To Make / Hummus Wraps!


      Hi there! I've been looking into lunch options that aren't just cheese and apples, but are equally as quick and healthy. I wanted something that Bailey would also try, and as she's an adventurous eater, so we landed on hummus wraps! They are flavorful and just filling enough for lunch time. Get the recipe below!


- wheat tortilla wraps

- cooked chicken

- hummus (we try a lot of different ones, but went with red pepper this time!)

- lettuce

- any other topping you'd like (we had some scallions to use up!)


1. Smear some hummus on your wrap.

2. Top with your veggies and chicken.

3. Roll into a wrap and enjoy!

To Make / Pesto Grilled Cheese


     Hi there! With spring comes fresh flavors, and one of my favorites for the warmer months is pesto! I'm not sure what it is about the sauce that I associate with warmer weather, maybe how well it pairs with crisp white wine? Regardless, I can't get enough of it, and love finding ways to use it other than just as a pasta sauce. Today, we have it in the form of a grilled cheese! I paired it with yummy scallions from the farmers market, and melted provolone (which literally goes well with anything you pair it with). Get the recipe below!


- Ezekiel bread (or any that you like!)

- scallions

- provolone

- 1 tbs. of pesto


1. First, chop your scallions, discarding the fronds and most of the white part.

2. Spread your pesto on your bread, then top with scallions and cheese.

3. Grill til golden, and enjoy!

To Make Grilled Cheese


     Hi there! Today, I'm sharing a fun and spicy grilled cheese combo, to warm you up now that it's freezing outside. Grilled Cheeses go so well with soup, it's almost a cliche. This poblano + bacon filled version is now exception, and was the perfect compliment to my butternut squash soup the other weekend. Get the recipe below!


- sourdough bread

- bacon

- a poblano pepper

- white cheddar cheese

- mayo


1. Slice up your poblano, and saute it in olive oil over medium high heat until slightly blackened.


2. Mayo-up two slices of sourdough, and fill both pieces with your ingredients. Then grill in a skillet over medium heat, until both sides are brown and the cheese is melted.

* Fun tip: to get the cheese to melt faster, place a lid on your pan while it's grilling to create a steam dome. The built up steam will get the cheese all gooey!

3. Once golden on both sides, slice the sandwich down the middle and serve. Enjoy!

To Make Cubano's


       Good morning! Today, I'm sharing one of my favorite sandwich recipes: the Cubano. I first tried a Cubano in New York at a random deli. My only reasons for choosing it were that I liked mustard and wanted a ham and cheese. I didn't like pickles at the time, but I tried it anyway and found I could tolerate them. It's actually one of the first ways I ever tried pickles, and I've been slowly trying them with other things ever since.

     Cubano's are a Florida and Cuban-American culture thing. It's not technically even Cuban, it was just created to cater to Cuban immigrants in the early 1900's. These sandwiches traditionally have roasted pork instead of bacon, but I wasn't in the mood to roast pork just for my one sandwich. However, if I were serving these at a party, I would include the pork because it is amazing and people who haven't tried one of these should try it as it was intended. Get the delicious recipe below!

Ingredients: yields one sandwich

- 2 slices of ham

- 2 slices of Swiss cheese

- 2 slices of bacon

- mustard

- pickles

- French bread or some form of white bread


- Assemble and toast to get gooey goodness. Enjoy!

To Make Grilled Cheese


     Hey guys! I have one of my favorite and most-used recipes to share with you today. It's a blueberry grilled cheese, and I know that sounds odd. Consider this though, cheese tastes good with everything, as does bread. Also, cheese and fruit are notorious for being served together on cheese plates, and other various dishes. Something else people don't think about or haven't tried is this heavenly thing called melted brie, topped with honey. That is so good, I can't even talk about it.

      Onto the weird grilled cheese! I first tried this because of Kristen, who included it in her cookbook. While I was a little skeptical, I didn't hesitate to try it, because I rarely hesitate to try anything with cheese. I was shocked though, at how good it ended up being! It's essentially your basic grilled cheese, but filled with a homemade blueberry compote that you whip up while you grill (read: fry) your first half of your sandwich. Another note: I started using mayo a while back instead of butter, because it's healthier (depending on your mayo) and mayo by nature is spreadable. Also, there's no taste difference that I can tell, and the mayo is how people get those golden, almost burnt sides to the sandwich. Try it, and try this sandwich. You'll thank me later! Recipe below.

Recipe: yields one sandwich

- bread of your choice

- white cheese (my go-to is havarti!)

- 1/2 cup of blueberries

- honey

- mayo


Step one - Heat a skillet over medium high heat for your sandwich. Mayo your first slice of bread and toss into the pan. Put a slice of cheese on that, and heat another smaller skillet on medium high. Place your blueberries in the smaller skillet and drizzle with honey. Crush the berries with a fork and let that cook up for about 5 minutes.

Step two - Once your blueberries are cooked, pour them onto your half of your sandwich that's been cooking in the pan, then top the blueberries with your other slice of bread. Flip your sandwich once the cheese has melted, and cook for a couple more minutes. Serve with your favorite side and enjoy!