What We're Loving, #10

     Hi readers! So far, I have been pretty happy with my decision to cut down the What We're Loving posts to monthly instead of weekly. It's been a big relief to not have to force this post every week. I feel as though this post is more reflective of what we are actually loving. I'm very excited about the low-heel J.Crew pumps I thrifted a couple of weekends ago. They have a couple of scuff marks, but those are easily removed! Bailey's socks, below, are the real winners though. I can't get over them and I need a matching pair for mommy immediately. We've been eating fairly healthy over the last month, me with my trail mix and Bailey with pineapple. I bought a lot of it at once, and have been infusing it into all of her meals. As always, we are reading and making away. Have a happy Monday everyone!

Wearing: thrifted J. Crew low-heel pumps/the cutest socks ever, origin unknown.

Eating: Homemade trail mix/pineapple on everything.

Reading: Fun tarot cards/a classic.

Making: Exciting rope things/pretty scribbles with cool crayons from Nana and Grandpa!

Loving: A crystal I brought back from home/the best brush ever (thanks Santa)!

What We're Loving, #9

     Happy Monday readers! Does anyone else feel drained after the holiday weekend? I feel like a zombie this morning! The weekend wasn't that stressful, I think it's more that I am trying to do my usual Monday routine after not having my usual weekend. Bailey's sleeping patterns were thrown for a loop this weekend so it wasn't the best night/morning. She stayed up until 10 last night when she usually goes to sleep around 8. She had such an exciting weekend, what with Christmas and visiting her Nana and Grandpa's house in Arkansas. Hopefully, tonight we can get back to our normal routines and get a full nights sleep. For now though, let's take a look at what we're loving this Monday morning!

What we're:

Wearing: my "mom sneakers" (slip-ons really are an essential)/her Daddy's Santa hat.

Reading: My favorite holiday season read/ My Name is Elmo!

Eating: Peppermint Mocha everything/all the Pirate's Booty she can.

Making: Something fun involving these dowel rods (stay tuned!)/colorful pictures.

Loving: My new set of cheese knives from my best friend Cat/ a rediscovered utensil.