For #MomStyle / Prairie Life


     Hi there! I'm in love with today's #MomStyle outfit! There's something about it that is just really calling to my aesthetic right now. Not sure if it's the gingham blouse (a b-day gift, thanks mom + dad!), or if it's the setting, but this outfit is golden in my eyes. 


     We shot this in a field close to Brett's family's house, and normally it's filled with rolled hay bales, but for some reason, they didn't harvest this year. This means wildflowers have taken over a little bit, which is fine by me!


     I also love how sunny it was this day. It makes me pale to a maximum, but is so idyllic that I've stopped caring. We are enjoying these sunny days while we can!


     Now onto the blouse! It's from Topshop, and it's become one of my favorites. It's a wardrobe wild card, but as long as you're confident you can pull off anything! It just fits in well with my more basic pieces, so it's made any outfit I pair it with more interesting. 


      I don't think I'll ever stop carrying this bag, regardless of the repeats on here. It's too good!


      I also love the little details on this shirt, from the ruffles on the shoulders to a small bow on the back (see more below!).


      You really can't avoid the wind in any field, regardless of the weather. Fields are never still, and some may say hair in your face is a bad thing, but I love it in this shot!


     Onto that bow, it's such a cute detail. I thought the front of the shirt was cute, but then I saw it had this on the back and freaked! 


     You'll hear about this shirt for awhile, since I'll be able to wear it until it's in the 90's again (and maybe even then). Be on the look out for a cute little post with Bailey this Thursday! Thanks for reading!

Wearing: Blouse / Topshop (no longer available, similar here), Overalls / Forever 21 (no longer available, similar here), Purse / Forever 21 (no longer available, similar here)

All photos by Kristen Williams

For #MomStyle / Matcha at the Lake


     Good morning! I'm a big fan of peaceful moments and intentional relaxation. One of my favorite ways to do this pre-Whole 30 was to chill with a glass of wine and a good book, and while I still fully support this method, I've had to modify it for my summer of wellness. I plan to indulge in that glass of wine once my Whole 30 is finished, but for now, I'm finding new ways to unwind! My go-to at the moment is with a matcha latte, preferably lakeside, and yes, a book glued to my side. This combination is so ideal, that the last time it happened, I had Kristen snap some photos to document my happiness! Check out more photos below!

      What pairs better with the lake than overalls? Especially in summery white.

     Overalls are kind of idyllic on their own when it come to mom life. My toddler can't pull down my pants/pull up my shirt, and they have tons of pockets, getting me that much closer to hands-free!

      Just a girl and her matcha. I'm still downing coffee on the regular, but I love any kind of latte, and also anything that makes a beverage more special!

        A lot of people are weirded out by matcha because it's bright green (less so in these photos), but it's so nutritious that I wouldn't expect it to be any other color. 

     It does have a strong green tea taste, but a little cinnamon and almond milk make it a sweet treat. 

       Side note: I'm a big lover of themes, and anytime we go anywhere outdoorsy, the image in my head always has to include enamelware. I can't help myself, I just love turning any situation into it's best self, and this time, that included a "camping" mug nowhere near a campsite!

      Thanks for reading, and have a fun Monday! I'll be back tomorrow with a flavor packed bowl recipe!

Wearing: Forever 21 Overalls (past season, similar here) / Asos blouse (past season, simliar here) / Charlotte Russe sandals (past season, similar here)

All photos by Kristen Williams

Mom Style: Overalls


     Hi guys! When I decided to start my style posts for the blog, I knew I'd have to shoot these overalls eventually. Overalls became popular again, for the first time since the 90's, about a year or so ago. This pair has quite the search behind 'em. I started looking for a white pair almost immediately after I saw them in a Lucky magazine back in 2014. At this point, they were just becoming a trend, and were hard to find at a low price point, since it usually takes awhile for trends to hit "trendy" stores. They start on the runway, then magazines, then department and high end stores, and finally to "fast-fashion" stores (i.e. Forever 21, H&M). I wasn't looking to spend more than $20, which is my usual price point for very trendy items that draw my eye. I only splurge if it's a trend that I know will end up sticking around for awhile, or even turn into a classic or wardrobe staple. After about a month of research, I located this pair at Forever 21, for I think $18. They were the only pair of overalls on their entire site and it was pure luck that they were white. I had tried Old Navy, H&M, Urban Outfitters, American Eagle, Target, and basically anywhere that sold clothes. It was definitely what you'd call a quest.

     I surprisingly wear these often, and in a lot of different situations. They are awesome for working on projects around the house, running around at the park with Bailey, throwing on at the Lake House, going to the farmer's market, or dressing up for a shopping day. In one word, I'd say they're versatile.

      For how much I wear them, and for their price point, they are holding up pretty well. I haven't had any extra holes form, or buttons fall off. The white has stayed very white, as you can see, and they get comfier with every wear.

     Kristen shot these for me, and of course, we had to include Bailey...when we could pull her away from following her grandma's puppies around!

    That face. I can't.

     Definitely my most-worn flats, perfect to go with my most-worn (cough cough only) pair of overalls.

Wearing: Overalls from Forever 21 (no longer available - similar here), silk blouse from Aerie (no longer available - similar here), Lace-up flats from Asos (no longer available - similar here)