To Make / A Photo Garland


     Good morning! A couple of weeks back, I made this little photo garland to put to good use some prints from the fall. I never have actual prints of the photos I take, so I felt I had to actually hang them up somewhere! Check out the DIY below!


- photos

- clips

- wire

- scissors


1. Trim down your photos to a square shape. I did this for personal aesthetic reasons, but feel free to leave them in their rectangle shape if you want!

2. Attach the photos to your wire using your clips, and space evenly.

3. Hang the garland wherever you like! Ours is hanging in our huge living room window, and looks so pretty in the natural light.

Thanks for reading, and have a good day!

To Put Together a Photo Album


     Hey there! I just wanted to share some progress I've been making in doing a Fall 2015 photo album, using pictures from my Instagram. I love using the edited photos, as it adds fun variety to my album. I plan to have the photos centered on the page, and then write the date and a little description of the reasoning behind the photo. It's mostly for Bailey, so that she can look at these and appreciate them fully. I want to remember what we were doing and enjoying at this period in our lives.

     The hardest part of this whole situation has been finding a well designed photo album for the job. I used Artifact Uprising for printing the photos, and I love everything about them. However, general photo album sizes do not. I guess the sizing of the square photos isn't the norm, and the only albums that were big enough usually had page protectors built in that were the wrong size. Typically, the liners were divided into two 8x4 slots. Womp womp. I ended up just doing what I usually do, and custom made my own backing sheets out of card stock. I found the perfect binder (technically not a photo album) at Target, and got to work!

     So far, I've only adhered the photos to the pages. I haven't began writing yet, but I plan to this weekend. I'll post a full viewing of the album once I'm done. Have a great Wednesday!