To Make Some Coffee


       Hey guys! I thought I'd share the best way (in my opinion) to make coffee. You can't go wrong with a french press coffee maker. It takes more time than say a Keurig, but if you actually care about the flavor and smoothness of your coffee, than it's worth the extra minutes. I started using one a few years ago, and haven't looked back! I plan my morning around making my coffee, and I love taking a few extra minutes to make my coffee perfect. A french press uses a mesh filter plunger to filter the coffee post-brewing. Using this method gives your brew a smooth and bold taste. It's very simple, and I love that it's not electronic. I've actually traveled with it before, which is another great perk. Check out the process below!

Step one - Always start with ground coffee. With french presses, I like a coarse ground coffee, so that my cup of joe isn't too thinned out. I put two and a half tablespoons at the bottom of the pitcher, and then add two cups of boiling hot water. 

Step two - After you add your water, let the coffee brew for at least 5 minutes, and then push the plunger through. Now, you are good to go!