To Talk About Potty Training


     Morning guys! I wanted to share our first experience potty training Bailey, today. A few weeks back, I set aside a weekend to start training her. No pants, diapers, underwear, nothing. It was rough to say the least, and the first day ended with me feeling discouraged and Bailey seeming deeply confused. After the first day, I decided to wait for a bit, and let her get used to her little potty and the idea of training itself. She's showing all of the signs of being "ready", but I think she wasn't caring so much about her accidents. She hates getting her clothes wet at all, so the next time around, I think I'll probably do the big shirt technique, so that she gets that it's uncomfortable to not potty in the toilet. I plan to purchase a big pack of these, since she seems intrigued by underwear, and we will just go for it, cold turkey, another weekend. Thanks for letting me share!