On Wes Anderson, Pt. 1


     Happy Monday, readers! This weekend, we had our first actual snow! It was only a couple of inches, but it finally made it feel like winter. We were holed up in our house all weekend, listening to records, organizing, drinking lots of hot cocoa, and of course, reading. I actually had the chance and time to read multiple books, which is always awesome. One that I started was my new Wes Anderson Collection. Matt Zoller Seitz breaks down each of Wes's films into interviews and commentary with the man himself, which is a rarity if you know anything about Wes Anderson. He's quite the notorious recluse. It inspired me to do a monthly post on each film, from start to finish. I love discussing books, but don't get much opportunity to discuss movies. I realized, I can use this platform to talk about whatever I want! Life's great, isn't it?  So today, we are going to talk about Wes Anderson's first film: Bottle Rocket.

     Bottle Rocket started as a short that eventually developed into a feature. If you've seen it, you can kind of get that. It's not a very long tale, in terms of plot, but it showcases the Wilson brothers comically. It actually isn't what I picture when I think of Wes Anderson films. That shows growth though, and creatively, that's the point. Artists don't really know how their work is doing until they look back on past work and hate it. I don't think Wes should hate Bottle Rocket, necessarily, but he probably does see the most flaws in it, since it was his first feature. The best parts of Bottle Rocket are the Wes Anderson influences that you can see, mainly the music and dialogue. Those aspects are very true to his, now well known, style. Really though, it's hard not to like a funny classic robbery movie. This one is simplicity at it's best.

     In the interview Matt does for the Collection, they discuss public opinion of the movie, that being the fact that it was kind of a flop. It seems that Wes knew it was just the first pancake though, in the most humble way possible. You can just tell that he'll always have endless and brilliant ideas for films and that Bottle Rocket was just the first try. I actually watched this movie for the first time after seeing almost all of Anderson's other movies (the Royal Tenenbaum's is my favorite). My roommate at the time, Alison, had a love of Wes Anderson as well, and Bottle Rocket was one of her favorites, so we all had a movie night! I might not have ever heard of it, it is such a low key movie. Flop or not, it will always be a part of my collection.