To Have a Reading


     Hi there! Since it's October, I thought it'd be fun to share a little bit about my Tarot cards, in keeping with the mystical and spooky mood everyone's in this time of year. I have a deck of Wild Unknown Tarot cards (which are no longer available), and they are some of the prettiest ones I've ever seen! They are beautifully illustrated, and honestly, that's what drew me to them, more than their actual purpose. Some people think Tarot cards are creepy, or weird, but I mostly just think it's fun. Anything that "tells your future", like horoscopes and Tarot cards, is hard for me to take seriously, but I do like to see if the cards or stars line up with what I'm feeling and is going on in my life, which a lot of the time, they do. I take the things they say as suggestions or warnings, like when my horoscope says that I need to check my opinions and try not to be too confrontational this month, and then move on. Now, for a little Tarot!

     A Tarot deck typically consists of 78 cards, which includes 4 suits, the Pentacles, Cups, Swords, and Wands (each with a Queen, King, Knight, and Jack, or in the Wild Unknown's case, a Mother, Father, Daughter, and Son), also known as the Minor Arcana. Each deck also has a 21 card trump suit (which are all cards that mean more than or "trump" the other suits), also known as the Major Arcana, and a Fool card. I really only do self-reads, so I do a three card draw. All you do is shuffle the cards, then draw three and turn them face-up. Each tarot card can mean a lot of things, and even if they are upside down when you turn them over, they still mean something different than if they were right side up.

     This three card draw is very fitting of my personality, and where I'm at in my life, with the exception of the Five of Cups. The Mother of Pentacles is one of the most motherly cards in the deck, representing all things practical, motherly, and down-to-earth, which are all words some have used to describe me. The Five of Cups represents a loss or disappointment, which I haven't really experienced lately, or at least don't carry with me, typically because I move on quickly from things like that. However, the Five of Cups also has a positive purpose, in that it shows the subject that they can view this disappointment or loss as a cup half-full or half-empty situation. I usually do the former in those situations, so I guess that's the most relative aspect of this card for me. Lastly, the Daughter of Cups represents a new creative venture, and refreshing inspiration, which I must say has hit me pretty strongly recently. I'm starting to get in a good flow with my creative endeavors, and am achieving more than I expected. I've found my stride, as far as what I find inspiring and how I want to shape my life, and it's showing in my aesthetics. As I've said before, Tarot cards hold many meanings, and it's important not to invest your whole beliefs into intangible things, such as horoscopes and Tarot cards. It's just fun to glimpse into what may be ahead, and to try and get some understanding of yourself. Thanks for reading, and have a great day!