about to go through some big changes as a family, and we are all ready for it. 

       A not so big thing, but somehow just as exciting to me as Bailey being potty-trained, is that I bought my dream shoes of the moment from Target! Eeeek!! I've already worn them a ton since they were delivered on Tuesday, and I plan to wear them 24/7 for the next few seasons, until that dreaded winter shows up again. 

      Another favorite from this week are these Maple Bacon waffles I made on Sunday! I know, I'm going a bit waffle crazy, but there are just so many recipes out there. I topped these with yogurt, honey, and more bacon, and as I said on Instagram, you know you're doing something right when your toddler is stealing your bacon. :)

      Speaking of said toddler, we took her to Shelter Gardens twice this week. Once was for some puddle jumping in between rain showers on Sunday, and the other was on Tuesday afternoon because the sun finally came out! I prefer the gardens to a play ground every now and then, because Bailey gets to run her little heart out on the winding pathways, and we get to leisurely follow behind. Win-win!

     Lastly, I made this adorable little succulent planter to add to my collection, because honestly, I've already bought too many succulents this year, and I'm running out of planters! I like to make my own sometimes, because it's more customizable and less boring that way. This pretty little DIY will be on the blog next week, so keep an eye out!

    Thanks for reading, and have a fun Friyay!

To Do / Decorate with Nature


      Hi there! A fun way to decorate seasonally is to bring the outside in, and it's super simple to do in an organic way. I couldn't resist bringing home some pine tree trimmings when we chopped our Christmas tree down! They add the perfect touch of wintery greenery to our backdoor (shown above).

      Another thing you can do is use the textured twigs from your front yard! As you know, we used one in this wall hanging, and it looks just rustic enough. 

      Then, you can always gather some dried foliage and greenery. I love the muted green color, and can't be happy with a room without it!  

       My favorite bundle is in a recycled glass milk jug, which also adds to the natural look.  

      I hope these tips inspire you to decorate with nature! It's brought a breath of fresh air to not-so-dreary season. Have a great weekend everyone! 

To Do / Fika


      Hi there! This winter, I decided to look into how the people in the far north (i.e. the Nordic countries, Canada, Alaska) endure long and frigid winters. I figured, if they can be happy during that tough of a season, then surely I could implement the same principles in our much more mild and insignificant winters. Last month we talked about the Danish concept hygge, and today I want to introduce the Swedish Fika. 

      Fika isn't purely a winter concept, as the Swedes do this year round. However, it's a great self care technique, and promotes mindfulness, which I think are essential to dredging through winter. Fika is basically an afternoon stop. Typically, people will get a coffee and a yummy treat, and then sit down and enjoy it, just to take a break from their day. As if I need another excuse to drink coffee, right? I'll take any opportunity to sit back and relax with a cup of joe, and now that I can put a name to it, it's carries a little more weight. Take some time this afternoon, and have yourself a Fika! It is Friday, after all. Thanks for reading, and have a fun weekend! 

To Talk About Music


       Hey readers! Notice anything off about today's post? It's not a What We're Loving post! On a Monday! Every Monday for the past two months, I have been posting a weekly series about what Bailey and I are wearing, eating, reading, making, and loving. Just reading that sentence tells me it's an overload of information. Due to this recent revelation, I have decided to stop doing the What We're Loving posts every week. I love them, but it is just too much for a weekly post. It's been a little bit of a struggle to have enough content for these posts.  Sometimes, not a whole lot changes in a week! I will be doing one What We're Loving a month though, and we'll see if that change generates better posts. I think I'll enjoy doing them more if there isn't so much pressure to find content for them weekly. That's what doing this blog is about! Enjoying it!

     Now, onto today's post. On the topic of enjoying what you are writing about, I have set aside today's post to discuss music and it's many facets. I love most genre's and eras, from Lana del Rey (my favorite modern artist) to Woodstock-era artists (Fleetwood Mac and Jimi Hendrix) and classical dudes such as Debussy (Clair de Lune is always a winner). The few styles I don't like are your typical country music songs, not that Dolly Parton isn't queen of heartbreak ballads, and punk is just not my forte. The Sex Pistols were great but it still just seems like noise to me. Not to offend people who love country and punk, because to each his own, but everyone draws a line somewhere of what they will and won't listen to. Those examples are my limits. Honestly though, one listen at Lana del Rey's "Young and Beautiful" and how could you not love her?!

     Most of my music taste stems from growing up with a dad who was actually alive when the Beatles took the stage of the Ed Sullivan show. He grew up during the best time for music (in my opinion), and that really rubbed off on what music we listened to. I have fond memories of singing along to Octopus's Garden and Santana's "Smooth" while driving around in his car. It also helped that he had been in a folk singing group and had been in choirs throughout his education. Music was in our blood. After many years of being in choirs myself, my taste in music evolved to what it is today. There's something about singing and harmonizing that really makes you love all types of music. You can appreciate it, and all the work that goes into making music. I'm already seeing Bailey's love of music start to form. She mostly loves to dance to it, but the admiration of rhythm is definitely there.  Thanks for letting me rant about music for a couple of paragraphs! Happy Monday!