For Morning Habits


     Hi there! I've been thinking about revamping my morning routine lately, and wanted to share some tips that I've found helpful for a relaxing and productive morning!

      First, I always start with a warm glass of water filled with lemon juice. It's super good for your digestive system, and gets your metabolism up and running first thing! Then, of course, I reach for the coffee, and try and limit myself to two cups per day. Some days are easier than others!

       After that, especially if it's a weekend morning, I like to chill in bed with said coffee and one of my many notebooks. I've found that my brain works best with a list, something tangible that clearly states what has to get done that day. Otherwise, there are just too many ideas and sporadic tasks that run through my head and I end up forgetting to do some things all together!

     Lastly, I do some light yoga to stretch myself out for the day, and mostly just to wake up my joints and muscles after sleeping. Stretching always feels the best in the morning after a good nights sleep! 

     Thanks for reading, and have a fun Wednesday!

Morning's at Home


     Good Morning! It's finally Saturday!! For us, this means a trip to the farmers market + a jaunt to a little fall festival on a farm this afternoon. The Roots and Blues music festival is going on this weekend in Columbia, so we are avoiding the downtown scene at all costs. Luckily, there are always activities to fill our weekends with! What does your first October weekend look like? Leave me a comment below! Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful weekend!

For Morning's at Home


     Good morning! It's Friday, so I'm spending the day with my B, getting the house in order before we peace out to the lake all weekend. I ended up getting Monday off for the holiday, so we get to stay that extra day! There's a lot to organize, shoots to do, and laundry to be washed before we leave though, so I should probably get on that. Have a great (long) weekend everyone!! 

Mornings at Home


      Good morning! This weekend, Bailey and I are focusing on fun. We are baking (her helping for the first time!), going to parks, playing with chalk, and just enjoying hanging out together. Next weekend is my birthday weekend, and I plan to fill it with fun things and not a ton of down-time, so this weekend is all about relaxing. Time to go take our French Toast Muffins (recipe here) out of the oven, and start this Friday off right. Have a great weekend everyone!