For Inspiration / April 30th - May 5th


     Good morning! This week was a bit more eventful than usual, as Bailey finally decided she deemed the potty useful to her. I'm way more excited about this than I should be. Also, Brett graduates from Mizzou a week from tomorrow, and secured a "grownup" job this week! Everything is starting to line up as we are about to go through some big changes as a family, and we are all ready for it. 

       A not so big thing, but somehow just as exciting to me as Bailey being potty-trained, is that I bought my dream shoes of the moment from Target! Eeeek!! I've already worn them a ton since they were delivered on Tuesday, and I plan to wear them 24/7 for the next few seasons, until that dreaded winter shows up again. 

      Another favorite from this week are these Maple Bacon waffles I made on Sunday! I know, I'm going a bit waffle crazy, but there are just so many recipes out there. I topped these with yogurt, honey, and more bacon, and as I said on Instagram, you know you're doing something right when your toddler is stealing your bacon. :)

      Speaking of said toddler, we took her to Shelter Gardens twice this week. Once was for some puddle jumping in between rain showers on Sunday, and the other was on Tuesday afternoon because the sun finally came out! I prefer the gardens to a play ground every now and then, because Bailey gets to run her little heart out on the winding pathways, and we get to leisurely follow behind. Win-win!

     Lastly, I made this adorable little succulent planter to add to my collection, because honestly, I've already bought too many succulents this year, and I'm running out of planters! I like to make my own sometimes, because it's more customizable and less boring that way. This pretty little DIY will be on the blog next week, so keep an eye out!

    Thanks for reading, and have a fun Friyay!

For Pins of the Month / November


     Good morning! It's almost the end of November, so it's time to roundup my favorite pins from this month. There was so much Thanksgiving inspo on Pinterest that I started searching for anything but. I love the holiday, but a girl can only take so many tablescapes and recipes! Above, we have one of the few things that make winter bearable: lights. Add in the piney trees, and we're talking dreamworld.

     I loved this home tour of local MO girl Amanda Watters's KC abode. Go checkout her blog, it's very inspirational for those who strive to live seasonally.

     Winter coffee goals, am I right?


     I'm still very into turtlenecks this season, and may add in a colorful one this time around!

     I may or may not have smuggled home some pine branches and cones from the tree farm yesterday.


     It's the time of year for lots of beverages (preferably warm) and moody winter light. Bring it on Winter Solstice!

    As always, all of these pins can be found right here! Thanks for reading, and have a happy Monday!

Made My Month / May


      Good morning! I've decided to start a new monthly series! I'm going to pull 5 photos a month from my phone to share some of the "things" that made my month more fun or special. To start, I chose the portrait of Baily I took that I think is just the sweetest. Her little face makes my life, so prepare for her to be at least one of the photos each month.

   Then, my local Gerbes grocery store started making specialty doughnuts. This is a s'mores doughnut, and it was superb.

   Next, Brett started his new job at Mizzou's greenhouses, and within the first week brought home enough flowers to fill our flower beds.

     Also, I captured this sweet moment of sharing guacamole with Bailey. As I've said before, she is the only person I'll share food with.

     Last, these paints really made Bailey's month, and therefore mine. Any time she was getting "bored", she ran right over to her set and started using 'em.

Side note: the biggest thing that made my month was my niece Madison being born! My sister is rocking mommy hood at the moment!