To Make / Invigorating Body Oil


      Hi there! It's summer, which means it's smooth skin/bare skin season, and I've got the simplest DIY to ensure your skin is moisturized and gorgeous. A body oil is a great alternative to lotions and creams because it soaks in quickly and doesn't leave behind a residue (ew). It's also a lot easier to go all natural, due to lotions typically having way more ingredients and chemicals in general. Get the how-to below!


- 1 cup of carrier oil (I used a combo of Vitamin E, Sesame, and Safflower oils)

- a peppermint essential oil

- any other kind of scented essential oil (I used tea tree to compliment the peppermint)

- a large amber glass dropper bottle (find online or at your local health foods store!)


1. Pour your carrier oil into your bottle. 

2. Add your peppermint oil.

3. Add your choice of essential oil.

4. Shake lightly to combine. Enjoy!