For Music / Springtime


      Good morning! Each new season brings a new music mood for me. During spring, I'm always looking for simple and happy music, so today, I put together a little playlist to accompany this mood. Check it out below!

Spring Mood:

1. Blackbird / The Beatles

2. Love / Lana Del Rey

3. In the Morning I'll Be Better / Tennis

4. Paris / The Chainsmokers

5. 22 (OVER S∞∞N) / Bon Iver

6. Scarborough Fair / Simon + Garfunkel

7. Cranes in the Sky / Solange

8. Honey + I / HAIM

9. Rhiannon / Fleetwood Mac

10. A Case of You / Joni Mitchell

       Thanks for reading! Have a fun Wednesday!

To Make a Playlist


     Good morning! We are heading to my home state of Arkansas tomorrow (the beautiful Whitaker Point/Hawksbill's Crag, featured above, is near where I grew up!), and I thought I'd put together a tidy little playlist to accompany said trip. This is an eclectic compilation of songs that remind me of home, are fun to drive to, and songs that my parents listened to in the car when I was growing up, which I still love. Here goes!

To the Hills:

  1. Home / Edward Sharpe + the Magnetic Zeroes
  2. Sultan's of Swing / Dire Straits
  3. Didn't Leave Nobody but the Baby / Emmylou Harris, Gillian Welch, Alison Krauss
  4. Midnight City / M83
  5. Summertime Sadness / Lana Del Rey
  6. Nightcall / Kavinsky
  7. Maxwell's Silver Hammer / The Beatles
  8. Helplessness Blues / Fleet Foxes
  9. Smooth / Santana ft. Rob Thomas
  10. The Funeral / Band of Horses
  11. Rhiannon / Fleetwood Mac
  12. I Will Wait / Mumford + Son's

To Talk About Music


       Hey readers! Notice anything off about today's post? It's not a What We're Loving post! On a Monday! Every Monday for the past two months, I have been posting a weekly series about what Bailey and I are wearing, eating, reading, making, and loving. Just reading that sentence tells me it's an overload of information. Due to this recent revelation, I have decided to stop doing the What We're Loving posts every week. I love them, but it is just too much for a weekly post. It's been a little bit of a struggle to have enough content for these posts.  Sometimes, not a whole lot changes in a week! I will be doing one What We're Loving a month though, and we'll see if that change generates better posts. I think I'll enjoy doing them more if there isn't so much pressure to find content for them weekly. That's what doing this blog is about! Enjoying it!

     Now, onto today's post. On the topic of enjoying what you are writing about, I have set aside today's post to discuss music and it's many facets. I love most genre's and eras, from Lana del Rey (my favorite modern artist) to Woodstock-era artists (Fleetwood Mac and Jimi Hendrix) and classical dudes such as Debussy (Clair de Lune is always a winner). The few styles I don't like are your typical country music songs, not that Dolly Parton isn't queen of heartbreak ballads, and punk is just not my forte. The Sex Pistols were great but it still just seems like noise to me. Not to offend people who love country and punk, because to each his own, but everyone draws a line somewhere of what they will and won't listen to. Those examples are my limits. Honestly though, one listen at Lana del Rey's "Young and Beautiful" and how could you not love her?!

     Most of my music taste stems from growing up with a dad who was actually alive when the Beatles took the stage of the Ed Sullivan show. He grew up during the best time for music (in my opinion), and that really rubbed off on what music we listened to. I have fond memories of singing along to Octopus's Garden and Santana's "Smooth" while driving around in his car. It also helped that he had been in a folk singing group and had been in choirs throughout his education. Music was in our blood. After many years of being in choirs myself, my taste in music evolved to what it is today. There's something about singing and harmonizing that really makes you love all types of music. You can appreciate it, and all the work that goes into making music. I'm already seeing Bailey's love of music start to form. She mostly loves to dance to it, but the admiration of rhythm is definitely there.  Thanks for letting me rant about music for a couple of paragraphs! Happy Monday!