Our Plants: Hen + Chicks Succulent


         Hi there! For this installment of Our Plants, I wanted to delve deeper into my succulent collection, and actually be able to identify what's what. Luckily for me, the folks at FTD Fresh shared their amazing identifying chart with me to do just that!

      It’s undeniable that succulents and cacti are the perfect houseplants. From the trendy striped zebra cactus, to the fuzzy bunny ear cactus, there are so many shapes, colors, and sizes to choose from. They’re so easy to maintain and require little water, making them easy to integrate into your home and garden decor. 

     To help you identify your favorite succulents and cacti, FTD created a compendium featuring 127 stunning desert plants. It features real photo examples so that you can easily identify and choose which ones are best for your next plant project, whether it’s for a glass terrarium or a DIY macrame hanging container. Check out the compendium below, we're sure that it will inspire your inner gardener!

A Compendium of 127 Stunning Desert Plants and Succulents

      To identify my succulent, all I had to do was take a quick look at the compendium, and easily found my little buddy in the Hens and Chicks category! I can't begin to describe how useful this chart is. I had no idea how to identify these before, because there are just so many types of succulents that it was overwhelming!

        I can't wait to keep utilizing it, and was so excited to share with you all! I hope you find it as useful as I have.

      I just want to give a huge thank you to FTD! This compendium was a godsend. If you adore sharing your plants and flowers as much as I do, be sure to add the hashtag #ftdflowers to your next share so that we can see all of them! Thanks for reading, and enjoy the pretty compendium!