What We're Loving, #7

     It's Monday you guys! I'm having one of those very productive "I can do anything" Mondays. Which is good, but I know that it means I'll crash later, so I'm trying to not get too far ahead of myself. The weekend was a relaxing one, Bailey slept well and I binge-watched a lot of Gilmore Girls, but that's nothing new! I've started to dig in to my gift-shopping and wrapping, which is a huge relief. I also went on a chocolate bender this weekend, not sure why but it was awesome. I tried chocolate covered potato chips, bought two of the Vosges chocoalte bars pictured below (though I definitely haven't eaten all of them), and had to buy some Ferrero Rocher bon bon's as well. I just had to. Bailey's still on her blueberry kick, regardless of how many times I show her the Violet Beauregarde scene from Willy Wonka. Oh well, other than that, not much is going on. I'm reading a lot, which is amazing, making a lot of things, and like I said, eating a ton of chocolate. While I reign that in, I hope you all are having an awesome Monday! Thanks for reading!

Wearing: A DIY leather hair tie I made over the summer/the cutest Care Bear PJ's!

Eating: Vosges Bacon Dark Chocolate (wow)/ two cartons of blueberries a week.

Reading: Brave New World (my dads old copy)/Let's Get Dressed!

Making: Lots of prints on dark paper with my paint pen/ all of the scribbles.

Loving: My Mario Badescu Rosewater Face Spray (truly amazing)/Lego's, unfortunately for our feet. :(

What We're Loving, #2

     Today, we have the second installment of my weekly What We're Loving Series. It has been very enlightening, so far, to sift through our lives to pick out a few things that have been getting a lot of attention. Some things are obvious, like I'm definitely going to be reading our Book of the Month this week, but other things, like pinpointing what specific toy Bailey has been giving the extra hugs to, require a little bit more observation. Now that she's talking and saying syllables of words, she makes it pretty clear what she wants. This was the case with last weeks Loving choice of Mr. Wolfie, she literally says "wolf" when she wants him. I really look forward to continue documenting her childhood choices.

What We're...

Wearing: My favorite beanie/Bailey's favorite cardigan.

Reading: The Book of the Month/ Little girl is saying the number 2!

Eating: Homemade salsa from Brett's mom/ She eats at least one banana a day.

Making: Cards for the place settings at Thanksgiving/ washi tape balls

Loving: air plants!/ a little box from D.C. that her Auntie Becca gave her. :)