To Get Organized.


     Let's face it, when it comes to getting your stuff together to reach a new goal, you have to get organized in some way. I was the last person to admit that making lists and keeping a planner are essential to staying relaxed, until I actually bought a planner and started with the lists. It really, really, really does make my life flow better. For me, if I don't write an idea or a chore down, I'll either forget or not have enough motivation to follow through. Writing it down though, and getting to cross it off once complete, is all the motivation I need now. I have no idea why, but it feels amazing to put a check in a tiny little box at the end of a task. So rewarding.

     Now, I'm not saying lists are for everybody. Just as people learn in different ways, people operate their lives in different ways. For you, it could be a chocolate rewards system (I may or may not indulge in this as well), or you might not need anything at all to help you remember to do the dishes. The lists work for me though, and planning has been extremely instrumental in the upkeep of this blog. Without my little planner and calendar, this blog would simply not be what I want it to be, and for that, I am forever grateful.

To Create a Bucket List


VSCO Cam-1 (8).jpg

     I'm so excited for today's post! I love making bucket lists and goal lists. Any list really. It's the only way I stay organized and actually reach those goals. Bucket lists are a little bit more fun than your everyday list though. They help you to participate in life, not just getting your tasks done. My bucket lists don't even really involve tasks, they are just fun things I'd like to do. Mine are more for keeping me inspired than anything else. If I'm ever bored, I just look at the list and see what I can cross off that day! I plan on making these seasonal posts, posted at the start of every season, so expect another one of these in March. For now though, peruse the list and see if there's anything you'd like to do this winter!

Winter Bucket List 2015:

1. Drink lots of hot cocoa (obviously this takes priority).

2. Improve upon my gift-wrapping skills.

3. Watch White Christmas at least once (it's my favorite Christmas movie).

4. Make a wreath or two.

5. Listen to lots of moody holiday music.

6. Stop being a chicken, and go sledding.

     There ya go, short and sweet! I like to keep things simple around here. Happy winter!