To Get Ready for Preschool


     Good morning! Bailey starts preschool in less than a month now, and it's strange, but I'm more excited than sad. Of course, I'm a little lethargic about my once baby turning into a full blown kid, but obviously I can't stop time so there's not really a point in dwelling on it. Like with most things in life, I choose to focus on the positive! The main positive here is that Bailey's getting the education and attention she needs during the day, specific to her age. With both Brett and I working, it's just time. 

     It helps that she's ready too. She can blossom and flourish in a preschool environment, and that's more important to me than my own feelings on the subject. It also doesn't hurt that I get to revisit the school supplies section (my favorite growing up) for the first time in I won't say how many years. Do all parents get this excited about getting their children school supplies?! I'm sure it's irrational, as Bailey will probably not care at all about her supplies, but I don't care. It's my silver lining, so I'm sticking to it! 

     I'll be sharing Bailey's school wardrobe next month on her first day of preschool, so be on the lookout for that! See you here Thursday with some shibori dying!

To Take Photos / Over the Weekend


     Good morning! Just wanted to share some photos from this weekend with you all today. It was a nice, relaxing one, and it was warm enough to venture out to our favorite gardens! The sidewalks are basically Bailey's running track, so we just walk behind and make sure she doesn't get too far ahead. We had to stop in the school house to snap a picture of Bailey of course!

     Then, all weekend, Bailey was styling her stuffed animals. She's gotten in the habit of arranging them somewhere then asking me to take a picture. I guess she's picked up on some of what I do!

       At the gardens, they didn't have a ton of blooming plants yet. Shockingly though, there were quite a few beds and bushes that already had shoots coming out of the ground.

      They did have some magnolia trees already flowering. This type of tree is the only kind I've seen doing that so far. Brett's parents have one in their backyard, and it was also flowering last week! Crazy!

     Lastly, I've started meal prepping on Sunday's something to eat for breakfast all week. This time, it was whole wheat banana muffin bread, and it's the perfect thing to have on hand for my busy mornings.

     Thanks for reading, and have a fun Monday!

For Bailey / Lately


     Hi there! February's short, so that means it's already time for another Bailey, Lately update!

Bailey, Lately:

- is basically not napping anymore. She'll have the random late afternoon one once or twice a week, but other than that, it is nonstop toddler time from dawn til dusk!

- can draw smiley faces. Like an actual smiley face! She draws them over and over again, saying who each one is.

- has also been coloring within lines fairly well. She obviously can't get marker perfectly inside a shape, but she definitely will fill each shape and not just scribble all over a page now.

- is starting to count on her fingers. We've been teaching her that she's two and holding up two fingers, which she just mastered. She can do three easily, but holding down that extra finger to make two took her awhile to get the hang of.

- speaking of two, Bailey will be three in about two weeks. Don't even get me started on how fast time flies, and all of that jazz.

- is a big fan of Horizon Organic Honey Graham Crackers. As is my duty as mom, I've tried them out myself and can understand the obsession. They are mighty tasty!

- is about to finish up her winter activity of gymnastics. We will continue it in the fall, when it's time to head indoors again, but now that spring is basically here, we want to get her involved in outdoor activities! Most likely, it will be soccer (her Dad is a skilled player).

- can't get enough of the aforementioned warm weather. It's meant parks mostly for her, and that is her happy place. Any place that has a slide and she's there!

     That's all, folks! Thanks for reading, and have a fun Tuesday! 

To Adventure / Winter Park Time


     Hi there! A couple of weekends back, it was 60 degrees in the dead of winter (and we've had and are due for more days like this since!), and we couldn't not take advantage of this rarity. We bolted to the park with Bailey, had a picnic, and just enjoyed getting outside when everyone is usually hunkered down in their homes. I snapped some pics, of course, and wanted to share those today!

     Bailey had a blast, as per usual, and loved soaking in some sun. Slides are her favorite, although we are constantly working on the fact that you can't go up the slide, only down.

     See what I mean? LOL

      The park wasn't too packed, as it's kind of an off the radar one, compared to the other well-known and trafficked parks around town. Bailey doesn't seem to mind when it's busy though, as she's always interested in what other people are doing. 

     She always tries this rock-wall, and has finally semi-grasped the concept of it. She doesn't quite have the fine motor skills yet to get very high, but she just loves trying!

     Since it's supposed to be even warmer this upcoming weekend, you can bet we will head out at least once to a park. Letting Bailey scramble around for an hour is the best break from doing laps around our house.

     Thanks for reading, and have a fun Wednesday!

For Bailey / Craft Time


      Hi there! Since tomorrow's Valentine's Day, I wanted to share a little craft I did with Bailey the other day! I had her put together a card for Brett, and it turned out adorabley!

     We just used a simple sheet of red construction paper, some appropriately colored pom poms, fabric glue and a marker!

     First, we glued on the pom poms around the heart shape that I drew with a marker.

     Then, I had Bailey color all over it and on the inside with the marker, and added a few hearts and some text. That's all! Thanks for reading, and have a fun Monday!

To Observe / Bailey, Lately


     Good morning! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We spent a lot of ours indoors, waiting for an ice storm that never came. Bailey does surprisingly well during the winter, having not yet accessed the infallible energy that unlocks around age four. She's slowly building said energy up, but it's not too much to where she goes insane when confined to l'intérieur. However, this doesn't mean she isn't up to something at almost all times. Look below for what Bailey's been getting into, lately. 

Bailey, Lately:

- is officially a little gymnast! We've been to two classes so far, and its visible that she is slowly coming out of her shell.

- just keeps expanding her inner dictionary, further and further. One of her favorite things to ask is "what's this?". This question was posed yesterday, in reference to a piece of red fuzz. It surprisingly wasn't the easiest thing to explain to a two year old, as they don't realize that small fibers make up materials, yet. I did my best though!

- has also improved on her diction and grammar. She's started to form actual sentences, and speaks much more concisely than in the past couple of months. My job as interpreter isn't as in demand as before!

- is really starting to take more to drawing and coloring, thanks to the addition of her easel from my parents for Christmas! (Thanks mom and dad, she's really loving it!) The dry erase markers are especially her favorite.

- eats and eats and eats. She was one of those toddlers who seemed to have mostly no interest in food, because she was just too busy to care. Now, though, she's realized that food is delicious, and eats regularly. Her favorites at the moment are these sneaky chicken nuggets that (shh!) contain pureed veggies in addition to chicken. I tried some myself and they are better than most regular chicken nuggets, which makes both of us happy.

- just gets sweeter and sweeter. She openly gives kisses and hugs, and has been cuddling more once she's sleepy. I also taught her "I love you" and she hasn't quite gotten the pronunciations right, but it's close and just melts my heart when I can get her to say it.

Thanks for reading, and have a fun Monday!


Bailey, Lately


    Good morning! Bailey's been having a blast this month. Fall brings so many new activities, like going to pumpkin patches and enjoying the cooler weather. The photo above is from last weekend when we visited a pumpkin patch / peach farm just outside of Columbia. We had to get the classic kid on a pumpkin shot! Now, onto what the little munchkins been up to other than sitting on pumpkins.

Bailey, Lately:

- has been loving balloons even more than usual. I don't think I can go to the grocery store with her anymore or our house will be filled with the balloons that line the checkout isles.

- has been getting on a more regulated evening schedule at home. We've been making an effort to have a sit down dinner and a bedtime routine every night.

- is getting really good at brushing her pearly whites. I really think she loves the praise too much to not do well.

- is getting better at waking up in the morning. She's way less grumpy now and wakes up happy most days.

- has been much more aware of the weather. She'll say things like "it's windy" or "it's raining" when it actually is doing those things.

- is all about Mickey Mouse, Pooh, and the Minions at the moment. Her Halloween costume will be one of those three (and I'll share it here on Halloween!).

- has been warming to her new (and first!) cousin Madi. When we went home last, Bailey got to re-meet her and it went well now that Madi's a bit older than the first time Bailey met her. The entire time we were there, Bailey was constantly asking about "baby".

- has been wanting to help with anything she can. In the kitchen, cleaning, with the puppies, everything.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

For a Photo Project: June


       Hello there! It's photo project time, and I'm loving it. I like having any kind of creative assignment, even if it's one I give to myself. It's weird, I know. How could I not love capturing specific moments in my little girls life though? She's the cutest! See below (and above) for proof. Speaking of above, she's officially declared this summer the Season of Bubbles!

See? This "favorite toy" shot legitimizes the bubble obsession.

For her "bath" shot, the look of determination.

Mom's are the biggest creepers in the world LOL. Really though, even the back of her head is adorable.

She fell asleep like that. Baby is chill.

This doesn't exactly capture her full profile, but she's mesmerized with the bubbles, so I went with it.

Our feet/matching sandals shot.

To Talk About Helicoptering


       Hi there! I wanted to get into parenting styles a little bit, today. First, though, I want to say that this post reflects only my personal opinions on my own parenting, and I am in no way speaking about how other people choose to parent their children. This is strictly for me. That being said, the main topic I wanted to discuss is "helicoptering". According to Wikipedia, "a helicopter parent is a parent who pays extremely close attention to a child's or children's experiences and problems, particularly at educational institutions. Helicopter parents are so named because, like helicopters, they hover overhead, overseeing their child's life". Now, I've never been one to overly examine pretty much anything and everything. I generally take things at face value and have always been literal. This all stems from, in my opinion, doing dance for years when I was growing up. In dance, and especially competitive dance, the instructors pick you apart. Not necessarily your appearance (although that can happen sometimes), but how you are literally doing something wrong. It's all constructive criticism, so I learned early on, to not care and to not take it personally. I corrected what was wrong, and moved on.

     This has translated into my adult life and my "parenting style", which is the opposite of helicoptering. Another big part of my lack of hovering over Bailey, is that I don't like to be hovered over myself. I've always been independent, and I've never cared for nitpicking. As I did with dance and criticism in general, I tend to now brush off the daily downfalls of what was once a baby and has grown into a toddler. Will she trip and fall? Yes. Will she accidentally bonk her head on things? All the time. Do I hover right behind her attempting and failing to stop every bad thing that can happen to her? Absolutely not. Of course, like any parent I worry about my child constantly, and in my true nature, I can get irrational when it comes to Bailey. That's all in my head though, and it stays there. I don't waste time worrying about the inevitable things, like tripping and falling, because they are just that: inevitable.

     A large part of how Bailey learns is by making the mistake of not being careful enough, and then realizing that fact after she gets through whatever issue she's having. It's been the same way with time-out so far, and she has really grasped the concept of cause and effect. It's how I've learned most of my lessons in life, and I guess it was an unconcious decision to let Bailey learn those things on her own as well. I'll always be there to help her if she needs it, but I'll never try to control her wandering life. It's one of my favorite things about her, and about most children, that they are the most curious little things. It would be heartbreaking to stifle that quality in her, to teach her to be overly cautious or scared. Mommy may freak out at the sight of a worm (and run away screaming), but Bailey can pick it up and play with it all she wants. I don't need to be right next to her to tell her not to eat it. If she does eat it, while that'sdisgusting, it's not the end of the world. Thank you for letting me share, and have a great (long) weekend!