Made My Month / November


     Good morning! Since it's the last day of November, I'm sharing the little things that made this month awesome. First, I visited a new coffee shop in Columbia (Shortwave Coffee), and it's the definition of wall goals. The patterns that the varying wood creates is just too cool.

      Then, we had one last visit to the lake before winter sets in, and it was exactly what we needed. Being there, at this time of year, really made me appreciate fall in all of its beauty.

     Next, I hosted my first ever dinner party in the form of Friendsgiving. I've really gotten into trying to make life more special through participating, and planning things to do to achieve that, like Friendsgiving, has been very fulfilling. You can bet there will be more events like this in our future!

     After that, we took a chance on a chilly day last weekend to head to the park. We don't know how many more times we'll get to go until spring, so we are trying to go as much as possible while the weather's still bearable. The park is one of Bailey's most favorite places, so it will be interesting to see what she thinks of winter making it a no-go.

     Then, we went to Thanksgiving at Brett's aunt + uncles house in Hermann, MO. The town is a winery town, with 18 in the surrounding area, and is an old German town, so you know its picturesque. Their house looks out onto the Missouri river, and is basically our dream house. From the styling to the remodeling they did, it is what we will probably base our future home on in the future.

     Lastly, we picked out our very first real Christmas tree for our home! We go every year to chop one down for Brett's parents house, and I went with my Dad for as long as I can remember when I was living at home, so it's a really strong and special tradition for me. It's one of the few things I enjoy about winter, perusing the rows upon rows of pretty trees. I can't get enough of it, and am so glad I get to continue doing it each year, even though it's not with my very favorite person to go with (looking at you Dad!). A post on our Christmas Tree Shopping Adventure will be up soon, so keep an eye out for that! Thanks for reading, and have a great day!