For Inspiration / April


     Hi there! April was awesome, and today I'm sharing what made my month! First, we went home to Arkansas to visit my family, and it was beautiful. Spring always is there, and this time was even more special because my parents azalea bush was in full bloom! That color! The fullness! I was obligated to get Baileys photo in front of it. 


      On the way down to Arkansas, we stopped in Springfield to have lunch with my little sister, and I got to check off Cherry Pickers from my restaurant bucket list! We had triple cheese grilled cheeses with bacon and ya, that's going to be hard to top. 


      Then, it was magically Easter all ready, so we headed to the lake house! We dyed and hid eggs for Bailey, and it took a minute, but she actually got into searching for them. That girl never stops moving whenever we go to the lake!


      Next, I did one of my favorite DIYs to date: blush pink dye using avocado pits! It turned out so well, and now I'm tempted to dye everything possible pink. Not the worst problem to have! 


     Lastly, it finally got warm enough to plant some seeds! I'm starting with dill, chives, and jalapeños! Now I just have to be patient enough to wait for the seeds to sprout.  

     Thanks for reading, and have a fun weekend! See you in May! 

Made My Month


       Hi there! July was pretty exciting, as far as work opportunities and my own personal work goes. To start, though, I must say that receiving a half gallon of homemade ice cream was the best treat in the midst of the crazy heat we had there for awhile. 


      Next, I got the opportunity to start my own print and design collection with Vida. It was one of those things that you don't think could actually happen until it does. 


Then, I grew my first tomato! It's small but so pretty and delicious. The other ones on the plants were snatched away by animals. 


Also, I made one of my most favorite DIYs to date. This rug turned out so well, and it was exactly what I needed in the space. 


Another fun thing we did this month was visit my family in Arkansas. My mom and I both share a passion for books and went to a second hand store to grab some for Bailey! 


     Lastly, I made another fun DIY: this clay necklace! I wear it a ton, and it's held up to Bailey's abuse.  

Made My Month / June


     This month was pretty nice, other than the extreme heat. We took it in stride though, and still managed to enjoy the start of summer! To start, June ended in the best way with Urban Outfitters' Missouri account featuring my photo, above. It's a small thing to most people, but it's the start I needed to accomplish things.

Another thing that made my month was breaking out this woven swing for the dock at the lake. The tassels on the ends are my favorite part.

Next, I pickled something for the first time ever! I've been trying to be more outgoing, cooking-wise, and this was a tasty start.

Then, some news on the cactus front: my guy is growing huge arms! Yay!!!!!!!

Also, I made this fun clay bead necklace, and it turned out way better than I expected! I've been wearing it non-stop, and the DIY will be on the blog in July!

Lastly, I scored this awesome jug/vase at Goodwill, and it's been the perfect addition to the vignette on our dining room table. Thanks for reading!

Made My Month / May


      Good morning! I've decided to start a new monthly series! I'm going to pull 5 photos a month from my phone to share some of the "things" that made my month more fun or special. To start, I chose the portrait of Baily I took that I think is just the sweetest. Her little face makes my life, so prepare for her to be at least one of the photos each month.

   Then, my local Gerbes grocery store started making specialty doughnuts. This is a s'mores doughnut, and it was superb.

   Next, Brett started his new job at Mizzou's greenhouses, and within the first week brought home enough flowers to fill our flower beds.

     Also, I captured this sweet moment of sharing guacamole with Bailey. As I've said before, she is the only person I'll share food with.

     Last, these paints really made Bailey's month, and therefore mine. Any time she was getting "bored", she ran right over to her set and started using 'em.

Side note: the biggest thing that made my month was my niece Madison being born! My sister is rocking mommy hood at the moment!