To Find / Something Sustainable


     Hi there! I've been more and more drawn to simple linen in the past year, especially in kitchen towel forms. My favorite part about a large pack of towels like this is that it cuts down our paper towel usage. I keep three of these hanging in various spots in our kitchen, and then when there's a tiny milk spill, I grab one of these and once it gets a little grungy, I just throw it in the wash and grab another from the drawer. It's a really simple rotation that is a necessity in a house with a toddler, where the spills are constant. You just need towels way to often to use only paper towels. Eventually, I hope to cut out the paper towels completely, but for now, these do the trick! Thanks for reading, and have a fun Wednesday! 

To Make / Tea Towels


     Hi there! Today's DIY is the perfect way to add a little print to your life. Stamped tea towels are so easy, a toddler can do it! Get the how-to below! 


- a tea towel

- a chunk of potato, shaped however you like

- paint  


1. Lay your tea towel out flat, and dip your stamp into the paint. Press on to towel in any pattern. 

2. Let dry overnight, and enjoy!