To Make Napkin Rings

    Hello all! It is getting dangerously close to that gift giving holiday we all know as Christmas. I'm not sure how many of you have seen the T.V. show (masterpiece) Parks and Recreation, but the main character, Leslie Knope, has stated that she embraces gift giving as a sport, and one that she always wins. Her attitude towards presents has inspired me to do my best this year to give each of my loved ones something they need/want/have been dreaming of. Yes, even a fictional government employee can inspire kindness. 
    For the following month, I will be posting easy and wonderful DIY projects that could potentially be that unexpected something to give to the one person it is impossible to find a gift for; or it could be the obvious something that your best friend has been needing for their new home. This is the case for this DIY! Most people my age are in temporary places, i.e. rentals, and cannot do much to give their space personality. I believe it is little touches, like these napkin rings, that can really elevate something from ordinary to unexpected. I adapted my project from this DIY and it is one of the easiest clay projects and simplest looking gift you could give!

 - air dry clay (I use the kids Crayola)
 - watercolor paints and brush
 - rolling pin
 - clay glaze (Sculpey's works great!)

Roll out four balls of clay, I made mine a little bigger than a golf ball.

Smooth out clay flat with rolling pin so that you have four long rectangles.

Wrap the clay into a ring shape, wide enough inside to fit two fingers and let dry overnight.

Once dry, paint with desired color. To get a sheerer look, add plenty of water!

After paint dries, cover with gloss and let dry. Voila!