To Explore / Peach Tree Farms


     Hi there! Just wanted to share a few photos from our visit to the pumpkin patch! Ironically, we didn't get any photos with the pumpkins - we were too busy enjoying all of the other activities that Peach Tree Farms offers!


      They have sunflower patches all over the farm, and this was as close as I could get, as the bees were thoroughly covering the flowers. They also had a new feature this year: a "corn crib" for kids to play in! It's a giant crib filled with dried corn, like a sandbox or ball pit but with corn. It was Bailey's favorite part, as you can probably tell! 


      More pretty flowers! The ones on the left were swarmed with butterflies, so much so that I couldn't help but think they plant them specifically for the butterflies! 


      Brett's going to kill me for this picture, but Bailey looks so glorious with the sunlight shining on her! It looks like she's on a mission, which she probably was (she adamantly insisted on getting popcorn and pumpkins after this)! And yes, she's covered in dirt. Apparently the children's corn maze was a little muddy and poor girl took a tumble inside while trying to run around! 

      Thanks for reading, and have a fun Thursday! We will be moving all weekend to a new house, so it may be a little quiet in this space next week. However, regularly scheduled content will follow the week after, so be on the look out for more fall goodness!

To Explore / Downtown Columbia, MO


       Hi there! Just wanted to share a little CoMo love today! Columbia's great for many things, but the downtown scene here is probably my favorite. I've corralled some of my favorite spots to eat and shop downtown, so let's get to sharing! First on the list is Uprise Bakery, a mainstay in Columbia's downtown culture. They offer up delicious pastries, and some of the best iced coffee's in town! I'm partial to their iced maple latte. 

      Next up is Coley's for dinner and drinks! They serve classic "American" dishes, but always with a twist. The brie burger is a must try, but I took my family here when they visited last (hi mom + dad!), and everyone said their meals were great! 


      Another great dinner + drinks spot is 44 Canteen, a more downtown-friendly outpost of 44 Stone. Brett and I just went on a date night here this week, and their hot chicken sliders blew my mind! We also tried out their fries as an appetizer, and it was definitely the right choice. 

Photo by  Kristen Williams

      Lastly, we have Columbia's beloved Logboat Brewery! This is our favorite place to visit during the summer, as it's family-friendly (they have a massive, gated yard full of games and open free space for kids to go crazy) and serves our favorite locally-brewed beer. Also, there is at least one food truck parked by their outdoor space at all times, which is always a plus!

      Now, onto a little shopping. There are tons of fun boutiques downtown, but I'm going to single out two! Up first is Muse Clothing, which boasts a bountiful shop full of vintage and new clothes. I'm partial to their vintage selection, but all of it's just plain good!

Photo by  Cate Willis

Photo by Cate Willis

     My second pick is the gorgeous, well-curated Poppy. They carry everything from paper goods by Rifle Paper Co., to locally handcrafted ceramics. I literally can't walk away without buying something, as I typically want it all! This is a must-stop if you are looking to buy anything downtown. Seriously. :)

     Thanks for reading, and let me know if you ever visit our little city! Have a fun Thursday!

All photos by me, unless otherwise stated.

For an Adventure


      Hello! On this slow Sunday, I wanted to share a few snaps from our little adventure out to Devils Ice Box, which is part of a cave and trail system called Rock Bridge State Park that sits right on the outskirts of Columbia. Unexpectedly, Columbia is surrounded by a lot of trails and hiking spots, so we've been trying to take advantage of those and show Bailey around!

      This is the main cavern that goes underneath the namesake "Rock Bridge", and it has a couple of small cave openings within. It's dark and chilly though, hence the name Devils Ice Box. It has a small creek that runs through the cavern, with the bed being made up of uneven rocks that were mostly dry. Bailey loved it, and you could tell she wanted to explore more, but I could barely navigate the rocks, so she got carried most of the way. Some parts of the year you can't even go into the cavern as to not disturb the bats that call it home.  

      It's just a pretty place to take in the scenery. The trails around the caves and rock bridge are all board- walked, which makes it really kid friendly. 

      This is the view looking up from underneath the rock bridge. We didn't venture up top, because anybody who knows Bailey knows once she sees stairs, she has to go up and down a million times. There are A LOT of stairs leading to the top, so we weren't looking for that kind of work out that afternoon. 

      The rocky bed from the cavern. Lots of loose and sharp rocks. I made sure to wear the appropriate shoes this time around, which I am typically not known for. 

       Walking through the woods with papa bear on the way out of the park. If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend this nature spot! It's beloved by locals and out-of-towners alike, so don't miss it. Thank you for reading! Have a fun Sunday!