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     Good morning! Today's post is all about #momstyle. I love being a mom, and contrary to what you might have heard, it doesn't completely alter every little thing about the person you were before you had a baby. One of the things that hasn't changed for me is my love of style. Before, I thought it was a love of clothes, but I've since discovered that it's less about the things, and more about the way I see and use those things. 

     One of the most important "things" in my wardrobe is a classic white t-shirt. They are a staple in most peoples wardrobes, but as a mom, there's nothing more essential than something that can be worn an infinite amount of ways (because time, laundry, and the never ending mess that is motherhood). You can style them any way you like, and are basically the blank canvas of the clothing world. 

     This month, I'll be sharing two ways to wear your white t! Today's is a casual, relaxed pairing in the form of culottes, slides, a cap, and straw tote. I was on vacation at the lake house shooting this, and the vibes there add to the simplicity and comfort level of this outfit. 

     We are fairly isolated at the lake, and it always makes for a beautiful backdrop. We are constantly doing something, and I brought along a diverse wardrobe to complement that. Culottes are a great casual pant that are still unique but basic enough to pair with a lot of things. The pants combined with the t-shirt made me feel like I was almost wearing PJ's!

     The most fun element of this look is the hat I scored at Pacsun. I don't usually shop there, but they have good sales at the lake, and you can always find something on trend. The cap is my favorite color (blush, duh), embroidered with a rose, and with the french words for "I love you". It just screams "Sam!". 

       Not to mention, it's cool cotton, so it's perfect for summer and keeping those rays away from my face!

      I had a ton of fun shooting this with Kristen, and can't wait to share the next way to style a white t! Hint: it involves denim, as most white t-shirt outfits do (and should, in my opinion). 

     Thanks for reading, and have a fun Monday!

Wearing: Everlane t-shirt / Target culottes (past season, similar here) / Old Navy slides (past season, similar here) / L.A. Hearts cap / thrifted straw tote (similar here)

All photos by Kristen Williams

For #MomStyle


     Good morning! Today's #momstyle post is a typical weekend outfit for me. I keep it casual, most of the time, and have been loving layering, now that it's chilly enough to do so! 


      I wore this for all of our errands and whatnot on Saturday, with the farmers market specifically in mind. I'm close enough to walk, so I had to pull out my vintage fleece bomber jacket to bundle up in! I paired that with my favorite jeans and a classic white T.  


      For accessories, I slipped on my trusty Old Navy slides and a pink beanie from the dollar store (major score). The beanie was essential to staying warm on my 2 block trek to the market. Thanks for reading, and have a fun and relaxing Sunday! 

Mom Style: Off Shoulder Blouse


     Good morning! I've got a little Mom Style post for you today, and it's featuring the blouse I wear all summer long. Off-shoulder tops just became a thing this year, but I've been loving this one since last summer. It's perfect for when it's too warm outside to be wearing much, but you obviously still have to have a shirt on.

     I paired it with jeans here, but it also pairs well with shorts or a skirt. I also added my new favorite mules (see below for details) to give it a summery feel.

        You'll find these tops in mostly linen or cotton, seeing that they are strictly a warm weather style blouse. Mine is a white eyelet cotton, and I'm not sure I could get through the summer without it.

       Random, but I love this picture, mostly because this is the face I'm making 90% of the time. Just keeping it real over here.

      Love these details! I'm very happy that mules are back, and I'm pretty sure it's just because they remind me of Sandy's shoes from the end of Grease. Definitely OK with that.

Wearing: Glamorous blouse via Asos (no longer available, similar here) / Old Navy jeans / Old Navy mules / Street Level tote (no longer available, similar here)

All photos by Kristen Williams

Mom Style: Ankle Boots for Spring


     I promised a post on these boots awhile back, and here it is! I purchased them at an H&M in Denver, and they are probably one of my best buys ever. Black ankle boots are an essential for almost any wardrobe. They are super versatile, and have quickly become a "basic" ever since ankle boots rose to popularity around 8 years ago. I've had a few pairs over the years, but these are my most favorite. They are a dark black suede and with a solid block heel and a tall boot shaft (as far as ankle boots go), they are also my most comfortable pair yet. The block heel and boot shaft provide so much support and stability, it barely feels like you are wearing a heel.

     I decided to pair them with my crop flare jeans, considering the cropped style shows off the boots so well, and a small t-shirt I also picked up in Denver!

      Side note: the heels on these are a little over four inches, so I end up at around 5'11" in them, which in my opinion is another perk because I don't hate being tall.

     Get the outfit details below!

Wearing: Project Social T  / Vintage Jeans (similar here) / H&M Ankle Boots (no longer available, similar here)

Mom Style: Saddle Bag


       Hey there! Today, I'm sharing my new favorite bag! It's a tan leather saddle bag I purchased from Forever 21 while we were in Denver. Columbia doesn't have a Forever 21, so I don't usually get to shop there. They have a wide selection of on-trend but inexpensive bags to choose from, and I'm always more likely to buy a cheaper bag than shoe, just because there's less wear and tear on bags.

      I'm loving this purse as a "mom bag", specifically because it's a larger version of a cross body bag. Cross-body bags would typically be ideal for mom's because they are hands free. Unfortunately though, that type of bag is usually on the smaller scale, which doesn't correlate with how much mom stuff you have to carry around. Enter, the saddle bag! Large in size, due to this kind of bag being modeled off of literal saddle bags that were once used by hunters, pioneers, and still used by modern day horse-riders. They have the cross-body strap, so you are still hands-free, but are also huge on the inside to hold all of your stuff!

     Side note: The photo above was the only usable one from some close up shots we did, due to the fact that I can't make my face right, or stop laughing when there's a camera that close. LOL

      I really do love this bag, and hope it lasts! It goes with the kind of 70's vibe I've got going on in my wardrobe at the moment. It's also pretty to look at, which is never a bad thing. Have a good Monday!

Wearing: American Apparel top / thrifted denim mini skirt (similar here) / Asos lace up flats (no longer available, similar here) / Forever 21 bag (no longer available, similar here)

All photos by Kristen Williams

To Get Ready for Thanksgiving

     Sometimes, I put way too much thought into what I'm wearing for certain events. I just like to know ahead of time so that I don't have to think about it day of. This is especially true for holidays, like Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving day I'm too busy trying to wrangle Bailey and get her ready for her grandmas house, while also making up some homemade cranberry sauce (recipe coming soon!) to think about my ensemble. Planning ahead has been one of the biggest lessons I've learned since becoming a mom. Life just simply does not work for me without it! Now, I have this wonderful little space on the internet to record my inspirations! This gives me all the warm and fuzzy feelings. I am by no means a high fashion blogger, but I do follow them (see Sea of Shoes, Collage Vintage, and Song of Style), so I can appreciate a photo of an outfit that you love.

     For my Thanksgiving outfit, I'm mostly thinking in terms of my favorite fall colors (see above). Those mainly being mustard, orange, and bright red, I have a few options. I'll probably end up choosing mustard and red. Those are the two that my eye keeps gravitating towards. I'm envisioning this beautiful yellow blouse I stole from my sister a couple of years ago paired with a red lip, cozy cardigan, and dark skinny jeans. Add in some ankle boots, and I'll be set!

To Rock a Leather Jacket


     Ah fall, you beautifully chilly season. You make me smile every year, when I put on my leather motorcycle jacket for the first time. Life just doesn't get more stylish. A motorcycle jacket is the perfect layering piece. It goes with most things and adds a nice bit of edge to my floaty dresses or my classic white T and jeans. I'm not sure I could love a piece of outerwear more, other than a classic trench coat, but more on that in the future. Right now is the time for some leather and I couldn't be happier. Honestly, I'm considering getting Bailey one, but I realize she probably wouldn't be too comfy in it. Maybe in the future when she won't outgrow it in 3 months? For now, I'll stick to mine and own it, mom style.

     A few weekends ago, Bailey, her Aunt Kristen, Grandma Susan, and I all went to Rocheport, MO for a lunch at Abigail's and to take some pictures of the cute little town. I saw this as the perfect opportunity to get some mommy-daughter photos with Bailey. While we did get some good ones, Bailey's idea of fun that day was running up and down stairs multiple times and not really taking any pictures. Luckily her Aunt Kristen is awesome and got some great ones! For this outing, I decided to pair the jacket with my classic combo of the aforementioned white T and jeans. As a parent, I find the trick to wearing something edgy is to keep every other element in the outfit simple. Sometimes I might add a red lip to this look, but only if I'm going somewhere special. Keeping it easy with the nude suede flats makes this look seem much more laid back, which is perfect for daytime. For night, I'd switch the flats to a heel and like I said, add a red lip, and boom! Casual date night outfit! 

Wearing: Vero Moda leather jacket (no longer available), Hanes white T, Old Navy jeans, Asos Flats.

All photos taken by Kristen Williams, go check out her amazing site!