For #MomStyle / Fall-ish


       Hi there! Just wanted to share a favorite outfit of mine that I've been wearing on repeat this fall. It's been really mild so far, so short sleeves and jeans have been the perfect combo.


     I particularly love this top's color for fall though! Mustard is so pretty and is the best yellow to pair with neutrals, as it has strong warm tones.


      I'm also a huge fan of the shape and structural details! The fluttery sleeves and waist shape are ideal for a top that can go both casual and dressy, as it makes them comfortable enough for the former, but also special enough for the latter. 


       Too pretty! This color also pairs so nicely with vintage light wash denim. Mustard is a grounding color, so it works well with any relaxed outfit!


       One of my favorite aspects of mustard is that it's one of the only shades of yellow you can wear as a "cool" (I mean that tonally, but Bailey tells me I'm cool too) blonde. Lemon and buttery colors don't offer enough contrast to my hair, but mustard is so warm, it doesn't even feel like it's in the same ballpark as other yellow's. 


       Ah, the ease of a comfortable top! And jeans, and shoes, and my purse that I wear 24/7. :) If you can't tell, I'm big on comfort!


     Last but not least, the accessories! You've seen this bag plenty of times, but I'm a minimalist and it goes with every outfit, so prepare to see even more of it. 


      My trusty mules that I never want to take off. These were one of those pairs that I saw online and immediately had to buy. I don't do that often because #money, but when I fall in love with a pair of shoes I know I'll wear over and over, I'm very persistent in acquiring them!

     That's all for today, have a fun Monday everyone!

Wearing: Mustard top (Marshalls, similar here) / vintage jeans (similar here) / Mules (Target, only available in black now!) / black bag (Forever 21, no longer available, similar here)

For #MomStyle / Prairie Life


     Hi there! I'm in love with today's #MomStyle outfit! There's something about it that is just really calling to my aesthetic right now. Not sure if it's the gingham blouse (a b-day gift, thanks mom + dad!), or if it's the setting, but this outfit is golden in my eyes. 


     We shot this in a field close to Brett's family's house, and normally it's filled with rolled hay bales, but for some reason, they didn't harvest this year. This means wildflowers have taken over a little bit, which is fine by me!


     I also love how sunny it was this day. It makes me pale to a maximum, but is so idyllic that I've stopped caring. We are enjoying these sunny days while we can!


     Now onto the blouse! It's from Topshop, and it's become one of my favorites. It's a wardrobe wild card, but as long as you're confident you can pull off anything! It just fits in well with my more basic pieces, so it's made any outfit I pair it with more interesting. 


      I don't think I'll ever stop carrying this bag, regardless of the repeats on here. It's too good!


      I also love the little details on this shirt, from the ruffles on the shoulders to a small bow on the back (see more below!).


      You really can't avoid the wind in any field, regardless of the weather. Fields are never still, and some may say hair in your face is a bad thing, but I love it in this shot!


     Onto that bow, it's such a cute detail. I thought the front of the shirt was cute, but then I saw it had this on the back and freaked! 


     You'll hear about this shirt for awhile, since I'll be able to wear it until it's in the 90's again (and maybe even then). Be on the look out for a cute little post with Bailey this Thursday! Thanks for reading!

Wearing: Blouse / Topshop (no longer available, similar here), Overalls / Forever 21 (no longer available, similar here), Purse / Forever 21 (no longer available, similar here)

All photos by Kristen Williams

For #MomStyle / My Dream Pants

FullSizeR (1).jpg

     Hi there! I found the perfect pair of pants, and just had to request them for my birthday (thank you mom and dad!). They are from Topshop and are almost identical to Jesse Kamms famous Sailor pants, which I've been loving since they came out, but are just way out of my price range for pants!  

FullSizeR (2).jpg

       I've been wearing these blush-colored beauties non-stop, and they've been the best thing to ramp up my fall wardrobe. Paired with a basic t and flats, they make the outfit special.  

FullSizeR (3).jpg

     To some, they're a statement piece, but to me, they are practically a basic! The color is so close to a neutral, and they're made of durable but soft cotton twill. Their shape may be the most interesting part, but it looks so nice and simple that it again makes me think these guys could be a staple in any wardrobe!

       We of course had to bring Bailey along to snap some pics! She loves my pants and wants a matching pair of her own (I've only been successful in finding a denim pair of culottes, but they sure are adorable!).


       We shot these pictures at our favorite Shelter Gardens, so Bailey got to have a blast running rampant as usual! 


      I'm not sure what it is about blush pink that I'm so obsessed with, but I did find out that the sunstone is Leo's largest stone (Leo's ruling planet is the sun, so anything sun = Leo!), and it happens to be the prettiest shade of light pink. That kind of made the whole pink obsession come full circle for me! 


     I took this as one of my last chances to rock some sandals with this outfit, and chose neutrals for everything except the pants!

      Bailey actually picked out my necklace for me! She started to do that more recently, and it's making me so happy. 


     I just let her choose one item for my outfit, and then wear it as long as it's not too crazy of an idea!  

     Thanks for reading, and have a fun work week! 

For #MomStyle / Ready for Fall


     Good morning and happy eclipse day! While I'm going to be enjoying the totality in Columbia, business as usual is continuing here. I have a new #momstyle to share with you today, and it's all about going into fall with style! I'm just ready for fall, as I always am at the end of summer, and nothing would make me happier than a crisp breeze and a hot coffee in my hands. That being said, I still have to dress for warmer temps until the end of September, so I always like to find ways to sneak fall in early. Today, it's with a pumpkin colored dress!

      This dress is so flowy and breezy, but in my favorite autumnal shade. Next to this evergreen wall, it really gives off the fall vibes!


      I would also like to point out that a sleeveless dress is one of my favorite transitional pieces for fall. It gives you the option to bare your arms if it's hot, or sheath them in a light layer for when the days get chilly enough for a cardigan. 

       I decided to pair the dress with neutral flats and my trusty cross body bag. They're the perfect accents to the coloring of the dress!

       These shoes will always have my heart!

      And last but not least, my "please hurry up, fall" look. LOL

      Thanks for reading, and everyone have a fun Monday!

For #MomStyle / Vintage Sandals + Classic Denim


      Hi there! I have a fresh new #momstyle for you today! I picked up some adorable vintage heels this weekend, and had to shoot them immediately. 

     They pair perfectly with my favorite vintage jeans and a simple white tee. All I added was my go-to purse and some statement earrings to complete the look!

      This is a great dressy-casual look for shopping, getting a coffee, and perusing all things downtown, which is where we shot this outfit! Columbia has a really cool downtown scene, and I've been meaning to get down there to take some photos. I'm so glad we finally decided to go this weekend! 

      With the weather being so mild lately, it's been making my sartorial side so happy. I forgot that's one of the things I love about fall, I have way more dressing options without the limiting heat (or cold, I see you winter!). 

      A close-up on those earrings. For some reason, I really love their quirkiness, and they're the only earrings I'll wear that aren't studs! I've tried to wear others, but am not comfortable with the usual heaviness. These, luckily, aren't heavy at all compared to how they look!

      Now for the shoes; I spotted these in a shop on Friday, and was shooting them the next day. This style, like most trends based on styles from a few decades ago, is very popular right now. There are a couple of cult brands making very similar shoes for a few hundred dollars, and I scored originals for $9. You could say my day was made!

       I plan on wearing these long into fall, and maybe even in the winter if we have one like last year (hello above 50 degrees in December!). The brown leather is just the color way my shoe wardrobe was looking for! Try not to get annoyed if you see these here often! 

     Thanks for reading, and I'll see you back here tomorrow to discuss Bailey's impending first day of preschool (I'm not crying at all). Have a fun Monday!

Wearing: Everlane tee / Vintage jeans (similar here) / Vintage heels (similar here) / Forever 21 bag (no longer available, similar here) / H&M earrings (no longer available, similar here)

All photos by Kristen Williams

For #MomStyle / At Home with Bailey


      Good morning! A big part of my life, that also determines what I wear, are my day-to-day activities with Bailey. I decided it's important to share that influence, and invited Kristen over last weekend to shoot what my morning looks like with Bailey, and on this particular morning, it was making some coffee and getting ready for the day. 

     Bailey's been aware of me drinking coffee since birth. She knows exactly what it is, and is always interested in checking it out whenever I'm pouring a cup. We got her the cutest wooden toy coffee machine a couple of years ago, and she's become our little "barista"!

      Now, onto the dress. I requested it for Christmas last year, and it's my perfect "special occasion" dress. I wanted to showcase it differently this time though. While it might not be what immediately comes to mind when thinking of casual dresses, it has enough boho vibes to be an amazing "no special occasion" dress as well. 

       I love the tassel details on the sleeves, and the beautiful floral pattern on this dress. It makes me feel like Michelle Phillips or Stevie Nicks, which is never a bad thing!

      I paired the dress with my favorite lace up flats to venture outside in. It's been cooling off lately, and we've been soaking up as much outdoors time as we can. 

      These shoes were made for this dress, in my opinion. They aren't available any longer, but I'll share a similar pair below! Thanks for reading, and have a fun Monday!

Wearing: dress - F21 (no longer available, similar here) / flats - Asos (no longer available, similar here) / Bailey's jumpsuit - Old Navy (no longer available, similar here)

All photos by Kristen Williams

For #MomStyle / Matcha at the Lake


     Good morning! I'm a big fan of peaceful moments and intentional relaxation. One of my favorite ways to do this pre-Whole 30 was to chill with a glass of wine and a good book, and while I still fully support this method, I've had to modify it for my summer of wellness. I plan to indulge in that glass of wine once my Whole 30 is finished, but for now, I'm finding new ways to unwind! My go-to at the moment is with a matcha latte, preferably lakeside, and yes, a book glued to my side. This combination is so ideal, that the last time it happened, I had Kristen snap some photos to document my happiness! Check out more photos below!

      What pairs better with the lake than overalls? Especially in summery white.

     Overalls are kind of idyllic on their own when it come to mom life. My toddler can't pull down my pants/pull up my shirt, and they have tons of pockets, getting me that much closer to hands-free!

      Just a girl and her matcha. I'm still downing coffee on the regular, but I love any kind of latte, and also anything that makes a beverage more special!

        A lot of people are weirded out by matcha because it's bright green (less so in these photos), but it's so nutritious that I wouldn't expect it to be any other color. 

     It does have a strong green tea taste, but a little cinnamon and almond milk make it a sweet treat. 

       Side note: I'm a big lover of themes, and anytime we go anywhere outdoorsy, the image in my head always has to include enamelware. I can't help myself, I just love turning any situation into it's best self, and this time, that included a "camping" mug nowhere near a campsite!

      Thanks for reading, and have a fun Monday! I'll be back tomorrow with a flavor packed bowl recipe!

Wearing: Forever 21 Overalls (past season, similar here) / Asos blouse (past season, simliar here) / Charlotte Russe sandals (past season, similar here)

All photos by Kristen Williams

For #MomStyle / Independence Day


      Good morning! Tomorrow is Independence Day, and half the fun of the holiday for me is picking out a slightly themed outfit including at least one of the good ol' red, white, and blue. My first choice this year is this adorable dress from Charlotte Russe! 

      Not only is it the perfect shade of brick red with dainty white flowers, it's in one of the most flattering cuts out there: a wrap dress. You just can't go wrong! 

     A wrap dress cinches at the waist, accentuating the smallest part of the body. I don't think anyone would say they don't want that! 

       For this outfit, I paired it with my favorite purse and trusty tan sandals. Perfectly dressy but casual enough for daytime! 

     I've been wearing this dress non-stop since I got it. It's definitely a staple! What are you all wearing for this festive holiday? Leave a comment below!      

    Thanks for reading, and have a fun Monday! 

For #MomStyle / Downtown


     Good morning! Today, I'm sharing another way to style a white t-shirt! White t-shirts + denim are almost as classic/casual you can get. It's a very "Americana" look that is very hard to screw up! Here, I paired my Everlane tee with a 70's style denim mini skirt, mules, and my favorite black bag. See more below!

       Getting to bare my legs in the summer is one of the many things I look forward to each year. Nothing beats the feeling of stepping into the sun without reams of cloth covering your limbs!

      I also really love the vintage details on this skirt. The button front adds a more polished look than that of the denim mini skirts of my youth (think micro lengths with wayyyy too much distressing, and always from Hollister or Abercrombie). 


     For accessories, I kept it simple (as always) and in line with the simplicity of the tee. People are getting so creative with bandanas this season, so I decided to try my blush one out on my wrist! Shocking to probably no one, I loved it!

      Another vintage-style aspect is my beloved low-heel mules. I remember my mom having mules in the 90's, and honestly, I'm so happy I get to wear them too! They're surprisingly a great "mom shoe", mostly because they are super stylish yet low-heeled enough that I can wear them everyday, to any activity except jogging (lol, like that would happen anyways). 

      All in all, this is look is somehow on trend yet classic, and cute but in a unique way (thank  you accessories!). It's just what I look for in day-to-day outfits, and I hope you can find some inspiration to wear your white tees in a new way! Thanks for reading, and have a fun Monday!

Wearing: Everlane T / Target denim skirt (past season, similar here) / bandana / Forever 21 bag (past season, similar here) / Target mules / Sunglasses (which I've since left in a grocery store LOL, similar here)

All photos by Kristen Williams

For #MomStyle / Lake Life


     Good morning! Today's post is all about #momstyle. I love being a mom, and contrary to what you might have heard, it doesn't completely alter every little thing about the person you were before you had a baby. One of the things that hasn't changed for me is my love of style. Before, I thought it was a love of clothes, but I've since discovered that it's less about the things, and more about the way I see and use those things. 

     One of the most important "things" in my wardrobe is a classic white t-shirt. They are a staple in most peoples wardrobes, but as a mom, there's nothing more essential than something that can be worn an infinite amount of ways (because time, laundry, and the never ending mess that is motherhood). You can style them any way you like, and are basically the blank canvas of the clothing world. 

     This month, I'll be sharing two ways to wear your white t! Today's is a casual, relaxed pairing in the form of culottes, slides, a cap, and straw tote. I was on vacation at the lake house shooting this, and the vibes there add to the simplicity and comfort level of this outfit. 

     We are fairly isolated at the lake, and it always makes for a beautiful backdrop. We are constantly doing something, and I brought along a diverse wardrobe to complement that. Culottes are a great casual pant that are still unique but basic enough to pair with a lot of things. The pants combined with the t-shirt made me feel like I was almost wearing PJ's!

     The most fun element of this look is the hat I scored at Pacsun. I don't usually shop there, but they have good sales at the lake, and you can always find something on trend. The cap is my favorite color (blush, duh), embroidered with a rose, and with the french words for "I love you". It just screams "Sam!". 

       Not to mention, it's cool cotton, so it's perfect for summer and keeping those rays away from my face!

      I had a ton of fun shooting this with Kristen, and can't wait to share the next way to style a white t! Hint: it involves denim, as most white t-shirt outfits do (and should, in my opinion). 

     Thanks for reading, and have a fun Monday!

Wearing: Everlane t-shirt / Target culottes (past season, similar here) / Old Navy slides (past season, similar here) / L.A. Hearts cap / thrifted straw tote (similar here)

All photos by Kristen Williams

For #MomStyle / Shorts Season with Bailey


      Hi there! It's shorts season! It's one of the best feelings, when you get to finally bare your legs in the sunshine (with sunscreen of course). Here in Columbia, it's already been too hot for a few days to not wear shorts or a skirt, and I anticipate it will probably stay that way for a while. With that in mind, I wanted to share Bailey + I's go-to outfits for when it's finally time to break out the denim shorts!

       My uniform of sorts for the summer is usually a white t with denim shorts, mostly because my favorite cotton t-shirt is so breathable, and these shorts are just the easiest to throw on. Simple = big time saver. I like to spruce up the look with a cute bandana as a necktie or a fun necklace! Add in chic and classic flat slides (a thrift score!) and I'm good to go.

     Bailey's looks are always a bit more fun, because really, children can pull off anything. She's still loving this adorable cactus + succulent t-shirt my mom got for her (no longer available!) and it pairs perfectly with her basic denim shorts and cute jellies! 

       Her jellies really are the perfect summer shoe. They can get wet, are breathable, and much more durable than your average toddler shoe. Bonus: they are velcro, so little girl can get them on and off on her own! Now, to just get her to acknowledge that there's a difference between her right foot and her left foot...

    Thanks for reading, and have a fun Wednesday!

For #MomStyle / + Bailey Style Too!


      Hi there! We are spending Easter at the lake this year, so I wanted to share our casual versions of Easter dress with you all today. Honestly, we'll probably be barefoot, but if we decide to venture out after brunch, these shoes will go perfectly!

      I love a breezy dress for spring, when it's just warm enough to enjoy having bare limbs before it becomes a necessity. This little second-hand floral dress still fits Bailey, and my beloved Old Navy shirt dress has held up well, so they are our go-to's for cute/casual dressing.

     For accessories, we keep it simple. My necklace is a favorite of Bailey's, so when I wear it, we both get some enjoyment out of it. On an unfortunate note, Bailey is growing out of her Converse, and they've been so cute and perfect on her, that I may have to invest in a properly fitting pair soon!

      Thanks for reading, and have a fun Wednesday! Let me know what your Easter plans are! I love a good traditional (and competitive) egg hunt and breakfast, so you could say I'm ready for Sunday to hurry up and get here.

For #MomStyle / Farmer's Market


      Hi there! The outdoor farmers market starts soon, and I'm irrationally excited. So excited, that I've already planned out my outfit! 😂  

     Provided that it's a beautiful day out, I plan to wear my overalls with my denim top. I swear, I didn't pick overalls to portray a farmer; I just really like them! 

       Im pairing those with my beloved blush bandana and my favorite slides! They are the perfect accessories for spring, and I've already been wearing both out and about.  

     Thanks for reading, and have a great day! 

For #MomStyle / Valentine's


     Good morning! With Valentine's Day closing in, I wanted to share a fun semi-themed outfit today. Blush is still one of my favorite colors, so this holiday is perfect for breaking out some pink items!

     I went with one of my favorite vintage sweaters, for the pink portion, and paired it with my black cullotes. The trousers add visual interest to the look, while also complimenting the chunkiness of the sweater.

       For accessories, I stuck with tried-and-true pieces. The neutral colors will let the sweater be the star of the show, while also being nice on their own. Have some fun with your date night look this holiday! Thanks for reading!

For #MomStyle / Fancy


     Good morning! For today's #momstyle, I wanted to get a little fancy! Winter is tough to dress up during, because cold. However, there are a couple of ways around showing skin to look "nice".

      First off, any knit material will be a lifesaver. Luckily for us, ribbed turtlenecks and dresses are on trend and abundantly available. I would go with something similar to this midi dress from Forever 21! It's long sleeved and warm, but fitted and evening-out appropriate.

     For accessories, go with what you like! For me, as long as my toes are covered, I'm good. Although, I'm sure my parents are cringing at the thought of me still going out in the winter without socks on. Some things never change! :) Throw on a choker + coat, and head out the door to the nearest indoor party or restaurant, and get warm! Thanks for reading, and have a fun Monday!

For #MomStyle


      Good morning! Just wanted to share my NYE outfit with you all today! Bailey is going to her grandparents house for the night, and we plan to get some Mexican food and margs with our friends and then attempt to stay up til midnight (highly unlikely for this madré). 

      For my outfit, I wanted something slightly special, but still casual. I landed on my vintage cream blouse and trusty jeans. 

      I'm pairing those with my favorite ankle boots and some sparkly earrings. Gotta have a little sparkle to ring in this new year! Thanks for reading, and see you all in 2017! Yay!! 

For #MomStyle / Icy Errands


       Good morning! Today's #momstyle look centers around my favorite vintage flannel, which is exactly what I'm wearing out in the icy weather today. Ice and snow have already been hitting the Midwest, and a flannel is the perfect thing to throw on for a warm extra layer. 

        I paired the flannel with my vintage black Levis and a classic white T. Like I've said, layering is essential for going from the frigid outdoors into usually overheated indoor spaces. Layer up! 

       For accessories, I always go for my trusty old Bass boots and my pretty Jord wood watch. All that's left is to throw on a coat, and get out the door!  

      Thanks for reading, and have a fun Saturday! 

For #MomStyle / Holiday Casual


     Good morning! Holiday parties are a given this time of year, so I wanted to share a look that's perfect for a casual holiday get together with friends. We have one of these coming up actually, so I'll probably wear something like this! 

      A turtleneck and some crop-flare jeans are ideal for looking "fancy" but staying warm. Turtlenecks have become somewhat of a trend, although people have been wearing them regularly forever. Regardless, they are a classic piece to wear to look pulled together.  

      For accessories, you could go with heels, but since our parties are pretty casual, I like to be a rebel and wear sneakers sometimes. A fresh white pair will do the trick! To add a touch of whimsy, I'll throw on a pair of sparkly earrings and call it a day.  

     Thanks for reading, and have a great day! 

For #MomStyle / Friendsgiving Edition


     Hi there! Friendsgiving was a blast last night, so I wanted to share what I wore with you all today, and don't worry, our Friendsgiving will be on the blog tomorrow morning! For now though, let's talk about the outfit. 


       I wore my favorite brick red sheath dress, as it was the most appropriately colored item I own for this time of year. It's an old H&M piece, and it's my go-to for when I'm trying to incorporate a warm color into my ensemble!


     For accessories, I chose my Asos heels and a simple black choker. The pink shoes really complement the warm toned dress, and they were the most comfortable for hosting my guests in! I didn't wear the Minion, but Bailey insists on helping me style my photos now, which is perfectly fine with me. Thanks for reading, and have a fun Sunday!

For #MomStyle


     Good morning! Today's #momstyle post is a typical weekend outfit for me. I keep it casual, most of the time, and have been loving layering, now that it's chilly enough to do so! 


      I wore this for all of our errands and whatnot on Saturday, with the farmers market specifically in mind. I'm close enough to walk, so I had to pull out my vintage fleece bomber jacket to bundle up in! I paired that with my favorite jeans and a classic white T.  


      For accessories, I slipped on my trusty Old Navy slides and a pink beanie from the dollar store (major score). The beanie was essential to staying warm on my 2 block trek to the market. Thanks for reading, and have a fun and relaxing Sunday!