To Style / Keep + Toss for Summer


      Good morning! As part of bringing in more style posts, I wanted to share some tips on what to keep around for the summer, and what to toss out for the season. Some things simply don't work because of the nature of summer, and others are just dated this time around! Either way, if you love something I think you should toss, then keep it and love it! Style comes down to peoples personalities, so by all means, keep that personality in tact. Let's get started!



- bandanas (these became popular last year, and are still the perfect addition to any summery ensemble!)

- slide sandals (slides are ideal for throwing on to run around on a hot summer day)

- straw bags (a new trend this year, straw bags in smaller sizes are the number one way to keep your style current!)

- off the shoulder tops (this style of top, in any shape or form, works with so many outfits that I'd be shocked if the trend didn't last for years


- destroyed denim shorts (people nowadays are going for a somewhat classier look with perfectly worn denim, as opposed to shredded)

- sky high heels (a more demure low heel works better with the shorter hemlines of summer)

- mock neck tops (this trend will still be cute in the fall and winter, but for the hotter months, I recommend you store any neck covering tops)

- oversized sunglasses (I used to love this style, but people are gravitating towards retro styles instead of the Olsen twins look)

      That's all for now! Let me know if you're liking this kind of post, and if there's any specific style questions/topics you'd like me to cover. See you back here tomorrow with a recipe that puts a new twist on French Toast! Thanks for reading, and have a fun Monday!