To Style / Fall Capsule Wardrobe


     Good morning! Today, I wanted to share my fall/winter capsule wardrobe with you all. I've finished up my shopping til spring, so this list is it! Check it out below!

Fall/Winter Capsule Wardrobe:

- 9 tops / a white t, a grey t, a baseball t, my trusty striped top, a mustard blouse (pictured above), a white blouse, a gingham blouse, a chambray blouse, and my vintage graphic baseball t that was my dad's in his youth

- 4 sweaters / a classic camel cardigan, a beige pullover, a grey pullover (also snagged from my dad's closet many years ago), and my new turtleneck (pictured above!)

- 4 dresses / my favorite mini floral wrap dress, a rust shift, a flowy cream midi dress, and a black floral maxi dress (perfect for a fall wedding we are attending)

- 3 skirts / my trusty denim skirt, a vintage suede midi, and a new plaid mini from Target (also pictured above)

- 5 bottoms / white overalls, a pair of light wash jeans (lastly, pictured above!), a pair of medium wash jeans (both vintage, the only way I shop for jeans currently), black culottes, and my already-worn-a-bajillion-times pink trousers

- 4 jackets + coats / an olive bomber, a denim jacket, and two coats (a pink suede trench and a cozy red buffalo plaid wool overcoat)

- 7 pairs of shoes* / one pair of ankle boots, mules, pink heels, vintage brown heels, flat black slides, nude lace up flats, and vintage black flat prairie boots

- 3 bags / a brown work satchel, my black ring handle bag, and my vintage white mini Berkin.

*I have a pair of hiking sneakers (and obviously exercise clothes + PJ's) but I don't wear them any other time than when hiking or exercising, so I don't count them here. 

     All in all, a total of 39 items! I usually aim for anywhere between 35-40 items, so I'm set.  If you would like some help creating your own capsule wardrobe, head to my Contact page and shoot me an email! Thanks for reading, and have a fun Tuesday!

To Style / Keeping for Fall


Good morning! Just wanted to share my summer items that are still wearable in the fall! Let's get started: 

1. Mini dresses / these look so cute with a cardigan and ankle boots! 

2. Cross body bags / these work anytime of year, but pair very nicely with jeans, a cute long sleeve blouse, and flats for a casual but cute outfit. 

3. Mules / the shoe that keeps on giving! I'm wearing these until the cold is unbearable, and no one can convince me otherwise! 

4. Lightweight Knits / fall means layering, and I can't think of anything better to start with than a pink ribbed knit top. 

For #MomStyle / Ready for Fall


     Good morning and happy eclipse day! While I'm going to be enjoying the totality in Columbia, business as usual is continuing here. I have a new #momstyle to share with you today, and it's all about going into fall with style! I'm just ready for fall, as I always am at the end of summer, and nothing would make me happier than a crisp breeze and a hot coffee in my hands. That being said, I still have to dress for warmer temps until the end of September, so I always like to find ways to sneak fall in early. Today, it's with a pumpkin colored dress!

      This dress is so flowy and breezy, but in my favorite autumnal shade. Next to this evergreen wall, it really gives off the fall vibes!


      I would also like to point out that a sleeveless dress is one of my favorite transitional pieces for fall. It gives you the option to bare your arms if it's hot, or sheath them in a light layer for when the days get chilly enough for a cardigan. 

       I decided to pair the dress with neutral flats and my trusty cross body bag. They're the perfect accents to the coloring of the dress!

       These shoes will always have my heart!

      And last but not least, my "please hurry up, fall" look. LOL

      Thanks for reading, and everyone have a fun Monday!

For #MomStyle / Vintage Sandals + Classic Denim


      Hi there! I have a fresh new #momstyle for you today! I picked up some adorable vintage heels this weekend, and had to shoot them immediately. 

     They pair perfectly with my favorite vintage jeans and a simple white tee. All I added was my go-to purse and some statement earrings to complete the look!

      This is a great dressy-casual look for shopping, getting a coffee, and perusing all things downtown, which is where we shot this outfit! Columbia has a really cool downtown scene, and I've been meaning to get down there to take some photos. I'm so glad we finally decided to go this weekend! 

      With the weather being so mild lately, it's been making my sartorial side so happy. I forgot that's one of the things I love about fall, I have way more dressing options without the limiting heat (or cold, I see you winter!). 

      A close-up on those earrings. For some reason, I really love their quirkiness, and they're the only earrings I'll wear that aren't studs! I've tried to wear others, but am not comfortable with the usual heaviness. These, luckily, aren't heavy at all compared to how they look!

      Now for the shoes; I spotted these in a shop on Friday, and was shooting them the next day. This style, like most trends based on styles from a few decades ago, is very popular right now. There are a couple of cult brands making very similar shoes for a few hundred dollars, and I scored originals for $9. You could say my day was made!

       I plan on wearing these long into fall, and maybe even in the winter if we have one like last year (hello above 50 degrees in December!). The brown leather is just the color way my shoe wardrobe was looking for! Try not to get annoyed if you see these here often! 

     Thanks for reading, and I'll see you back here tomorrow to discuss Bailey's impending first day of preschool (I'm not crying at all). Have a fun Monday!

Wearing: Everlane tee / Vintage jeans (similar here) / Vintage heels (similar here) / Forever 21 bag (no longer available, similar here) / H&M earrings (no longer available, similar here)

All photos by Kristen Williams

To Style / Summer Capsule Wardrobe


     Hi there! Today, I'm sharing my summer capsule wardrobe with you all! Summer can be tricky as far as capsule wardrobes are concerned, because I tend to be in a more versatile mood. My closet is filled with more colors and prints during this season, so it can make narrowing down the essentials a little bit tougher! See my list below!

Summer Capsule Wardrobe:


- white t-shirt

- blush crop top

- white cotton blouse

- chambray blouse

- white knit tank

- striped t-shirt


- floral wrap dress

- denim shirt dress

- white cotton midi dress

- rust shift dress

- black floral maxi dress

- olive mini dress


- denim shorts

- white overalls

- crop-flare jeans

- denim mini skirt

- red vintage maxi skirt


- cream mules

- tan flat sandals

- black slide sandals

- blush low-heel pumps

- black point-toe slides


- straw hat

- blush bandana

- black mini handbag

- straw tote

- vintage gold earrings

        That's pretty much it! There are about ten outliers that I don't consider part of my constant rotation, but for the most part, this makes up my day-to-day options. Thanks for reading, and have a fun Monday!

To Style / Keep + Toss for Summer


      Good morning! As part of bringing in more style posts, I wanted to share some tips on what to keep around for the summer, and what to toss out for the season. Some things simply don't work because of the nature of summer, and others are just dated this time around! Either way, if you love something I think you should toss, then keep it and love it! Style comes down to peoples personalities, so by all means, keep that personality in tact. Let's get started!



- bandanas (these became popular last year, and are still the perfect addition to any summery ensemble!)

- slide sandals (slides are ideal for throwing on to run around on a hot summer day)

- straw bags (a new trend this year, straw bags in smaller sizes are the number one way to keep your style current!)

- off the shoulder tops (this style of top, in any shape or form, works with so many outfits that I'd be shocked if the trend didn't last for years


- destroyed denim shorts (people nowadays are going for a somewhat classier look with perfectly worn denim, as opposed to shredded)

- sky high heels (a more demure low heel works better with the shorter hemlines of summer)

- mock neck tops (this trend will still be cute in the fall and winter, but for the hotter months, I recommend you store any neck covering tops)

- oversized sunglasses (I used to love this style, but people are gravitating towards retro styles instead of the Olsen twins look)

      That's all for now! Let me know if you're liking this kind of post, and if there's any specific style questions/topics you'd like me to cover. See you back here tomorrow with a recipe that puts a new twist on French Toast! Thanks for reading, and have a fun Monday!

For #MomStyle


     Good morning! Today's #momstyle post is a typical weekend outfit for me. I keep it casual, most of the time, and have been loving layering, now that it's chilly enough to do so! 


      I wore this for all of our errands and whatnot on Saturday, with the farmers market specifically in mind. I'm close enough to walk, so I had to pull out my vintage fleece bomber jacket to bundle up in! I paired that with my favorite jeans and a classic white T.  


      For accessories, I slipped on my trusty Old Navy slides and a pink beanie from the dollar store (major score). The beanie was essential to staying warm on my 2 block trek to the market. Thanks for reading, and have a fun and relaxing Sunday! 

For Mom Style


      Hi there! For the latest #momstyle post, I've decided to try a new format: flatlays! It's just easier to manage until I get a HD camera of my own. This way, I don't have to schedule extra shoots, but can still show you the full outfits I've styled! This morning, I went thrifting and garage-saleing with Kristen, and found this super cute sweater that went perfectly with the overalls I was wearing.


    All that needed to be added was accessories! I went with my blush bandana, black slides, and classic saddlebag.  


    Bailey obviously loves the ensemble (and my slides!). I'm a big fan of easygoing clothes like overalls/jumpsuits, slide on shoes, and cross body bags. Those kinds of items are just essential! Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend! (All outfit details are linked below!) 

Wearing: Overalls / Forever 21 (similar here), Sweater / Thrifted (similar here), Slides / Old Navy (similar here), Bag / Forever 21 (similar here) Bandana / Hobby Lobby (available at any craft store + Walmart)

To Style Your Bookcase - Progress


     Hi guys! There are a lot of challenges that come with living with a small child. Possibly the most annoying one though, is having a bookcase. I have a lot of books, and love displaying them. However, Bailey loves ruining them, so it's not feasible to keep them in our living room for show. The living room is one of Bailey's favorite play areas, and it also didn't seem fair to her to only have my books on there, when it can easily be incorporated with her things. We opted to give her the three bottom shelves, and I get to keep a few of my favorite books on the top two shelves. It really is a win/win, I just wish I could have all of my books out where I can see them everyday, instead of on their own large book shelf in our office. One day, they'll get to shine, but for the moment, I had to style our bookcase to fit both Bailey and I's needs and tastes.

     The photo above isn't a very high quality one, but you get the idea. I tried to pull out a few of her nice looking toys to style her shelves with, and I put a few of my favorite things on my shelves, to keep it personal. The bins at the bottom are life savers for all of Bailey's little things that she likes to tote around. We keep mainly small board books and blocks in those. I actually did a toy purge a few weeks ago and got rid of everything that she dumped out, but didn't technically play with. It saved my sanity, and got Bailey way more interested in really playing with her toys. Below are few of my favorite inspirations from Pinterest for styling bookshelves. There are just so many possibilities! I'll report back soon with a full living room update!

To Style an Accent Table


     Most of us probably consider any accent table an after thought, with larger pieces like the coffee table or your desk viewed as more time sensitive. I agree in that you should get the things you see most often organized and looking nice, but we also shouldn't forget the small spaces that can hold some personality and add a little character to a space! Below I have listed some of my favorite things to perk up a sofa table I pass by on the daily. We set drinks on it, balance plates on it, and ultimately it ends up being a catchall for those random objects in our life. Here are my essentials:

1. A tray, wooden or acrylic. Whatever floats your boat! I've found ours is the perfect place to hide our T.V. remote from the baby. Also, a little life and good smelling things. We keep an air diffuser and my favorite little succulent in the tray!

2. A small box, for little things like matches for candles, that need to be kept away from Bailey's hands.

3. You can add something personal, like Bailey's framed birth announcement here. 

    There it is! I like to keep it simple and avoid clutter, but inevitably it shows up now and then. Feel free to send me some pics of your accent tables, I always love fresh ideas! Happy Styling!

To Make a Triangle Garland

     Hey guys! Decorating our daughter’s room has been one of the greatest joys in my life so far. It’s challenging, but so much fun! There is always something to look forward to with this forever-long project, since she will always be wanting to change it once she is a little older. I can’t wait. So far, I’ve had a blast adding small touches of whimsy with eye-pleasing objects and adornments. The challenging part of this is keeping most of what I add mobile. This is where the miracle of washi tape comes in. Most of the prints and aforementioned triangle garland are hung with washi tape. Once Bailey is older, I want us to be able to move, for example, the garland to frame the window, if that’s where she’d like it to be. The book Design Mom by Gabrielle Stanley Blair has been the biggest help in forming a plan for a beautiful and livable room for our daughter.

                        This triangle garland is so simple to do but can be a nice detail to add to a gallery wall or to drape atop a door, or can be left on its own! Anything geometric sparks my interest and Bailey’s as well, children in general respond really well to all kinds of shapes. I hope she wants to keep it around for a while, if not there are many variations we can always create!


-          Cardstock paper

-          Any kind of string that you please

-          Watercolor paint and brush

-          Washi tape

-          Scissors

First: Start off by making a triangle stencil of your desired size, cutout from your cardstock. Then draw out at least 20 triangles with your stencil and paint over with your choice of watercolor.


Second: Cutout the triangles and arrange on your string.


Third: Adhere your triangles to the string using washi tape. One of the things I love about washi tape is that it’s so easy to tear into little pieces for tasks like this!

Fourth: Hang on your wall or around your window, wherever you like! With garlands like these, to make the triangles lay flat, just put a little loop of washi on the back of the triangles to keep them from flipping around. Happy crafting!