To Cook: August Recipes


Good morning! One of my favorite things about the start of each month is planning what I want to try and cook or cook with throughout the month. August is abundant with end-of-summer produce, and I plan to take full advantage of all the fruit and veggies. Today, I wanted to share what I plan to indulge in this month, along with a quick recipe:

  • blackberry pancakes (will be on the blog!)

  • peach slushies (recipe below)

  • tomato sauce (will also be on the blog!)

  • burrata and strawberries (paired with a nice rosé, from my favorite Wine Food)

  • scones (probably with more berries)

  • bbq and all of the sides (my birthday feast at the lake!)

Peach Slushies (makes one serving, inspired by Bon Appetit’s Universal Slushie, August 2019 issue)


  • one peach, sliced

  • one lime, for the juice

  • a handful of ice cubes

  • 1/4 cup of water


  1. Add peaches, ice, and water to a blender. Squeeze-in lime juice. Blend on high until drink is frothy and frozen.

To Freeze / Peach Lassi Sorbet


     Good morning! I've recently gotten into Bon Appetit magazine and all of their delicious recipe ideas! I can't believe it, but for my 25th birthday I've requested their magazine subscription as my gift from my parents - which I haven't done in close to ten years. Print will never be dead in my mind! Today's recipe comes from Bon Appetit's August issue, and it's been Bailey's favorite since I made it (girl loves her peaches and blackberries). 

     It's a twist on a traditional sorbet (originally formed from the Italian sorbetto), the twist being the lassi aspect. A lassi is an Indian yogurt drink that is highly refreshing and perfect for whipping into sorbet! Not to mention, adds a little more healthiness to an already healthy dessert - so, win-win. Get the recipe below!



- 1/2 cup of greek yogurt

- 4 very ripe peaches

- 1/4 cup and 2 tbs. of honey

- 1 tsp. of salt

- half a lemon for juicing

- a handful of ripe blackberries



1. Dice your peaches and blend with greek yogurt, salt, and 1/4 cup of honey. Press a sheet of parchment paper on the surface and let freeze for a minimum of 6 hours. 


2. When ready to serve, macerate your blackberries by lightly crushing half, then combining with juice from half a lemon, 2 tbs. of honey, and the rest of the blackberries. Let sit for 10 minutes before serving. 


3. Scoop out your sorbet and top with your blackberries.


4. Enjoy! Preferably (for me) with a particular 4 year old who has one bite, then comes right back for "just one more bite" until the whole cup is gone. :)

     Thanks for reading, and have a fun Wednesday!

For a Bucket List / Summer Progress


     Hello! As summer starts to come to a close, it's time to reflect on the joys from the season! I think it's necessary to fully appreciate the way you live your life, and all of the fun things you're lucky enough to get to experience. So here goes!

Summer 2017 Bucket List:

1. Visit HaHa Tonka! √ (This was so cool and I can't wait to go back!)

2. Go camping (Going this weekend!)

3. Read √ (I've read at least 5 books this summer!)

4. Kayak √ (Also planning to do more of this over the weekend.)

5. Put up a swing for Bailey! (Hasn't happened yet, but this can still be done in the fall!)

6. Picnic √ (More of this to come as well)

7. Explore Columbia √ (Downtown is always a fun experience!)

8. Make bruschetta, panzanella, and sangria (Half check LOL I made sangria of course!)

9. Patio refresh √ (We've been loving our front porch all summer long)

      That's all! Thanks for reading, and have a fun weekend!


To Read / Summer Book Progress


     Good morning! Just wanted to share an update on what I'm currently reading! I finished the Alchemist, and have started Love Story. I loved the Alchemist, but wanted something less philosophical this time around, and Love Story is perfect. I saw the movie at least 6 years ago (thanks mom!) and have always known it to be a classic, but had no idea it was based on a book! So far, it's very good, basically the same as the movie, and a quick read. Perfect for summer! 

     Thanks for stopping by, and I'll see you back here on Monday with one of the last of my summer outfits! 

To Style / Favorite Summer Shoes


     Good morning! Just wanted to share my essential summer shoes with you today! I can always find a pair I love at probably any store, but I try and keep the hoarding to a minimum. Check out my four picks below!

Favorite Summer Shoes:

- Mules (top left) / These are my go-to shoe for when I want to be a little dressy, but keep the rest of the outfit casual.

- Flat Slide Sandals (top right) / My every day shoe in the summer. It doesn't get much better than a classic and quality leather sandal!

- White Sneakers (bottom left) / Perfect for pairing with a cute mini dress or with denim shorts and a blouse for the park with Bailey. 

- Blush Pumps (bottom right) / These are my favorite dressy heels for any season, but the blush color pairs perfectly with those summer sunsets!

     Thanks for reading, and have a fun Monday!


For #MomStyle / Matcha at the Lake


     Good morning! I'm a big fan of peaceful moments and intentional relaxation. One of my favorite ways to do this pre-Whole 30 was to chill with a glass of wine and a good book, and while I still fully support this method, I've had to modify it for my summer of wellness. I plan to indulge in that glass of wine once my Whole 30 is finished, but for now, I'm finding new ways to unwind! My go-to at the moment is with a matcha latte, preferably lakeside, and yes, a book glued to my side. This combination is so ideal, that the last time it happened, I had Kristen snap some photos to document my happiness! Check out more photos below!

      What pairs better with the lake than overalls? Especially in summery white.

     Overalls are kind of idyllic on their own when it come to mom life. My toddler can't pull down my pants/pull up my shirt, and they have tons of pockets, getting me that much closer to hands-free!

      Just a girl and her matcha. I'm still downing coffee on the regular, but I love any kind of latte, and also anything that makes a beverage more special!

        A lot of people are weirded out by matcha because it's bright green (less so in these photos), but it's so nutritious that I wouldn't expect it to be any other color. 

     It does have a strong green tea taste, but a little cinnamon and almond milk make it a sweet treat. 

       Side note: I'm a big lover of themes, and anytime we go anywhere outdoorsy, the image in my head always has to include enamelware. I can't help myself, I just love turning any situation into it's best self, and this time, that included a "camping" mug nowhere near a campsite!

      Thanks for reading, and have a fun Monday! I'll be back tomorrow with a flavor packed bowl recipe!

Wearing: Forever 21 Overalls (past season, similar here) / Asos blouse (past season, simliar here) / Charlotte Russe sandals (past season, similar here)

All photos by Kristen Williams

To Style / Summer Fabrics


     As the heat index reaches over the 100's today in sunny Missouri, I thought it appropriate to share my ideal fabrics for summer clothing! When the humidity level reaches above 90%, you don't want to be caught outside in polyester (it retains heat in direct sunlight).  

     When dressing for warmer weather, always reach for your cottons and linens first! They are the most breathable fabrics, and your body will thank you later. Then, for when the temps dip below 70 at night, it's always good to have a light knit piece on hand. My favorite is my slightly open weave maxi cardigan from Urban Outfitters! It has just enough weight to give me the warmth I need for evening summer strolls downtown or sitting on the back porch at the lake house, checking out the stars with Bailey. 

     That's my round-up! Is anyone else as obsessed with cotton in the summer, or is it just me? Have a fun Monday, and thanks for reading!

For Hobbies / Summer


      Hi there! The other day, I was thinking about how much more I try to get done during the summer. I guess it's the extra day light, but one of the things I've noticed this season is that I try to pack so much into summer days! It just seems like there is more room that I can choose to fill or not fill (sometimes you have to lounge). This leads me to all of the hobbies I'm constantly rotating. It's become quite a bit, so I've decided to narrow it down to what I've enjoyed most! Check out the list below. 

Summer Hobbies:

- Reading (I'm tearing through The Glass Castle at the moment!)

- Growing and Drying Fresh Herbs (I'm never taking the abundance of herbs that summer weather brings for granted again.)

- Pilates (I've always enjoyed yoga, but transitioned to higher intensity pilates this summer. It's the only exercise routine I've stayed consistent with in awhile! #momlife)

- Flea Market Hunting (Something about the warmer weather drives me to scrounging the flea markets for the ultimate score.)

- Craft Time with Bailey (My mother heavily encouraged creativity in all its forms, and for me and my two sisters, that meant craft central (our craft/kitchen pantry) all summer long. It's been one of the only things I can do to occupy Bailey when it's too hot to go to the park this summer!)

      That's all! What do you do to fill your time in the summer?? Leave a comment below! Have a fun Thursday!

To Garden / June


      Good morning! I just wanted to share what we are gardening this summer! We have a lot of herbs growing, including lavender, thyme, basil, dill, and chives. 

     Brett also potted a few other plants for me! A couple of them look like succulents, but grow in bushes, so we'll just have to see how they turn out. 

      Bailey always jumps at the chance to water the plants. Girl loves her puddle jumping! It doesn't hurt that she has an adorable toddler sized watering can to help her parents. 

     These are our tomato plants. Last year, we had some that produced fruit, but just as they turned red, some sneaky animal stole them away in the middle of the night! This time around, there is one tomato growing, and you can bet I'm protecting that thing. 

     We also have a pepper plant that is budding nicely! Since this photo, the peppers have started to turn red, so I'll do an updated post next month with how everything is growing. We're getting weather that is hotter than usual, but as long as consistent rain and watering keeps up, the plants should do fine! 

    Thanks for reading, and have a fun Thursday!

To Do / Summer 2017


     Hi there! It's time for the summer bucket list! I had one made at the beginning of May, but I actually got to check a couple of the to-do's off before June hit, so I edited it and am sharing that version with you all today! I wrote the list down at the start of a new sketchbook I bought, and plan on documenting each thing with a sketch and description. It just sounds like the nicest thing to be able to look back on this summer and see what I've done! Check out the list below:

Bucket List / Summer 2017

- Go Camping! I want to take a family trip and see if Bailey will enjoy this kind of thing (I'm thinking she will).

- Read (at least 5 books!)

- Kayak (this is as adventurous as I get at the lake)

- Put together a swing for Bailey! We have a large tree in our front yard that is calling for a swing. 

- Picnic (we actually picnic'd last weekend, so check!)

- Explore Columbia (summer is the best time to do this, as most of the Mizzou students are gone and Columbia's slightly peaceful again)

- Make bruschetta, panzanella, and sangria! Apparently, my culinary tastes for summer are exclusively Italian (I've got major Tuscan vibes going on this season). 

      That's all! I'll update at the end of August on how my summer went, and share snippets of the sketchbook. Thanks for reading, and have a fun Tuesday!

To Style / Keep + Toss for Summer


      Good morning! As part of bringing in more style posts, I wanted to share some tips on what to keep around for the summer, and what to toss out for the season. Some things simply don't work because of the nature of summer, and others are just dated this time around! Either way, if you love something I think you should toss, then keep it and love it! Style comes down to peoples personalities, so by all means, keep that personality in tact. Let's get started!



- bandanas (these became popular last year, and are still the perfect addition to any summery ensemble!)

- slide sandals (slides are ideal for throwing on to run around on a hot summer day)

- straw bags (a new trend this year, straw bags in smaller sizes are the number one way to keep your style current!)

- off the shoulder tops (this style of top, in any shape or form, works with so many outfits that I'd be shocked if the trend didn't last for years


- destroyed denim shorts (people nowadays are going for a somewhat classier look with perfectly worn denim, as opposed to shredded)

- sky high heels (a more demure low heel works better with the shorter hemlines of summer)

- mock neck tops (this trend will still be cute in the fall and winter, but for the hotter months, I recommend you store any neck covering tops)

- oversized sunglasses (I used to love this style, but people are gravitating towards retro styles instead of the Olsen twins look)

      That's all for now! Let me know if you're liking this kind of post, and if there's any specific style questions/topics you'd like me to cover. See you back here tomorrow with a recipe that puts a new twist on French Toast! Thanks for reading, and have a fun Monday!

For a Cheese Board


     Hi guys! Over Labor Day weekend, I made this awesome cheeseboard, and I wanted to share what I used to construct it! Cheeseboards are the best when entertaining guests. With multiple kinds of cheeses, meats, vessels (i.e. crackers, breads, etc.), and extras (i.e. nuts, olives, fruit spreads), there's something for everyone.

    On this cheeseboard, I used hot pepper cheese and Vermont cheddar! The hot pepper cheese was my favorite, as I'm a big fan of all things spicy. I also included some Genoa dried salami to accompany the cheeses!

      For the vessels, I toasted sliced french bread, which is always a favorite, and added some strange but delicious french seed mango crackers. As far as extras go, I went salty with my favorite Habanero BBQ almonds (also one of my dad's favorites!) and with marinated olives! This ended up being our dinner, along with a few glasses of wine of course. Also, shout out to Cat for giving me these cheese knives for Christmas last year! They're amazing! Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

Mom Style: Summer Inspo


      Good morning! Today, I thought I'd share some of my latest style inspirations. Late summer's one of the most important times to stay inspired, clothing-wise. Same goes for the dead of winter. The reason is because the weather is so extreme, you just start to not care what you're wearing as long as it keeps you cool/warm, respectively. It's fine if you're good with that, going into survival mode, but it doesn't speak to my creative needs. One of the ways I stay inspired, creatively, is by fashion. If I'm just wearing clothing that only serves utilitarian purposes, I'm not as happy as I could be, and who doesn't strive for maximum happiness 24/7? So on that note, let's get inspired to wear something pretty, even if humidity is at 97% and the Sun's blazing. 


       When I'm looking to feel inspired, sartorially, I head to Pinterest. It used to be Vogue/Bazzar/InStyle/Nylon, but I've since moved on from the expensive habit of hoarding magazines. Anyways, all of these images are on my Personal Style Inspo board, and I must say, it's the easiest way to collect a closet full of outfit ideas. It's not that I copy these looks, piece for piece. I use these images to find new ways to wear an existing item, to keep up with trends, and to open my eyes to wearing new things that I wouldn't have considered before, had I not seen it styled in the appealing way the image is. For example, the image in the middle below made me immediately fall in love with multiple aspects of the photo. First, a blush pink satin bomber jacket is now at the top of my list. Second, I'm loving the look of her crop flared trousers paired with said jacket. Lastly, the evergreen contrasted with the pink and neutral colors may be my new favorite color combo. That's all just from the one photo. 

       I have purchased a couple of things for summer, based on a few of these photos. Fashion just speaks to me sometimes, as cheesy as that sounds. It makes me feel great on days that I need it to, and it's always changing, which keeps it exciting. Have a great Friday everyone, and thanks for reading!

To Make a Bucket List, Pt. 3


     Morning guys! I'm sharing my summer bucket list today, and to be honest, it was really hard to shorten it to the essential things I wanted to do. There are just so many fun opportunities and activities that go along with sumer! Below are the main things I want to check off my bucket list this summer:

1. Hike the trail to the mansion ruins at Ha Ha Tonka state park. This ones been on my list for awhile, just google the name and you'll see why! 

2. Have a picnic. The weather is to nice to not have as many outdoor meals as possible. 

3. Make a ton of popsicles! I plan on buying a Popsicle mold and putting to use all of those recipes I've pinned. 

4. Host a dinner party. Now that we have a large enough space for company, I want to have everyone over for a huge meal and maybe some UNO!

5. Go to a winery. I've become a wine lover, and mid-Missouri has so many beautiful wineries! A tasting and a delicious meal sound like an ideal mid-summer evening to me.