To Share / The Half Baked Harvest Cookbook


     Good morning! Just wanted to share the gorgeous cookbook my parents got me for Christmas (thanks mom + dad!!). It's by my favorite food blogger, Half Baked Harvest, and I've already had some good use out of it! So far, I've made the spicy cauliflower soup and the salted brioche cinnamon rolls  - and both were easy and so delicious. 


     I had never made cinnamon rolls from scratch, but they did not disappoint! The hardest part was rolling them tightly enough, but I think with a little more practice it'll be a piece of cake. Now, the next ones on my agenda from the book are the pumpkin gnocchi, a whole wheat nutella challah, and her 30-minute chicken parmesan (a family favorite of ours)!  


     Part of why the book is so inspiring is the photography. Tieghan's photo's are always gorgeous, but having them in print makes them even better! As a visual person, photos and styling are really what draw me in to a cookbook. I love flipping through this one just to look at the photos! They're that good!


     Another thing I love about cookbooks is the variety of recipes they can offer that aren't available on Pinterest (which is where I usually pull from). I also like that the recipes are right there in the book, so I don't have to try and remember which Board I Pinned a recipe to (sometimes it really takes longer than it should). Most of all though, what I specifically love about this cookbook is that it's filled with recipes that are fresh and unique, but also are tolerable by Brett, who has a very refined list of food he's a fan of. Nothing wrong with that, he likes what he likes, but I'm the opposite, and will now try and usually love most foods! This created a dinner issue for awhile, but ever since I discovered Half Baked Harvest, I've been able to make dishes that are creative and challenging, but are still approachable to those that find comfort in familiarity. Most of HBH's recipes are cool twists on classic or "basic" meals, which is exactly what I've needed! They aren't too crazy, but they aren't so (for lack of a better phrase) "by the book" that they are boring. Buy cookbooks people! Sometimes the old-fashioned thing can work better for you than the latest technology, so embrace it. 

     Thanks for reading, and have a fun weekend! I'll be back next week with one of the recipes from this book that I mentioned I'm making above (can you guess which one?)!

For a Photo Project / November

      Hi there! With the first holiday of the season having passed, and the continuation of yearly traditions, there were a lot of photo opps in November. We had a blast, and Bailey's really coming out of her shell and starting to connect with cameras. Above is our monthly mommy and me shot, and in matching coats for this edition! 


      She's recently started showing the camera her toys! Here she is with one of her cars. 


     One of the last trips to the playground for the season (sheds a tear).  


       In the bath, showing her crayon to mama. 


      Snoozing one evening. She was curled up and cuddling in a blanket, and you would be hard pressed to find anything cuter.  


       Stirring a casserole at thanksgiving. She was very serious about her role. 


     In profile, at the playground. I'm loving black and white shots in really exposed sunlight pictures these days! 


      A close up of that pretty visage on the way to pick a tree! Kristen toon this one with her big camera, and Bailey is super interested in what the heck that thing is.  

     Thanks for reading, and have a fun Friday! 

Photo Project / October


     Hello! Now that October has passed, I can share my favorite photos of Bailey from the month. Above, Kristen snapped a good shot of Bailey + I at the farm we went to a couple of weekends ago. I love it when I get photos with Bailey, as I am usually the one taking photos of just her.

     Bailey in the bath with her precious bubbles. I love her hair in this one, it always sticks out in so many directions when it's wet.

      In front of a wall of flowers, but never an actual wall flower. Hah, I love puns. Mine are usually always intended.

     With her favorite toys of the moment. We've been practicing taking turns when building block towers, and so far, she really likes pointing out when it's my turn. Think she got my impatient gene?

     At the park, conquering slides. This is the tallest one, and she used to be pretty scared of it, but with her toddler-ness, most fears have gone out the window.

      The little angel sleeping. With it getting dark at 6 'o clock, it's not realistic to get a photo of her sleeping in the daylight. From now until spring, black + white it is!

     Our shoes in the (sadly) fallen leaves. This tree's leaves are bright orange, and there was a large amount that had blown off to the ground below, so I decided it was time to introduce Bailey to leaf piles. The girl loved throwing them and pushing them and hiding her feet in them so that mommy couldn't get a clear shot. She's quite contrary at this stage.

     Last, but not least, Bailey in profile. She carried that apple around all afternoon and kept munching on it. Yes, it was as disgusting by the end as you can imagine.

     Thanks for reading, and have a fun Wednesday!

Photo Project / September


     Good morning! Now that it's October, I can share some of my favorite photos of Bailey from the month of September. She really is developing a fun personality, and getting still photos of her is getting harder and harder, but when you can get one, she's magic. We've been going to parks more often, now that the weather is bearable, and a newer one we went to has a dinosaur skeleton themed playground. I had to snap a picture of Bailey in front of one of the walls, featured above!

       Look at that expression! Can you say the face of an angel?! Bathing outdoors at the lake house is a favorite pastime for Bailey.

     This is from our trip home to Arkansas, out and about visiting a waterfall. It's hard to capture Bailey's profile, because she usually is just moving her head around so much. I love this picture though, because my parents always sat us on rocks to take pictures out in nature, and Bailey actually sat there for a minute!

     One of Bailey's new favorite things to do is to take all of the wall hangings off the wall in her room and swing them around for fun, shown above. I can't really blame her, that fringe is tempting!

      Bailey has been helping me in the kitchen more, and usually she grabs a chair to stand on, but here she decided to plop down in the middle of the floor. She was perfectly distracted with some nesting dolls, so I took the opportunity to snap a picture!

     From the last day in September, this is a cute little photo of Bailey and I walking to the park. It's down the street from our house, and I couldn't resist getting a hand-in-hand picture with her.

     I love getting pictures of our shoes, as it's one of the easiest photos to get as far as Bailey goes. Case in point, she was sitting and not moving her legs for once, and we were both wearing black boots, so it was perfect!

     Lastly, little bug snoozing. The glow is from our salt lamp, not that Bailey doesn't have her own glow. She rarely naps anymore at home, so nighttime is the only time I can grab a sleeping photo of her. She's still precious though, even in the dim lighting.

    Thanks for reading, and have a great Monday!

Photo Project: July

     Good morning! It's the first day of August, so that means it's time to share some photo's of Bailey from the month of July! Above, was taken on the last day possible, of Bailey at my best friends house in St. Charles, MO. They had a ton of bubbles for her to play with, so you could say we spent a lot of time out there.


      The little sweetie snoozing. Shots from this angle always remind me of how big she is, especially when she's spread out.


       From behind in her art/bath tub! She prefers to ignore me and attack the wall with her crayons.


     With me, on our lake vacation. Kids in bucket hats are one of the cutest things imaginable.


      In profile, probably pondering her next mischievous plan.


       In the tub again, with her just-washed hair going in every direction.


      With one of her new favorite things to play with: my ukulele that I got as a child when we visited Hawaii. I want to learn how to actually play it, so in the future, we will probably do some lessons! Thanks for reading and have a great Monday!

For a Photo Project: June


       Hello there! It's photo project time, and I'm loving it. I like having any kind of creative assignment, even if it's one I give to myself. It's weird, I know. How could I not love capturing specific moments in my little girls life though? She's the cutest! See below (and above) for proof. Speaking of above, she's officially declared this summer the Season of Bubbles!

See? This "favorite toy" shot legitimizes the bubble obsession.

For her "bath" shot, the look of determination.

Mom's are the biggest creepers in the world LOL. Really though, even the back of her head is adorable.

She fell asleep like that. Baby is chill.

This doesn't exactly capture her full profile, but she's mesmerized with the bubbles, so I went with it.

Our feet/matching sandals shot.

For a Photo Project: May


      Another day, another new series. It is still spring after all, the time of renewal and fresh ideas. This is one I've really enjoyed developing, as it centers around my little love. I got the idea for a photo project from this post over on A Cup of Jo. I was searching for some way to document Bailey's life visually, not just with words like my Bailey, Lately posts. It's just as easy to see growth as it is to describe it. I challenged myself all of May, to capture Bailey in 8 moments: in the bath (above), her shoes, with a favorite toy, snoozing, in profile, from behind, in front of a wall (all below), and with me. I somehow, didn't get a photo with Bailey this month, which is pretty saddening. However, I plan to try for one tonight, because it's one of the most important ones to capture. I want all of the memories with Bailey. Thanks for reading!

Weekly Moodboard, #7

     Hi readers! I hope you are all having a great holiday weekend! It's time for some weekly visual inspiration. I know everyone is at home with their families, or on vacations, but there is always downtime. With everyone being on their phones all of the time, I figured people would still need pretty things to look at, even on the day after Christmas. Just as with last weeks mood board, I have pulled these photos together based on similar colors and vibes. I found the green walled room on Pinterest this week and basically died over the gold leafing on the walls. It had to be included in the post. Then I looked around my boards for more greens, warm yellows and neutrals, all of which complement each other beautifully. The holiday tablescape below is the ideal, as far as beautiful meals go. I love the beige/nude accents, just as much as I love a big oversize beige cardigan. Another thing I love: flatlays, especially a cocktail themed one. I figured the exposure on the Yuli Sato photograph would work perfectly with the beiges and greens. Also, the dark accents in almost all of these photos complement the "Keep Discovering" wavy print. I need that print, like now. Have a great holiday season everyone!