Progress: Living Room


    Hey there! I wanted to share how our living room is coming along! Beware, these are all iphone photos, as I plan to have Kristen possibly come in and shoot it when it's all done. They aren't the best quality, but for an update, they'll do! Pictured above is part of our entryway. It's a small, but cute little area that my grandma's writing desk fits in perfectly. I've had this desk for as long as I can remember, and I plan to keep it forever.

     Details on my entryway desk: I keep a little print from Idlewild Co., a vintage copper piggy bank (copper 4evr), a catchall, and a very familiar DIY.

     My favorite little corner! It may not look like much in the photo, but in person it is so fun! It's right next to our bookcase, and the little hanging plants with the salt rock lamp and leaf painting are the perfect trio.

     Still loving my tray from this post! I keep the styling pretty sparse though, due to Bailey's penchant for throwing things, grabbing things, breaking things, etc.

     These pillows (along with a Falsa blanket I picked up at a random Kansas gas station LOL) make our basic brown "suede" couches look a bit more exciting. I made a second pillow to go along with the one from this post, and they make me smile every time I look at them.

     The coat rack is still holding up! We snagged an ottoman bench from Brett's parent's (thanks Ed and Susan!) and it really gives this area a more cohesive look. The only plans left for this room are possibly adding a mirror (I'm thinking gold and antique-y) to the space next to the coat rack above, and purchasing a coffee table now that Bailey might leave it (mostly) alone. Thanks for reading!

To Style an Accent Table


     Most of us probably consider any accent table an after thought, with larger pieces like the coffee table or your desk viewed as more time sensitive. I agree in that you should get the things you see most often organized and looking nice, but we also shouldn't forget the small spaces that can hold some personality and add a little character to a space! Below I have listed some of my favorite things to perk up a sofa table I pass by on the daily. We set drinks on it, balance plates on it, and ultimately it ends up being a catchall for those random objects in our life. Here are my essentials:

1. A tray, wooden or acrylic. Whatever floats your boat! I've found ours is the perfect place to hide our T.V. remote from the baby. Also, a little life and good smelling things. We keep an air diffuser and my favorite little succulent in the tray!

2. A small box, for little things like matches for candles, that need to be kept away from Bailey's hands.

3. You can add something personal, like Bailey's framed birth announcement here. 

    There it is! I like to keep it simple and avoid clutter, but inevitably it shows up now and then. Feel free to send me some pics of your accent tables, I always love fresh ideas! Happy Styling!