To Do / Decorate with Nature


      Hi there! A fun way to decorate seasonally is to bring the outside in, and it's super simple to do in an organic way. I couldn't resist bringing home some pine tree trimmings when we chopped our Christmas tree down! They add the perfect touch of wintery greenery to our backdoor (shown above).

      Another thing you can do is use the textured twigs from your front yard! As you know, we used one in this wall hanging, and it looks just rustic enough. 

      Then, you can always gather some dried foliage and greenery. I love the muted green color, and can't be happy with a room without it!  

       My favorite bundle is in a recycled glass milk jug, which also adds to the natural look.  

      I hope these tips inspire you to decorate with nature! It's brought a breath of fresh air to not-so-dreary season. Have a great weekend everyone! 

For an Ozarks Adventure


     Good Morning! Over the Weekend, by best friend Cat road-tripped with Bailey + I to Arkansas to visit home. Cat had never been to the state before, so she was super excited! I also talk up the area I'm from because it's so beautiful, so there was some hype to live up to. I grew up on the Ozark Plateau, and the view you see above was right in my back yard, almost literally (you have to drive to a look out point just outside of town for this specific view, but you get the point). A lot of people don't realize this exists in Arkansas, but it does and it should be appreciated!

     It was a gorgeous weekend, so my Dad (who's spent a lot of time visiting and living around this area) graciously gave us the driving tour of the best sites in the region. Some are hidden, and some are very touristy, but all are worth the trek. Harrison (my hometown) is located conveniently close to the first National River ever, the Buffalo River. The photo above features the towering bluffs formed by the river, which reach a couple of hundred feet in some spots. Just behind those trees is the Buffalo itself, which is mainly loved for floating in kayaks or canoes.

     After seeing the Buffalo, we drove around to a Boy Scout Camp that has one of my favorite spots in the Ozarks: Twin Falls. My Dad has been taking me and my sisters here for as long as I can remember, and it's always been a sight to see. There are two waterfalls, that are still visible even when the water is low, and they are nestled into a small cave-ish bluff wall (I'm sure there's a technical name for this LOL). At their feet is a small pond created by the fresh-spring fed waterfalls, where the wild flora and fauna seem to have taken over. There was and odd grouping of pretty butterflies on the rock pictured above, and I'm still curious as to why they were all just hanging out on a rock together.

     Bailey loved playing in the clear shallow rock beds surrounding the pond. She's taken to throwing whatever she can get her hands on, so the loads of rocks, tree bark, and sticks were probably heaven to her.

     This is where the bigger waterfall is usually flowing. The water was pretty low, so it was only trickling down a bit, but it was still cool to see the wear and tear from the usual falls ingrained into the cliff side. 

     There were already leaves falling from the color-changing tree's, so it added fall vibes to the whole scene. The Ozarks are really something when all of the leaves change, so you could definitely say I'm looking forward to my next trip down in about a month.

     Bailey had a blast, as she usually does with anything outside. She had been in the car for the drive down, and the drive around the sites that day, so I know she was ready for a little trail walk. She's cautious when she wants to be, but her curiosity usually wins out and she becomes a little explorer anytime she goes somewhere new. I can't wait to keep sharing these things with her as she grows up, and with my friends who haven't seen these places. Thanks for reading, and have a great Monday!